What To Do When You Cannot Pay Your Bills (How to Overcome a Financial Crisis in Kenya)

Last Updated on 29 March 2022 by Gertrude What will you do when you lose everything as a divorcee? What happens when you have no savings? What if your family loses everything? What if you face retirement and have never saved enough? What if you got scammed? It doesn’t matter what happened. Financial disasters happen … Read more

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a House in Kenya? (50+ Questions To Ask About Your First House)

Last Updated on 29 March 2022 by Gertrude Buying a house is very thrilling and exciting. Before buying a house there are some questions you need to ask. Not everyone asks these questions before buying a house. I didn’t ask any of the questions. But if I am buying a house today, there are some … Read more

29 Easy, Dirt Cheap and Surprising Ways to Find Products to Sell Online in Kenya

Everyone needs a product or is looking for a product to buy offline or online. It’s a nightmare to find products to sell online.  The product you think of selling is being sold or the market is filled with the same kind of product.  This kind of confusion creates headaches instead of enthusiasm for people … Read more

55 Major and Quality Types of Online Writing Jobs in Kenya for Beginners

You keep hearing this type of freelance online writing makes more money than that. You end up getting confused about which type of freelance writing to choose. This article will show you the major types of freelance article writing to choose from as a beginner freelance writer. Don’t fret if you’re a generalist writer if … Read more

25 Mistakes You’re Making as a First Time Home Buyer in Kenya and You Don’t Know

I bought a house, yay – in 2015! I realised so fast how much goes into buying a home for the beginner. I was in a rush to move away from a rental property to my house. The things I didn’t realise as a first-time homebuyer are that I’d have to pay more than a … Read more

18 Simple Ways You Don’t Know to Improve Your Relationship With Money as a Kenyan

Is your relationship with money holding you back? Do you wish to make improvements in your relationship with money to realise your financial goals? If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. You’ve just realised that money is very important in your daily life. This means that how you relate to your … Read more

What Does a Freelance Writer Earning Over 1M/Month Do in Kenya? (Uncovered Secrets)

Freelance writing isn’t working in pyjamas. I realised that a bit too fast in the early years of my freelance writing career. Freelance writers MUST schedule their day for success. A freelance writer MUST have a morning routine – morning routines help you have an intentional and effective day without wasting time. You must also … Read more

Ultimate Guide to What’s Freelance Article Writing in Kenya

Last Updated on 28 April 2022 by Gertrude What really is freelance writing? I didn’t know what freelance writing was until I researched for this article. Freelance came from the middle ages where Knights defended whichever King paid them. Those freelance Knights were never loyal to one King.  The only thing I knew about freelance … Read more

25 Unique and Trendy Businesses Earning 3M+ to Start Near a University in Kenya

Last Updated on 4 March 2022 by Gertrude Whether you are a college student or an outsider, starting a business near a university is the wisest decision you will make today. There is an untapped market in the university that can make you a lot of money in just a matter of months. If you … Read more

Who Else Wants 1M+ in 3 Months? How to Stop Paycheck To Paycheck Living in Kenya

Are you struggling to pay your bills? Are you struggling to pay your bills? Is your money tight at the end of every month? Do your overall expenses exceed the income you are receiving? If your answer is yes to these questions, then you are living paycheck to paycheck. Have you ever found yourself things … Read more

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