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Are you an animal lover?

Do you want to spend your days being with animals and get paid?

Are you confused about what animal career to take on?

There are some cool careers for you to choose from and start working and caring for animals.

It doesn’t matter if you want to work with domestic or wild animals.

A career with animals is definitely something you should be thinking about.

Especially if you are passionate and a big lover of animals.

Some of these animal careers can be done with or without a degree, so you are in luck.

For some, you need to get an education, develop the right skills for these animals like patience and build a good reputation for yourself as it relates to these animals.

You will not only earn well with these careers, but you will have a happy and fulfilling life as you deal with these affordable animals.

Now, isn’t that a dream come true?

Best Careers for Animal Lovers

I will go over the top 30 cool careers you can start with animals today.

From home animals to wildlife. I’ll talk about what these animal careers are, the skills you need, the education needed and the salary you’ll be making. 

  1. Pet sitting

This is a very popular career for animal lovers.

Many pet owners do not have the time to take care of their pets to take them out for a walk.

They may be at work, on vacation or on a business trip.

As a pet sitter, your work will be to take care of their pets including cats and dogs until they get back.

Pet sitting doesn’t require any kind of formal training per se.

You just need to be a lover of animals, reliable and have a great reputation.

You can start offering your pet sitting services to friends and neighbours before you can position and register your services as a business.

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  1. Pet grooming 

Pet grooming involves bathing and prepping animals.

Pet groomers are sometimes called animal beauticians.

As a pet groomer, you will be bathing animals such as show dogs or horses, clipping them, trimming their hair and cleaning their teeth. To start a career as a pet groomer, you need to get training for this job.

You do not need any educational requirements, although your experience with pets must be top-notch.

You also have to have good communication skills with pet owners and practice patience in working with the pets you are grooming.

  1. Pet photography 

This is the best career for any person who loves animals and photography.

There are people who are looking to take cute photos of their pets and put them on sale on stock photos sites such as Gettyimages.

You can kick off your career in pet photography by taking pictures of random animals and selling them.

Pet photography is a very cool career for anyone who loves animals and has amazing photography skills. 

  1. Pet artist

A pet artist is someone who takes cool paintings or drawings of pets.

As a pet artist, you will be working with these animals and then you sell their portraits to art galleries, hotels or the owners of the pet at a price.

Pet artistry is still gaining popularity and it is a cool career for anyone who loves art.

There are no formal requirements for this career.

You just have to have good attention to detail and excellent artistry skills.

  1. Pet adoption counsellor

A pet adoption counsellor is someone who helps in the adoption process of pets.

Some people want to give up their pets when they are moving or when they want to get new ones.

As a pet adoption counsellor, it is your responsibility to make sure that these pets find a good home.

You need to have good communication skills if you are going to work as a pet adoption counsellor. 

  1. Pet detective

This is a very cool career for anyone who wants to start a career with animals.

A pet detective is someone who is paid to find missing animals and bring them home safely to the owner.

Pet detectives are still in demand because animals often lose their way home.

You need no education requirement to work as a pet detective, although some formal training is required.

If you have worked in annals control before, then it is an added advantage. 

  1. Veterinarian 

This is the first animal-related career a lot of people think about getting into.

A veterinarian is the primary doctor of animals.

You will be working in a hospital or any medical facility and the major things you will be concerned about will be treating animals with illnesses or diseases.

You will take in sick animals, run tests on them, and give them a diagnosis and vaccinations if necessary.

Veterinarians look into animal surgery and animal pathology.

You will need an undergraduate degree in a veterinary school if you are to qualify for this kind of career.

You also have to be passionate about your work and be a lover of science.

  1. Veterinary acupuncturist 

Starting a career as a veterinary acupuncturist is a cool way to work with animals.

A veterinary acupuncturist is a veterinarian who uses traditional acupuncture in their practice to heal animals.

You have to be gentle with these animals and be very patient with them.

To start a career as a veterinary acupuncturist, you need to have an undergraduate degree as well as some form of experience before you qualify.

This is a very good career for anyone who wants to make a lot of money working with animals.

  1. Veterinary technician 

A veterinary technician is a person who nurses animals in animal hospitals.

You will be required to perform routine check-ups, surgeries, emergency operations and also prescribe medications.

You will also have to conduct tests, keep the files on an animal’s medical history and take bone X-rays of these animals.

