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Many Kenyan small business owners don’t know how to get their businesses in front of their audience. Because most run hobby businesses which they don’t believe need a lot of marketing. Most home business creators create businesses for all the audience… they don’t have a target audience in mind. 

When you develop a target audience, you tailor-make marketing messages that augur well with that particular audience. And you also know where your target audience hangs out so that you don’t waste time and money finding them. 

A great marketing message plan gets developed from having your target audience. Learn more about target/niche marketing in the following blog post, or SIGN UP, it’s free to get notified when the post’s up. 

After knowing your target market you develop marketing campaigns/messages that convert your customers. 

What are the best marketing strategies for your Kenyan Online/small business

The following are 50 plus ways to market your home/ online business in Kenya. 

1. Blogging for Business 

Nothing is as powerful as blogging for your business. Why?. Because SEO is the new social media for getting your brand’s message out there. A blog is a content marketing strategy where a brand uses content to reach its customers. If you don’t have or aren’t blogging for your business what are you waiting for? Read on this blog post to find out why blogging for business is important for your small business. 

2. Have a Website

Websites are places where you send your customers to for more information about your products. A website also houses your blog pages/contact information/product pages. Use your website to sleek display your products and the services you offer. The more people know how to use our products, the more they buy them. Check my Shopify Store and what I have. 

3. Create Discounts 

Know how to use the power of discounts to convert your customers. For example, you can say, buy one to get one free or get a repair free if you’re a phone repair shop. Or you can offer another exciting product you’re launching as a freebie to create more opt-in interest. 

Learn how to create product discounts by signing up or following my YOUTUBE Channel on the link below. 

4. Use Social Media 

Social media is a free marketing tool which many Kenyan business owners haven’t mastered how to use. Instead of posting pictures of your products, or tagging celebrities use them as influencers, why not show people wearing your products

Also, learn how to properly use Facebook ads/Instagram ads Google ads the right way. Learn who your target market is and how to create marketing messages to them. And learn where your target market hangs out. 

For example, if you are an interior decorator why not involve a page like Glam My Home and show pics of before and after your home or a house you’re making over. If you’re a Tutu Maker use the tutu sellers page and if you’re a diyer there is a Facebook group for diys crafts. The more important information you share in your niche the more other crafters gets drawn to you.

Remember the aim of social media is remaining social and fun while being educative. 

5. Affiliate Marketing 

I have learnt about affiliate marketing since the first day I began looking into working online. But I didn’t understand so kept it aside/ignored affiliate marketing for a long time. Now I know better. If you’re a pillow seller like I am, why not put your pillows into the minds of many people by creating affiliate programmes. Relying on other peoples recommendation and creating reward programmes for those who recommend your products is what affiliate marketing is all about. 

For example, by using amazon affiliate links to recommend products you love. Or using Ali express affiliate links to recommend products. We’ll go into depth about affiliate marketing in other pages, why not sign up to get my newsletter or YouTube videos. 

6. Car Wrapping Advertisement 

Have you ever seen a car wrapped in an advertisement? That’s what I’m talking about. Take your car to the next level with ad decor. Make sure you leave your social media/contacts pages for others to reach out to you very fast. Make your car ad memorable and eye-catching. 

7. Run Promotions 

Running ads for your business vary from social media ads to billboard ads. Word of mouth marketing, sending flyers and brochures out to businesses. Or word of mouth marketing where you tell your first customers to spread the word about your business. 

8. Send Press Releases 

Do you want your business to be media featured? A press release gives you an opportunity for you and your business services or products to get out there. I thought of doing a press release on my LGBT activism. Would you love to know where I go with this project? Follow me on Facebook on 

Okore Gertrude 

9. Network 

What is networking and how do you form proper and strong networks. I remember every single day with a lot of power when my dad used to tell us, ‘Network with the right kinds of people to get your brand message out there’.

Yes, make meaningful connections so that your connections can help you connect to people who you match their needs and services.

Powerful networks help your brand to get on the spotlight. Many customers love to identify/discover new businesses.

10. Throw a Party 

MLMs are the kind I know that throw party for when they need to sell their products. If you don’t know what an MLM is, it’s network marketing where you buy goods in a particular niche and resell them. 

