What’s a solid morning routine and why must you adopt one as a Kenyan freelancer?

Why are morning routine videos on YouTube so popular?

Successful people vow how creating a solid morning routine enhanced their quality of life.

I started following a regimented morning routine about two months ago.

As a freelancer, the first thing you wake up to do is complete clients tasks.

I say COVID brought me a new perspective in life, a bit more focused on myself and what I do each morning.

I woke up to work and would continue for 16 or 20 hours a day. I felt like a zombie most days and would suffer burnouts.

Since starting on my routine at the end of the last week of July, my mind got refreshed.

I take time for myself, to speak to God, ask for His guidance as I forge my path on this blog and my writing career as I run away from clients and look forward to clients chasing me.

Now, a morning routine isn’t a new concept for me, I came across a morning routine plan from Stephan on YouTube, in his Project Mastery channel where he talked about how creating a solid mindful morning routine makes his day productive.

I thought all that was a bunch of air. Tried a morning routine in 2019 but never worked out so well or I wasn’t ready and even read several books about having a solid morning routine.

I selected a few for you to read and create a success for yourself as a Kenyan freelancer or entrepreneur or even student or anyone who wants to have a mindful morning.

Morning Rituals = Productivity: Why Rituals Are Crucial to Your Success as a Freelancer

Statistics show that people with a solid morning routine have a productive day ahead of them and millionaires and billionaires speak of having a great start of the day.

Not with a cup of coffee but with themselves, planning and creating a great day for themselves ahead.

A morning routine plan helps your mind to be strong and mindful. Your mind assures you no matter the hurdles, you’re prepared to handle – not everything – with a calm mind and leave what you cannot.

A morning routine also helps you gather yourself to appreciate what you have as you look forward to creating what you don’t have.

I find since adapting to the morning routine, I have made myself more money and paid so much of my debts. I was sinking deep into debt.

When you give thanks, you appreciate and an appreciating heart is open to receiving.

Why I Adapted a Morning Ritual 

A few years ago, in 2019 and after discovering why I needed a solid morning routine, I’d wake up to check a few messages on my phone.

It’d be a pleasure to check Facebook, this will only take a few minutes.

I woke up at 7 am and slept late into the night completing the client’s tasks.

Ooh, I was chatting with so and so, I never replied to a message.

It’s so good to catch up with friends on Facebook and see what they’re up to.

It doesn’t hurt to know a bit of what is going on in a certain celebrity’s life. Let me snoop. A little snooping and you spend the whole morning snooping, by the time you realise it, it’s noon or late in the morning. You have done nothing.

You complain how few hours there are in the day and you haven’t completed the tasks at hand.

If you’re a parent and have kids big or small keep calling when you settle to work. You yell at them because you realise there’s work to be done.

You scream and hate yourself.

When you check the timetable of the goal you wonder, how come I haven’t done this and it’d take me five seconds?

You hate yourself, hate your work, hate your lifestyle. And these days you argue with everyone because nothing’s working for you.

You hate life and wonder why God blessed only a certain kind of people and not you yet you worked like them. You

ou toiled late into the night like them. Why can you not bear the same success stories as them?

Why do they have to buy or source a Birkin bag or buy a limo when they could use the car in their car yard?

Why don’t they give to charity instead of spending money so badly yet there’s hunger and poverty in the country.

Why are they taking their children to expensive schools where they pay 1M shillings a month, why not a school in an ordinary affordable private school?. After all, that’s a waste of money.

Why are these people buying their kids diamond jewellery and piercing their kid’s ears when they’re infants?.

Why does your child have a big stomach and yours is flat? Why do you have a fat belly and you are a mum, go get that trim off your belly, you’re rich, you can afford the surgery.

Why does your hair look like you’re sick these days? Why, why why?

You question everything you see on social media, commenting and stalking celebrities who you feel your life should look like or don’t deserve the kind of wealth they have.

When you see a YouTuber who started on an idea you thought was yours, you stalk them using ids which are different, you throw shade to discredit them so you feel better.

Online, you’re called a hater. Where did all this behaviour start from?

You were not born a narcissistic person. You know you have it in you.

You lost it because you didn’t have a solid morning routine. You hate your life and others must hate their lives. 

Therefore, If social media is your morning coffee or part of your English Breakfast yet you wonder why you have unproductive days, months, weeks and years, wonder no more.

How do you wake up?

Looking forward or looking tired and angry?

I always loved waking up or sleeping late into the night – chatting on Facebook.

I loved the thrill of flirting with others online; who I didn’t even know.

I would be flattered by their ”kind” words towards me – I still needed approval and appreciation.

By 11 am, I’d be ”busy”, lying to myself that I’m working. And on went the behaviour year in and out. Achieving nothing than pity and more pity.

I came across an article, which I vaguely remember talking about ”What Successful People Do Every Morning”.

And that article plus listening to an online marketer called Stefan James helped me reshape my mornings.

