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Has someone ever asked you, ”Wow, I didn’t know you do that – I wish I knew because yours are of great quality than the ones I got!”

If you have and are a creative genius, it’s time to stop hiding from the shelves plant them alive and everywhere for all to see.

Things happen in our lives so that we can be aware of what we’re capable of.

Some things happen to make us remain sane, some happen for our own good reason.

You must never ignore anything that happens in your life because one little ignoring and you’re sent on a regretting sprint.

Also, in knowing yourself you’re able to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and know when to use each of them to your advantage.

I hate phone calls, for example, I mean as an introvert I always wonder why people cannot just text.

It took me a long time to realise that I need to either find a secretary or lose a lot of jobs.

I have lost a lot of jobs because of phone interviews, for me delegating duties is a weak thing. I grew up in a family where mum handled everything.

Picture this other scenario; with a new born baby no house-help but with an older kid and husband.

You need time to rest, a lot of time but every time your older kid or husband wants to chip in, you tell them you can handle it.

Until one day when the baby cannot stop crying and you suddenly snap at your husband or kid.

You have to be in tune with yourself to realise that you’re no bulldozer and even bulldozers need a recharge.

Love yourself and me times.

Question to ask: This reminds me, how do you find me times when you’re a busy mum?

Learn to delegate duties, it’s not a sign of weakness but freeing up your time so that you have energy to focus on other things like self or family.

Take time off.

Always relax, sit back and enjoy while others help you.

It’s normal for an independent woman/man to not want to feel like a dependent but sometimes you have to ask.

Always ask.

Don’t be afraid to say it’s bigger than you thought and may need help.

Owlly Word of the Day:

When you learn about yourself, you can tailor make your plans and goals aligning them with your strengths, weaknesses, levels of perfectionism and so forth.

As you keep planning, keep in mind that knowing yourself is equals to success 2019 and beyond.

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