You can make so much in this mode if you’re a go-getter/self-driven person. MLM examples include Forever Living Products, Younique and Mary Kay among others. We’ll delve deeper into MLMs on my YouTube channel on Gertie Creative World hop on there and subscribe. 

11. Create a Business Brochure 

Brochures/ product catalogues help you get your products out there. Make sure to include your social media pages, phone contacts and websites and blogging. Enrich your business brochure with so much information. 

12. Develop Sleek Business Cards

Someone told me that business cards are outdated. I say with a lot of strength that they’re not. There are virtual business cards you can design for your brand. You can design one online using Canva or join in on our courses on how to use CANVA to help

13. Use PPC Advertising 

Paid Per Click is a sleek way to expand your customer base. A great way to test if your business is viable is by using organic traffic after which you pay search engines like Google to tell the algorithms which adverts to show. Paid Per Click can also use SEO and Google Ads to further your reach to your new customers.

It’s important because we sometimes don’t know where our customers hang out. And most times, customers don’t know what they want. You have to identify your ideal client/target audience before you pay for ads. Get your complete 10-minute, 10-paged actionable guide on Target/Niche Marketing. 

14. Use Existing Customers 

Ever heard that word of mouth advertising is so powerful, a convenience that makes Netflix what it is today. When one watches an episode on Netflix, you automatically recommend to our families and friends, ‘I watched this show on Netflix called the Queer Eye that made me understand why you love gay/lesbian community, they’re just humans and very wonderful ones at that’, a friend told me.

 It was after this friend not recognising why I work tirelessly telling the world what LGBTQ means and why am I behind equal treatments. Based on my words alone, my friend went ahead to watch all the seasons 1 and 2 of the Queer Eye. Now ask yourself, what did your friend recommend. Did you go ahead to buy it, why or why not? 

15. Teach a Local Class 

I hate the word teacher but it’s where I end up every single day. I love to impart knowledge so much so that I thought of writing as a useless job which doesn’t pay back, because I was told so. The thing is, writing is empowering and making someone self-aware of something they’d otherwise ignore. If you take what you know to teach a local class, you’re tapping into marketing because of the knowledge you’re spreading and the students you teach will recommend you to others.  

16. Get Testimonials 

Testimonials are like reviews and help boost your business. Testimonials help customers realise that they’re buying a great product. And getting reviews helps customers entrust you with their money. 

See my AIRBNB Testimonials and how I keep leveraging the platform to get more customers even with an old portfolio like the one I used in 2017. 

17. Sponsor a Local Event 

When you hear about the Mater Heart Run, you get there. What do you love to do/ what is that big event your business can tap its profits into so that people know more about you and your business. Think athletics and it is a big event in Kenya, I love Arts Competition for kids. Makes me want to jump as I type this away.

Now, let people know you sponsored the Art Competition, or Helen Obiri or like the way the president rallied behind Mariga on the Kibra seat. 

18. Become a Radio/TV/Podcast Guest 

Podcasts are a big deal, in fact, if you’re a business and want to market your business check into podcasts. What podcast are you listening to now and how has it impacted the way you think or shop for example?.

Of course, when becoming a tv/podcast guest you have to choose a segment that qualifies you. Do they have a business segment in that hour or minute? 

How will the business segment benefit you or them? Who is your target audience, does that target audience match your target.  Arm yourself with social media pages or contact information to get your message out there.

A call-to-action is so crucial for your business never forget to have call-to-actions and subscribe to this blog to know how to write converting call-to-action. 

19. Run Promotions 

There’s nothing wrong with getting into promoting your products. Nowadays, the best way to market your business is through video promotion or show your product in action.

That way customers visualise themselves in your products. Always speak about your products but inject the ‘’human aspect’’ to it. Show people, it’s not products only but them. Solve their problems. 

20. Cold Call 

I have the anxiety to call or go for what I want because calls freak me out, it’s not a psychological trauma or disorder I have. No, just that I fear calls and lose opportunities all the time due to this.

Sometimes I tell myself I talk weird why bother?. Or I won’t have anything to say. Did you know though that the more you approach businesses for work, the more they appreciate your effort to reach out and the chances of getting the job get elevated

It’s time to write down your prospectus and get your business name to as many people as possible. Let them learn about your brand and what you are capable of doing. The worst answer you get is NO yet they keep you in mind. Or when another brand accepts you, the former come running. Cold-call always. 