I sat upright on my chair and made a morning ritual that would start the process of changing my mind, strength and well-being.

Simple Morning Routine Ideas for Successful Work Week for Freelancers

I made a morning routine which was as simple as:

  1. Putting my phone down,

2. Drinking water,

3. Reading and feeding my mind with positive energy through meditation, these quiet times with my thoughts and with God give a rush of strength in my bones,

4. Visualising my day, speaking greatness into my mind, having morning plans or morning goals. I ensure to speak so many affirmations in my mind and aloud.

5. I write everything I want to achieve and go out and achieve it. I challenge myself to defeat myself. I don’t want to wish for anyone’s life any more.

6. Jogging/walking around my neighbourhood. When I walk, I feel power running through me plus my energy levels increases.

I cannot insist enough on how that changed my life forever.

Take a Keen Note: I even made a morning routine plan which turned into a successful selling planner. It’s lean, affordable and doable for every person from all walks of life.

I want you to become a productive freelancer.

You work online, have access to the internet all the time. You can snoop around the celebrities you like not to put them down or question their lives choices, but to find a mentor.

I check my Instagram once a week to snoop on Nigerian women who inspire me. Why Nigerian you may ask?

These women live in Africa, where we have been told it’s a third world country. It’s poor and we cannot achieve anything, we’re women.

These women have made businesses for themselves and keep going strong, decades later. I have my YouTube on, I create YouTube videos.

I deleted my Facebook because that’s where chat temptation begins, I have my Instagram account where I stopped posting content on it.

I wanted to concentrate on content creation and marketing my content via video and Pinterest.

I wanted two social media where I could make a name for myself. Don’t be mistaken, social media and the internet are not bad.

We’re the bad ones, humans. We turn places to connect into nightmares of comparison and hate speeches.

We turn ourselves into who we’re, or did anyone hold a gun at you? And even if they did, let them shoot, God, will judge them. 

So, what do you wake up to do? Following negative energy news about how the economy is hard and we can barely survive the next few days, months, years?

I mean, those are the kind we see on our television stations in Kenya, or how politicians have swindled money, or how who is doing what is what?!

Please, don’t wonder where depression starts from.

Depression starts from overlooking what others are doing and wondering if you’re capable of doing it yourself?

I spend ten minutes on Instagram to an hour on the weekend only.

I watch a few Nollywood movies because those speak about family values or I scroll my Netflix account for some K-dramas if you find a K-drama based on corruption, like Cain and Abel, period pieces, Doctor Prisoner or Manager Kim, those are the kind to watch.

Content which provokes some insight and brings some topics to light. That’s the kind you must go for and it’s only at the time you unwind, mine’s once a week.

I cannot just work like I’m a donkey, you turn into a zombie.

And that’s why morning routines are essential. You train your mind, body and soul to take a break. You realise there’s more to life than work.

You take a walk into the neighbourhood and connect with people or nature. You appreciate your existence and appreciate why God placed you on earth.

You walk knowing what you did, how productively you spent your day and time, God will reward your effort. 

If you follow a successful morning plan, you’ll always look forward to your job or daily routines.

Why A Morning Routine Is Essential for a Freelancer 

You get to appreciate your day

I love working as a freelancer these days.

There are times when I didn’t appreciate working from home.

I complained daily and belittled myself because I felt writing wasn’t for me. Why didn’t I do as my parents asked?

These days through the power of meditation, I realised how blessed I am.

The more appreciative you are, the more you are open to receiving abundant blessings. 

You plan your day, hour, second /mindfulness of your time

You know what you are up to today.

You block the noise coming from your neighbours or friends and family. Yes, the family has their time too.

You distance yourself from anyone in the family bringing you down because your time is valuable.

You love every minute and second, you realised you got placed on earth to make a difference. 

You avoid negative people and energy

Truly, there are energies all around us, I tend to absorb negative and positive energy from around me.

No wonder these days, I put on the white noise on YouTube, not music and turn it as loud as possible, so I concentrate on what’s bringing me power.

The white noise puts you in a meditative state, try it. 

You find yourself working like your life depends on it 

A freelancer’s life is about work. You have to work to eat, right? You cannot not work.

When you have a morning schedule, you plan your day to the letter and follow everything on the schedule because a missed day of work means no money. And no money means no bills paid.

A morning schedule grounds you to what’s important and you deal with it. 

You don’t claim that there should be 72 hours because there’s a lot to get done 

I used to be in this school where I believed I needed 100 hours a day because I loved my job and do love it with all my heart.

I realise now it’s because I spent the first few hours after waking up to watch what others do/did in the morning.

I never spent time with myself. I was busy doing nothing impactful.

There are enough hours in the day to ensure you do everything you’re supposed to do and if you ask for it, darlings, God gives you the energy day in and day out to work non-stop for the hours you decide to work and complete every to-do list/goals you planned. 

