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Do you want to start working from home/online as a Kenyan?

Are you scared that you don’t have the necessary qualifications to begin working from home?

Well, there are some internet courses that Kenyans take to turn themselves into millionaires.

What are the top-rated internet courses need to train in to become freelance millionaires? 

The Best Amazing Online Courses Kenyans MUST Invest In To Become Rich 

  1. FB Ads 

Business owners want to know how to effectively market using Facebook Ads. Because FB Ads aren’t in black and white.

Taking a course in FB Ads earns you $1000 per account imagine managing 10 or 5 accounts, that means a million or half a million shillings respectively.

Isn’t that rich in Kenya? 


Businesses want to rank on Google’s page 1.

It’s not easy to rank on Google page 1, you require strategy and research.

Take a course on SEO through Udemy or YouTube or Coursera from the University of California Davis. 

3. Writing 

Writing is the most popular niche to work online.

To earn more, you need to write in the most popular niches like SEO Copywriter, Technical Writer, White Paper or Case Study.

In fact, most of what gets done online require writing.

Courses on writing including practice, practice and more practice.

There’s no shortcut and perhaps blogging to help keep writing. 

4. Blogging 

Blogging turned some entrepreneurs into billionaires like Linda Ikeji while others like Michelle Shroeder into multi-millionaires or Cup of Jo.

So, do you love to write and do you see your writing turning you into a self-made millionaire?

That’s my aim with all my blogs, to become rich and have freedom working from home. 

5. Online Courses 

When I first heard about online courses from Danny Iny, I thought the guy was joking.

It felt too nauseating with a YouTube channel I created in 2013 and abandoned it, how could I create an online course?.

Even after gaining confidence in 2018/2019, it felt too daunting to upload a course, impostor syndrome.

Did you know that online courses make for very rich online freelancers? You could teach about creating an online course.

The goodness with online courses, you get to create a course based on what you love, you get to teach anything.

There’s always a ready student. 

6. Smart Passive Income /Side Hustles 

Creating a passive income is a hustle in itself. Imagine blogging for this blog for 8 years without an income?

Then suddenly, it pays off? How would you feel? To get paid for something you treated as a hobby?

I have had side hustles and now I’m creating passive income. Can’t wait to make money while sleeping.

The goodness with online the influx of ideas for passive income and side hustles which help you generate income throughout the year on autopilot.

You need to keep your content up-to-date to keep earning big bucks. 

7. Upwork /Fiverr 

Upwork and Fiverr? You may wonder why I recommend for you to take courses in these sites yet many abhor them.

I say, go where the market already is no need to reinvent the wheel. There is an influx of employers and employees on both sites.

Getting the inside information about these sites enables you to earn a lot of money by approaching the sites with a keen different angle.

You also have to know how to negotiate for great pay when on these sites. 

8. Airbnb 

Airbnb like sewing pillows and sewing, in general, will always feature as top-earning ways to make money online and offline.

Because they are tried and true ways I have used and made money too fast than my eyes could close.

Why take an Airbnb course? In fact, the Airbnb market in 2020 is so saturated.

How do you get past the storm of hosts and fewer travellers? A course will help you open your eyes about the dos and don’ts of Airbnb.

That’s why you need to read my Airbnb and insider information in 2020.

Plus, want an Airbnb course? Sign up or Subscribe to my newsletter because the course is coming soon. 

9. Digital Marketing 

Of course, learning about digital marketing is crucial.

Digital marketing is the umbrella carrying social media marketing, email, content marketing and SEO.

Knowing about digital marketing means equipping yourself with knowledge in these areas.

You could start a digital marketing agency and help firms or companies achieve their business goals using your expertise. 

10. Email Marketing 

Many companies in Kenya don’t know the importance of email marketing.

They rely on social media marketing to announce launches.

Rather than channelling all the money in one digital marketing strategy, why not use email marketing?

A course in email marketing equips you with copywriting skills therefore enticing customers to open their emails and businesses to get conversions from their newsletters. 

11. Content Marketing 

Content is all around us these days. Companies rely on content marketing to get visibility.

Content can be used as lead generators online and offline. Content includes, videos, pins, blog posts, tips and advice, comedy, the list of content is endless.

Take a course in content marketing to equip you with knowledge of how to create content for brands. 

12. E-commerce/Dropshipping / P.O.D 

A course on dropshipping from Oberlo enables you to understand eCommerce trends in 2020 or the niches to focus on or the niches getting an upward trend this year.

Knowing eCommerce trends makes you know what to dropship or create as a print on demand business or what niche to focus on.

Always look for inspiration but add your spin for uniqueness. 

13. Digital Products 

Selling digital products gets confusing because you don’t know what digital products sell or how to make them.

For example, to make printables that sell, there are some courses online like this one made by a YouTuber that makes printables.

Or to sell a digital product like an ebook why not read Authopreneur ELITE by Raza my best ever investment writing book of 2019 and a handbook I will carry for good. 

14. Sales Lead Generator 

Who is a sale lead generator?

What course do I need to take to become rich as a sales lead generator? A sales lead generator is like a marketing magnet.

Think, a walking billboard then think broader. You know a lot about Pinterest and with many creatives and bloggers rushing on Pinterest, here’s where you come in.

Help businesses grow big by bringing in leads using Pinterest or any other social media, LinkedIn or YouTube. You could train in the social media marketing or marketing in general. 

15. Coding/Programming/Developer 

There’s no day coding/programming won’t make big bucks for Kenyans online as long as the online working medium exists.

