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The holiday season in Kenya is marked by celebrating and partying. As an entrepreneur, the holiday marks the time of the year to cash in.

What Are The Best Holiday Businesses in Kenya? 

The following holiday businesses in Kenya will make you an income immediately: 

Before diving into the list, remember to grab your niche marketing guide and your business plan. 

Having business tools is important and a business mindset as well. If this list whets your appetite there’s another great list for Side Hustles for Kenyans. 

The holiday businesses are:

  1. Transport 

Transport is a huge business. Kenyans are travelling from one location to another during the holiday season.

Transport can include signing up with Uber, Taxify and or lorry. Tip: Collect their contacts so that you keep in touch with them after the holiday season is gone. 

2. Food 

The food industry in Kenya keeps growing with Kenyans getting healthier and more food conscious. That doesn’t mean that during the holiday season all hope is lost.

You can start a food truck then sell healthy hot dogs. Write the recipes you’d love to serve Kenyans. Now drive or get stationed with your truck in one location. Scour Pinterest for recipes you’d love to prepare.

Try them at home first before sharing them with others. 

3. Clothes 

4. School

The holidays in Kenya don’t mean kids stop learning, in fact, the holiday season marks the beginning of parents nightmares and finding kids activities.

Check out this article on Kenyan Kids Fun Holiday Activities 2019 List Guide.

Start tuition about learning a skill. And teach some literacy and numeracy. You could start a small library where you charge kids 10 shillings or more to read. Charge them a certain amount for teaching them how to play the piano, guitar or learning about music notes. 

5. Baby Daycare 

Babies are born during the holiday season a lot in Kenya. Why not cash in this lucrative baby booming sector. Start daycare and cater for mums with 0-3 months old babies or more. Now, provide the best baby daycare essentials money can buy for you. 

Read this blog post about starting a daycare that will you millions to get the basics. Then grab the baby daycare business plan, the niche marketing guide and the baby daycare ebook to help you get your daycare business in the right foot. 

6. Entertainment 

Kenyans love entertainment and during the holiday season, we don’t care about parting with our monies. It’s time for you to create an entertainment spot but don’t forget to add tusker as the drink of choice.

Accommodate both kids and their parents, because the holiday season we don’t leave our kid behind. Entertainment can include starting a cinema, or a bowling alley. 

7. Retail Shop 

Have you ever seen how supermarkets like Tuskys and Naivas throng with people during the holiday season? It’s time for you as a Kenyan entrepreneur to cash in on this.

Make sure to have all the essentials like ugali flour, Christmas decor, take your time choosing items not found in Naivas or Tuskys. Also, start a delivery service where your customers can shop online and you deliver them the goods as requested.

Make the delivery service an incentive because stepping out during the relaxing season isn’t something we like to do. 

8. Gift Shop 

Have you ever tried wrapping a gift? How hard is it or how easy is it. Do you know many people don’t know how to wrap gifts?

It’s time for you to learn how to wrap gifts for any kinds and use attractive gift packages so that your customers can come for more.

Also, provide gift ideas for any occasion during the holiday season, it can be birthdays, weddings, office parties. 

9. Horse Riding 

Horse riding classes are the best way to pass time during the holiday season in Kenya. Do you have horses in your yard?

Or can you ride horses or provide lessons.horses are adorable, beautiful and tenacious. 

10. Camel Riding 

At the Bamburi beach in Mombasa, a camel rider told me he gets a minimum of 5000-10000 a day taking tourists on camel rides all over the beach.

And the holiday season opens up this trade for him that he bought the second camel which he gifted his son.

If you’d love to go for a camel ride, you know where and how to find me.

You can hire the camel too for personal events, he’ll bring them to you. So, you have to love camels and know how to control them. Get into the camel business or if you need more info, email me on 

Gertrude dot akinyi at gmaildotcom

11. Face Artist 

At the same beach, a face painter/artist told me about his trade.

You can go to parties to do kids face decor or adults face decor during the holiday season. It’s so fun to bring your creativity for others to see. 