To qualify for a career as a veterinary technician, you have to understand animals and also have a bachelor’s degree in veterinary.

Getting a master’s degree in this field is an added advantage.

  1.  Veterinarian nurse

This is another cool career you can start as an animal lover.

A veterinarian nurse works alongside a licensed veterinarian to perform medical procedures.

You will be doing vaccinations, withdrawing blood and performing physicals on animals.

You will need a high school diploma and some training and experience to kick start your career as a veterinary nurse.

You can get employed in an animal hospital or a medical facility.

  1.  Veterinary assistant 

If you would like to get into the world of veterinary medicine, there is an open chance for you to work as a veterinary assistant.

This animal career involves attending to injured animals and speaking with pet owners to address animal health concerns.

You will also be scheduling appointments, filling out important paperwork and administering follow up procedures when applicable.

To start a career as a veterinary assistant, you will need a high school diploma for an entry-level position.

This is a very well paying job that you should consider getting into today.

  1.  Animal control officer

An animal control officer helps enforce laws regarding animal security.

This is a very cool career for anyone who wants to be out on the field searching for wounded animals in their local area and taking calls about animal incidents from residents.

You have to know how to use noises, tranquillisers, darts and nets when the situation calls for it.

Animal control as a career has numerous job offerings including being a dog catcher, a dog warden, a canine service trainer or a humane officer.

You need to get training to qualify for this job.

Having educational experience is an added advantage. 

  1.  Animal trainer

If you have a lot of patience with animals, this animal career might just be the one for you.

As an animal trainer, you will basically be teaching animals to follow instructions.

You need to understand how animals function. You will be training dogs, horses, service animals or performing animals.

This is what all the cat, dog and bird whisperers do.

To start your career in this field, you need to have some apprentice type of education.

Being an animal trainer brings in a good paycheck every now and then and you should be thinking about starting this business.

  1.  Animal nutritionist.

Animal nutritionists spend their time determining the dietary needs of animals.

This is a very cool career to get into today.

You will be working with farm or wildlife animals, looking at their nutrition levels, their physical activity and their weight of the animal.

You then have to determine the dietary needs that are going to bring them to optimum health.

You will also study animal behaviour and economics to make recommendations to corporations or government agencies about diet.

To start a career as an animal nutritionist, you will need a bachelor’s degree in this field.

  1.  Animal caretaker

If you are interested in working in an animal shelter, this career option is for you.

As an animal caretaker, you will be feeding, bathing and training animals as well as cleaning their living spaces and various tools and equipment.

These kinds of jobs can be found in pet stores, kennels and veterinary clinics. In order to start your career as an animal caretaker, you will need a high school diploma and some basic animal experience.

This is a good career for anyone who wants to make a lot of money working with animals.

  1.  Animal care technician 

An animal care technician works in research labs and takes care of research animals.

You will be working in research centres and making sure that the animals that are being researched are healthy, clean and fit to go through the tests that are going to be done on them.

You have to be a lover of science and of animals if you want a successful career.

You also need a bachelor’s degree and some work experience before you qualify for a job as an animal care technician. 

  1.  Animal breeder. 

Does this sound interesting to you?.

This is one of the coolest careers you can start with animals today.

An animal breeder oversees the breeding process of animals, for example, dogs and cats.

You will be working with veterinarians to make sure puppies are healthy and can be sold to potential owners.

You have to understand these animals and know the type of animal you are breeding.

To start this career, you will need a high school diploma for an entry-level position and some work experience. 

  1.  Animal scientist 

Are you a lover of science?

Does the idea of working with science on animals appeal to you?

Then being an animal scientist is definitely the career option you are looking for today.

An annual scientist works in research facilities or regulatory agencies.

You will be looking into animal nutrition, genetics, and the growth and development of animals to help ensure a safe and stable food supply.

To work as an animal scientist you need to have a master’s degree in an animal-related field.

  1.  Animal-assisted therapists. 

Animal-assisted therapists and those therapists who incorporate animals into their treatment plan to improve the well-being of their patients.

These patients are either children, elderly people or anyone who feels isolated when they are undergoing treatment for a certain medical condition.

Animal-assisted therapists have a good way of bonding with both animals and people.

You have to have a bachelor’s degree to start your career as an animal-assisted therapist. 

  1.  Game warden 

A game warden is a person who has the duty to protect wildlife.

Working as a game warden is a very cool career that you can get into.

You will work in the open spaces and with wild animals.