Take courses on Udemy, Coursera depending upon which programming language you love. 

16. Self-Development 

People want to improve on themselves that’s why the boom for self-development books becomes bigger and bigger.

Take a self-development course to know what areas of life individuals battle with.

This means working as a life coach, career coach or mindset coach, fitness coach. 

17. Design Courses e.g web, graphic, templates, Photoshop, Illustrator 

Graphic design attracts youths interested in working from home in Kenya.

So, do you know Photoshop? Or Canva, PicMonkey which are graphic design websites.

You can design anything on these websites from templates and sell them for big money or greeting cards, my favourite in every niche.

Be unique. Would you love a Canva Course for non-designers? 

18. Medical/Legal Transcription 

Careerstep is famous for offering medical transcription courses at competitive rates and guaranteed work after graduation.

If you don’t know what medical transcription is, picture a forensic scientist making a recording of dead body findings.

Who transcribes those messages? You. You need to know either medical or law jargon but a course prepares you.

Plus this is one area of working online that needs a certificate because you cannot mess up medical reports or legal jargons. 

19. Business and Finance 

Ask people online about their aspirations and it’s; To start their own businesses.

An entrepreneur needs more than finances but a business mindset like what this article says and self-development courses.

Taking courses in business and finance helps you understand the ins and outs of a business and how to deal with not so pleasant business situations. 

20. Copywriting or Ads e.g Sales Landing Pages 

Would you want to earn big money working as a copywriter online as a Kenya?

Writing sales landing pages is a big thing that some Upwork earners report millions in earnings.

Take a copywriting course to help enhance your advertising writing knowledge and jargon.

Check these amazing article about the advertising words that keep readers/viewers coming for more. 

21. Affiliate Marketing 

Since working online in 2009, when I understood little about affiliate marketing, I have heard about affiliate marketing.

Some agree with it some say you earn peanuts, but you earn anyway, right?

Taking an affiliate marketing course enables you to know how to approach affiliate marketing like a pro and how to use affiliate marketing to enhance your brand recommending products you love. 

22. Proofreading 

I rarely hear anyone mention proofreading in Kenya yet it makes seven-figure income for others like Anne.

She has a proofreading agency with an influx of work. To start a proofreading career start from her proofreading website.

She has a free email course after signing up and other free stuff.

You must have an excellent command of the English language and know your punctuation marks well.

You can use Grammarly or Hemmingswayapp for starters.

A good proofreader doesn’t use apps though, they know their shit. 

23. Web Development 

With websites getting developed in Kenya every day, becoming a web developer ensures you a big salary.

To give you an example, though a web designer, Ferdy Korpershoek makes a five-figure showing people how to create beautiful and interactive websites.

He has some knowledge of web development.

You could create the next WordPress or Wix competitor or the best mobile responsive website in Kenya and get to earn millions in passive income like WordPress, Squarespace or Wix. 

24. Podcasting 

Podcasting hasn’t caught fire in Kenya like any work from home opportunity.

It’s a time you explore a niche you are passionate about. You need a great podcasting microphone and app to download your podcast.

Imagine being the most downloaded podcast in Kenya in iTunes or Spotify?

You monetise a podcast through affiliates, selling your merch/products like books, t-shirts, podcasts, or speaking in radios and televisions about what you love.

You could create a course on podcasting to maximise on the income.

Take a podcasting course from Pat Flynn or learn from his blog for free. 

25. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

Did you know Pinterest allows for you to recommend products to others then you earn a commission through websites like Shareasale, Amazon, Commission Junction?

You don’t need a course to work as a Pinterest Affiliate Marketer but a strategy.

For example, a pinning strategy and most popular Pinterest niches to begin.

Why Take an Online Course as a Kenyan Freelancer Before You Begin Working From Home

  1. To get insider information and knowledge from tested products/services. 

2. To avoid guess working. There’s nothing as painful as learning on the job, the guilt I carry for as long as I can remember. And guesswork is lonely work. 

3. To stop wasting time. 

4. It’s a way of investing in oneself.

There’s nothing as powerful as putting yourself first as an entrepreneur. You feel empowered and powerful knowing.

5. Taking an online course is a form of online entrepreneurship self-care.

Many freelancers don’t believe they must take a course. You reduce the hustle of poring through websites searching for information. Can’t you see that’s a form of reducing your stress levels?

6. You start a business faster.

Many people refuse to change their jobs because of the learning process and the details of a new job. Honestly, who wants a new job when they can stick to the old they hate it? Taking a course paces you faster, so your dedication and determination determine how fast you finish an online business. 

7. Online courses are simple. 

8. You get certified.

Some online courses offer certification which you pay for or get an online scholarship for.

Like those ones offered on Coursera. Or you can print your own certification like what this YouTuber does with her Yoga classes.

She is a certified Yoga instructor so she knows what makes for a great Yoga instructor and offers a certificate course.

Of course, when offering a certificate, ensure the exams or classes get verified by a profession. 

9. You don’t need to study the whole course.

Sometimes, taking a course means glancing over it or not reading in-depth.

It means expanding your knowledge or discovering new information. Don’t get ashamed when you want to read in-depth though, we are all different.

10. You can’t give up when taking an online course.

If you have a diligent teacher, he/she will follow up on your progress.

Which of these online courses are you preparing yourself to take to begin your freelancing journey as a Kenyan?

Would you love a list of online platforms offering these amazing courses to help make you rich as a Kenyan?




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