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Happy New Year 2019, the year, long awaited year has finally rolled in.

We had planned for it or had declared how our 2019 will be the change

or how we were going to achieve one after another thing.

I always remember what they say, ‘‘be careful what you wish for’‘, sometimes what you wish could burn you – that’s just in the mind, right? But the mind is the biggest liar there’s.

Before you start shopping for your bullet journal, I have some pointers for you out there- don’t be soo caught up in planning yet. We need to know why you’re planning, right?

I sampled a list of 20 + questions, which we will answer together and each day of January 2019, I’ll roll in the blog post to help you:

                        FIND YOUR PURPOSE.

This will help you answer your WHY?

Why are you finding the need to planning?.

Why are you always planning and failing?

What happens when you ignore planning?

Why is planning crucial?

Why are you quitting your career?

You see many a time, we fail to answer to ourselves why we opted to doing something. We have to realise that that why makes us motivated,

it provides us the vision and restores our motivation when there’s no fuel for proceeding.

Before, my saliva dries, the questions are:

Find a nice journal and honestly answer these questions then I’ll post daily on each power point to focus on then, we can move on.

When we thoroughly explore our why, we can proceed to our next answer.

  1. What are the things that trouble you?

  2. What have you been trying to overcome over the years?

  3. Do you know yourself?

  4. What do you wake up to do daily?

  5. How are you programmed?

  6. Where is the direction of your life? Not what!

  7. What makes you look forward?

  8. What stops you?

  9. Do you want something but cannot reach it?

  10. Have you had endless success dreams?

  11. What do you see when you go to sleep?

  12. What do you feed your brains?

  13. Do you hate yourself?

  14. Do you listen to people?

  15. Do you set time aside to congratulate yourself?

  16. At some point, do you feel like someone has delayed you?

  17. Have you ever been pushed too far?

  18. Do you have fears?

  19. Do you have a mentor?

  20. Are you a victim?

What’s your WHY? Need to be motivated and encouraged for 365 Days? We need to create the plan and direction now!.

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