12. Event Planner 

Have you ever seen seamless events? What a beautiful time the holiday season is for you to bring your creativity to others.

You can plan a party for you and your kids and take as many pics as possible, show them to women around and men.

They like your work. And you are in business. Make sure to use the latest decor themes, make the events as colourful as possible. Charge accordingly. 

13. Greeting Card Business 

How many of you reading greeting cards feel the messages on them are too monotone. I know I do.

No wonder I started designing my own greeting cards and I’m gearing towards becoming the new Kenyan Hallmark. I hop onto Canva and get to work.

I don’t know what you’re waiting for to take the Canva like a boss classes for 2,500 shillings and learn to create digital products. 

Use beautiful messages on the greeting cards to make your customers happier to purchase.

You can design card ranges for birthdays 0 – 100 years each with a unique message.

For men, kids, older women. And you can add Christmas cards, new years, valentines and more.

Check out my varieties and make a purchase on Zazzle plus they’re printables. 

14. Phone Accessories 

Kids in Kenya have smartphones and during the holidays like adults, the kids live on their phones.

Why not get into the phone accessory business. You can sell products from wireless earphones, gadgets turning phones into laptops, phone cases and phone holders?.

The list is endless and would you love to know the phone accessories to sell to your customers during the holidays in Kenya.

Sign up below on my youtube channel and get the info. 

15. Massage/Spa Treatments 

It’s the holidays and we love to relax at home or at the spa treatments.

We love to have beautiful healthy faces and we love to have our bodies pampered. Jump right in the massage industry.

Make sure to have massage basics like massage bed sterilisers, portable massage beds, natural facial products and fancy massage oils.

If you want to do erotic massage, careful and glove those hands before you contact venereal diseases. 

16. Pedicure/Manicure 

Like spa treatments, we love to look after our bodies.

And these days Pedis and Manis aren’t for women only. Encourage men to jump into the spas and get themselves worked on their toes.

They’re not Shrek’s toes or fingernails, get them into the Pedi fab room. Start with basic equipment, gel nail polish, gel dryer. 

17. Meal Planner 

There’s nothing as challenging as cooking like the holiday times. We all want to have fun and no time to cook for one another.

Though the kitchen is an essential place to start from, we’d rather have fun out eating.

Now, want a mixture of healthy plus junk food. Or is a family member having trouble to cook because she has to work?

Grab a pre-made meal planner and help work your way into her kitchen like a boss. 

18. Bar Business 

Kenyans and their tusker during the holiday season are the most memorable moments.

We all love to drink a little, well, some of us.

If you know how to mix cocktail drinks or a little wine tasting, why not give some lessons and cash out.

You won’t go wrong with alcoholic drinks to Kenyans, that’s our way of having fun or celebrating. 

19. Laundry 

Who has time to wash clothes when all they can do is take them to the laundromat?

Start a laundromat within your home with your home washing machine and dryer.

I use the Samsung one. You don’t have to have a dryer. You can spin the clothes. Iron and stitch them up if they have holes for an extra fee.

It’s a valuable skill to have to know how to do clothes repair. Charge accordingly because you’re using electricity. 

20. Christmas Tree Business 

Decorating a Christmas tree is so much fun to the children.

Plant some trees or buy some plastic Christmas trees and decorate one. Then teach others to decorate the tree and earn extra money.

You know it’s cashing in when others enjoy. Do so wisely by killing two birds with one stone.

Always make sure to provide the best service. If you don’t know how to decorate a Christmas tree, hop onto youtube and see how it’s done. Now do as you add your charm. 

21. Christmas Decor 

Wreaths are the ultimate Christmas decor theme.

But don’t stop at wreaths, you can go ahead with Christmas lights, Christmas bubs.

Show Kenyan women how to make their houses stand out.

Help them put up nice curtains and rods and have colourful Christmas pillows. Your expertise helps you earn so much.

Combine this with the Christmas tree decor and soar your income. 

22. Tour Guide 

It’s a nice time to start travelling during the Christmas holidays or earlier.