You time flies away like no one’s business 

Do you know what they say about those who keep busy/stay focused on securing the bag?

Time flies and you appreciate it like no one’s business. You keep smiling and adding ‘dead weight’/ it’s called knowing you’re making it in life. 

Completing tasks and earn money you have never imagined 

When your morning routine is secured, tasks which once scared you don’t.

You find energy in making everything possible in your life even the impossible.

When you step out of your comfort zone, that’s where the most money is at. Go get it, honey. 

Appreciate all you have and your ability to work from home and not search for a job like there’s no tomorrow 

I didn’t say thank you a lot.

I asked what was the purpose of me following Oprah’s wise words about being appreciative about everything when I saw no change in my life. I realise how naive that kind of thinking is.

You have to say thank you. You have the internet in this ever accused third world nation of Kenya, you work from home, water, lights, a comfortable home and living. Cannot you see how that is a privilege?

You get to earn dollars, you make so much money beyond your imagination.

Money which if you worked for a regular employer would take you 100 years to earn, that’s after your death.

I learnt to show gratitude to freelancing because I remember how in the early years before freelancing I searched for a job, office to office.

I begged and borrowed my sister her size 8 shoes, I’m a size 3 or four.

It was embarrassing to walk in such shoes which made me walk a lot slower than always plus they were high heels!

Look back, what do you say about you freelancing and must be thankful for all the time? 

Block all the unnecessary things and calamities

I faced a lot of heartbreaking moments recently, worth crying over a hundred years from now.

No, I decided no crying will undo what happened and no tears would help.

I asked God for strength because that’s where my strength comes from the All-Mighty. I cried and blocked all that.

I allowed myself to cry but move on with my life. No, it’s not a breakup, those, I don’t cry over much. 

Develop a strong mindset/entrepreneurial mindset

You’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a boss-lady/man and a morning routine is about developing your mindset into a strong person.

You are telling yourself nothing will scare you, nothing will make you cower when defeat knocks.

That you will stay put in the pressure to perform and you promise to be the best. That every day when you set your day, you will do your best and leave the rest for God. 

Focus on what’s developing you and not what’s bringing you down

Social media if used badly, to compare yourself and others that brings your will down fast.

You won’t love what’s yours and why it’s yours.

You will be locked down in appreciating by ogling what’s for others.

You won’t have a mindset of your own.

If you run a social media business, on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, don’t get taken by looking or reading so much into other people’s lives. Remember, your purpose is to rejoice for other people’s success but not too much you forget about your success. 

Best Books To Read Every Morning for Miracle Days for Freelancers in Kenya  

The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs by Hal Elrod, all the books by Hal Elrod are my best buys for a morning routine. 

My most favourite all of the time, Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich 

Thrive by Ariana Huffington I love her book because she emphasises about sleep. You cannot succeed without sleep. 

Getting Things Done: The art of stress-free productivity 

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Cannot Stop Talking. I’m an introvert who thrives in quiet environments and quiet mornings help me thrive

The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business. 

I decided to narrow down this list of power morning books you must read because I have another related article, with all the books on morning routine reviewed. 

Read related article: 20+ Books to Read Each Morning Teaching Kenyan Freelancers The Art of Securing the Bag  

How A Morning Ritual Turned Me Into a Millionaire Freelancer

No, it’s not bragging. It’s helping you to have a mindful morning and have a productive day as a freelancer.

It’s not easy to have a morning ritual surrounded by social media and distractions daily.

In fact, you will begin asking yourself where you went wrong working from the comfort of your home.

In the morning, before everyone wakes up, you must be up first.

I was so opposed to waking up early in the morning because I’m a night owl, my ideas flow in the night. I limited my need to work through the night to sleep at 11 pm and by 5 or 6:30 am every morning, without an alarm, I’m always up and running.

I start by peeing, thanking God and meditating then going for a walk. I don’t touch my phone until 11 am or noon when having some leftover food. 

When I adopted a morning ritual it wasn’t about self-care but journalling, and it slowly snowballed into me loving my morning.

As I pore through the books I found out the successful habits of people I love and adore and want to become, I realised how much time I waste each morning and day doing things which don’t power me.

I decided to change it. I attest to the fact, that I started earning better money, I am paying my debts, I am mindful of my time and how I spend it.

And did I say, all the writing goals/to-do list I accomplish them each day?

Before I couldn’t get time to publish on this blog, these days, amidst clients work and my personal writing schedule, I get time to blog.

I have no single minute in my day going to waste.

I attribute that to my morning. I set the tone for the day and off I go.

Start a step at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself with activities that tire you before the morning starts or half the day. 

Scheduling a morning routine ensures your success as a person and as a freelancer.

The art of securing the bag lies in how you begin your day. Don’t waste a single day of your life and see how you increase revenue.

What do you as a Kenyan freelancer do each morning to ensure you have a successful morning and day? 

A Millionaire Freelance Writer in Kenya Realistic, Simple and Power Morning Routine





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