As a game warden, you will ensure that the poaching rules are being reinforced.

You also have to have the ability to spend long hours alone since you may be stationed in remote areas to look out for hunting or poaching activities.

To become a game warden, you’ll need an undergraduate degree and some experience in this field.

You can work as a game warden in the Kenya Wildlife Society (KWS) if you are in Kenya.

  1.  Wildlife photographer 

Just like pet photography, you can combine your love for animals in the wild and your photography skills and kick start a career.

As a wildlife photographer, be ready to live a pretty uprooted lifestyle.

You will be doing a lot of travelling and some very hard work when you are taking pictures of these wild animals in their natural habitat.

You may find yourself waiting for hours to take a shot.

You can make a lot of money as a wildlife photographer and you can find yourself working for publications like National Geographic or selling your pictures to hotels and resorts.

  1.  Wildlife biologists 

A wildlife biologist studies animal behaviour on land as well as the interaction of plants in their natural habitat.

Wildlife biologists combine wildlife with science to study the environment of animals along with their demographics and populations among other things.

To start a career as a wildlife biologist, you will need a master’s degree or an undergraduate degree for an entry-level position.

  1.  Wildlife rehabilitator

If you are still interested in working in the wild, you can start your career as a wildlife rehabilitator.

What you will do is you will bring animals to a rehabilitation facility, examine them and respond to the animal’s health needs.

You will then keep on doing a follow up until the animal is ready to be released.

To start this career, you will need a bachelor’s degree in order to qualify. 

  1.  Wildlife conservationist.

A wildlife conservationist protects wildlife on the land they are assigned to.

You could be taken to a forest, park or land owned by a company or the government.

Taking care of wild animals and plants means that they are not endangered.

To start a career as a wildlife conservationist, you will need a bachelor’s degree in resource management and some work experience for an entry-level position.

  1.  Zookeeper

As a zookeeper, you will be managing animals in the zoo, including their feeding and daily care.

This includes birds and reptiles in wildlife reserves.

You will need a bachelor’s degree in zoology, wildlife management or a related field.

You will also need some work experience if you want to advance in this career. 

  1.  Zoologist 

Zoology is the study of living organisms, especially animals.

As a zoologist, you will be observing animals in their natural habitat or in the laboratory in order to learn as much as possible about them.

Zoologists mostly work in zoos. You will be directing how animals are taken care of and look after one or all types of animals in the zoo.

You should major in zoology or biology and have an undergraduate degree if you want to start a career as a zoologist. 

  1.  Marine biologist 

Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, their behaviours and their interactions with the environment.

Marine biology is a very competitive job market if you are looking to start a career in this field, you can become a fishery biologist, a marine mammalogist, a system analyst or even a microbiologist.

In order to get into this field of career, you will need a master’s degree in marine biology to qualify.

  1.  Farm or ranch manager 

If you love working on the farm with home animals, you can start your career as a farm or ranch manager.

A farm or ranch manager tracks the facility and oversees that the animals in the ranch stay healthy.

You will be doing a lot of manual labour involved in raising the animals themselves.

You need to be a lover of animals if you want to manage taking care of these animals effectively.

For this career, you only need to have good farming experience in order to qualify.

  1.  Farmworker

A farmworker works to feed, graze, weigh and load animals. In this animal career, you will be assisting animals to give birth and also administering vaccines to farm animals.

This is a very cool animal career if you love all things agriculture.

To get started in this career, you need to get training and have some work experience in order to be employed. 

  1.  Kennel attendant 

As a kennel attendant, your primary duty will be to help animals stay healthy and happy.

If you know how to connect with animals, this career is definitely for you.

To get started in this career, you will have to have some form of training and experience to operate efficiently.

The animal industry is expected to grow to 99 billion dollars in the coming years.

Working with animals as a career is a good way to get your share of these profits.

The animal industry can be for entrepreneurs looking to start a side hustle or a full-time business, those looking for a job to work with animals and for animal lovers.

If you love animals, you should take on a career in the animal industry.

Animals bring joy and some animals like horses are used as therapy.

You cannot go into the animal business/industry if you’re not enthusiastic to learn about animals or become an animal friend.

Remember, animals can never betray you and some people are choosing animal companionship more than humans companionship these days.

I’ve selected some of the best and the coolest careers you can start as an animal lover today.

Which one will you go for?

Why do you love animals or what makes you enthusiastic to work with animals?




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