Where have you travelled within Kenya and know so much about? I know a lot about Nakuru, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nanyuki, Naivasha, Migori, Seme, Kakamega, and so many counties I have been to.

I take my guests there all the time, to unexplored Kenyan terrain. I mean, don’t show them the animals alone.

Know that Kenya is more than Simba, we have so much to show for.

Cash in on this 2019 holiday by taking guests to places they have never been to.

Items you need, know about gate charges hire a car, know the terrain, know when animals are awake and roaming about, or get a great driver.

Have your company registered or just tour around like your family and friends. 

23. Health Insurance 

A lot of illnesses occur during the holiday season because most people stop living a healthy lifestyle.

And also it’s easier to get involved in health insurance during the holidays because you’ll be selling the notion of fear, ‘’ Don’t fancy healthy living, die faster’’, kind of marketing.

You’re forcing your customers to buy insurance because it’s important for them.

You know the only kind of insurance many Kenyans buy are the education policy.

Tell them there’s more to insurance than education. Getting started in the insurance policy find the best company like Britam or Jubilee.

Now find the healthy options. 

24. Eldercare 

The older in Kenya has been neglected. We abandon theme forgetting we’ll soon get there.

What a better time the holiday season is to give back by starting an elder care home.

An eldercare home doesn’t have to be crampy and smelly.

Start elder care home simpy with the best staff or providing in-house regular check-up and elderly people games and sports.

Have board games as well and chess and provide them with the best company there is. Remember being old isn’t a sin. 

25. Master/Mistress of Ceremony 

 There are a million and one celebrations from birthdays, baby coronation ceremonies to weddings, graduations during the holidays.

If you are a people charmer, why not dress yourself up and chair/cheer all the ceremonies around you and beyond.

Add a twist, be a comedian or a performer and earn double the amount.

27. Freelancing 

During the holidays, many employers have gone home.

What better time for you to find work online or start your freelancing agency and take all the opportunities there are.

The best place to scour for freelancing work is on Upwork or better yet cold emailing.

It’s likely you’ll get a yes because everyone is on relaxing and shopping mode.

Would you want to know how to get hired fast online as a newbie Kenyan freelancer?

This blog on newbie freelancer qualities and how to find employer prospectus will have you get a great start. 

28. Pillow Business/Home Decor 

Decorating a home for the Christmas holiday can be so daunting.

Why not start a business helping other home-owners choose the colour scheme for their pillows.

Or bring down that destructive wall they have been keeping away. 

29. Teaching

There’s nothing as great as having the skill to teach others.

This holiday season in 2019, I intend to help many of you get your businesses online as much as possible.

I also will be working on this blog and my mindset blog a lot. Because I have already celebrated my holiday season in September.

You can teach anything during this season fro baking, cooking classes, knitting, crocheting, making shaggy mats.  

30. Real Estate 

The booming sale of houses is enormous in Kenya.

A better time to sell houses is during the Christmas holiday.

You don’t have to be a property manager though, get into Airbnb business. Grab my Airbnb guide here and know how to be a great host.

31. Investing /Stock Firms 

It’s time to tap into your personal finance knowledge by enlightening other Kenyans to invest rather than misuse in the December season.

They can invest in real estate, stock. Start by recommending them the top stock books to read.

Or starting a side hustle or learning how to save.

There are many areas to invest including being an angel investor. Find startups with potentials then give them funding for a certain per cent stake in the business. 

To sum it up, the holiday season in Kenya is charming with business ideas to do.

It’s the season many Kenyans are hyped to sell and buy anything they have never bought.

Instead of standing by looking, it’s time to show others how to make money by teaching them or do it for them like helping them decorate their houses. 

I hope you have the best holiday season there ever has been and will check and buy into all the recommendations included. I select the best recommended.

I use affiliate links in this article as well, if you buy from my list of recommended, I get a commission you won’t be charged less. And make sure to read my affiliate disclosure policy as well. 

Enjoy and make use of the holiday season as a Kenyan entrepreneur. 




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