21. Comment on Others Post 

There’s a powerful Facebook group that I’m in called the six-figure chick mission success. In this group, the owner who we dearly call Cici encourages us to make 25 meaningful and thought-provoking Instagram comments.

 I remember when I started blogging the same thing got suggested. The power of commenting on others post is that they become intrigued to see what you can offer and what lays behind that powerful comment.

You also are engaging with brands after your heart. Such is the power of commenting that I saw in a day my Instagram page move from death to 15 plus followers and increasing. 

Make it a point to connect with others in your market and others you enjoy. It brings visibility to your brand. While it may not be money, it’s crucial to your growth. 

22. Guest Post 

I follow a blog started last year in december 2018 by Adam Enfroy on affiliate marketing. I can say for the past few days, he has opened my eyes on what affiliate marketing is and I opened my heart and my blog to what the possibilities of making a six-figure income are.

And from there, I signed up with amazon associates and been recommending products and tweaking old posts to accommodate my now expanded knowledge on SEO. 

Adam, says that his blog increased in traffic due to guest blogging. And how guest blogging was crucial to him to get his blog to its current five-figure earnings. He gives strategies to guest blog for wins. Kindly subscribe to his blog if you’re a new blogger looking into the possibility of making money with your blog.

23. Give a Free Product 

Do you know how to convert your free product into a money-generating product? Such is the power of a free product. But I have upcoming strategies on how to turn your freebie into a money giant. 

A free product mustn’t attract only those who are looking for freebies and free products, it must have a strong call to action/ a leads page where your customers will go to for more of your upsells. 

24. Attend a Tradeshow and Network

Tradeshows are crucial to the growth of your brand. Have you ever attended the Nairobi ASK or the Mombasa?  Those are big events that your customers attend and look forward to every year. Or have you ever joined an expo like the Homes Expo and the likes to sell your home decor products? 

Attend these shows and have a million business cards to share with your customers. It’s a great time to meet your buyers face to face. 

25. Join Product-Related Forums 

Product-related forums help your products stand out in your niche. For example, if you’re a pillow seller join forums for pillow sellers, or home decor forums and help decorators know how to use your pillows. Establish yourself as the go-to person in the pillow industry. 

26. Create a Memorable Logo 

I love this logo by Sonal Maherali, in fact, I credit her with opening my eyes on luxury fashion/shopping. And my daughter, ‘’It’s not about the price, it’s the quality, the experience’’.

When launching a brand, for people to keep you in their minds for so long, it’s time to up your logo game and off you go. You need a logo we will all remember. But don’t compromise on your quality of the products either. 

27. Create Customer Reward Programmes

I love to reward my AIRBNB customers on their visit. I love my guests so I scoured on how to reward their travels. And to give them travel gift cards and all.

You have to go all the way in as a business provider, love your customers because, without them, you don’t exist. Reward programmes also mean loyalty and much love and referral for your awesome services. Make sure to always improve on your products. 

28. Run a SWOT Analysis

I love to know my strengths/ weaknesses no wonder I scour the internet for the Pisces qualities. I didn’t realise my inner strength and you may realise that about your business as well.

You’re blocking your business’ potential by not analysing the opportunities and possible threats. When you know who your competitors are you get in a better position to handle the competition and how to create marketing messages that resonate with them. 

29. Free Advertising 

Free advertising is taking care of social media and word of mouth advertising for your business. Free advertising also involves handing out product brochures to your customers.

Free advertising helps your business travel further than the paid per click ads. And for your business to have free advertising make sure you offer excellent customer service. 

30. What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition 

A unique selling proposition means, what does your product offer that another doesn’t. In the middle of over-saturation, how do you stand out, what makes your business unique and how do you market that uniqueness to your customers so that they understand your brand? 

Aim to stand out, to be different always when creating your products. 

Wheeew and the 30 Ways to Market Your Kenyan Home/Online Business comes to a strong conclusion. What marketing method resonates with you/ what marketing method will you employ in your business?

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Have you ever seen a car wrapped in an advertisement? That’s what I’m talking about. Take your car to the next level with ad decor. Make sure you leave your social media/contacts pages for others to reach out to you very fast. Make your car ad memorable and eye-catching.

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A free product mustn’t attract only those who are looking for freebies and free products, it must have a strong call to action/ a leads page where your customers will go to for more of your upsells.

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