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For those who aren’t online savvy, you may be wondering what I may be talking about. Don’t, as I am about to explain. That online job marketplace that promised to really earn money for you when you were first ‘trying out’. Yes, that one that you read with many reviews; positive and negative. It was my last resort, not the least, though. It’s a competitive world on elance I am telling you. The experience one can get there is invaluable. Though, I have signed up and down and out, I keep coming back. Bidding for two three jobs then disappearing for days and months. Until the elance team sends me a message, ”Welcome back … 88, you have been missed”. Yes, I get a little weary and disappointed for the wait becomes unbearable for me. It feels that way. I have good news for those who are new, think of re-joining or have rejoined outsourcing from freelance sites.

It offers experience. I went there with no experience whatsoever. I didn’t know what I had to do to get a gig. I was forever lost. I didn’t bother to read for more knowledge acquisition, my focus went on getting the money and flying to bliss. It didn’t happen. The various offers I got,  turning them down, because they were too cheap. Now, you are a very proud lady, tell me. I didn’t know that that cheap work would propel me to an online guru. I didn’t understand that that online work would make me earn experience I didn’t have. It would make my c.v look impressive. I just went on blindly and got nowhere, finally. I didn’t understand that a positive review from one, two, three employers would make me get where I want. The high paying job I wanted. I didn’t understand, totally. Online or Digital Marketer. This is where you can refer others and earn money. Your facebook friends, twitter followers and just anywhere, even offline pals. Why are you wasting your time, go on and refer to them. *I am also trying with this referral link, tell me how it goes. If you sign up and take the pledge, I earn 10 connects. If you are an employer or client, I earn 10 dollars. I will be proud to say you supported me, too. Thank you. Here on elance you can help your friends who have no jobs by telling them to have an internet connection, reliable and fast. Then, both of you can have some money on the side for your other personal developments.

You learn to create professional profiles. Yes, Though, I haven’t had my profile updated for many months and almost an year, you see, how short and behind I am falling? That is the second time or third time I signed up with elance. Promising to be very fruitful but, again, I fell short. Create a profile that impresses not only those seeking to hire you, but, you too. Here, you will learn that a great c.v, a great cover letter works wonders even offline. And, you will learn to create yours without copying what others have done online. Such that your employers will be knocked out with your capabilities. Don’t overlook my profile, but, as you can see, sell yourself with a powerful virtual you!

Be Passionate. Yes. How? Check this: you get some clients who love your job. They tell their friends that Jane is not only a diligent time keeper freelancer, but, she communicates regularly isn’t afraid to learn. Is there to answer questions and often times challenges them.  ”In fact, if you are looking for great work, ask her”.  The other client asks, ”where? Is it a lucrative company? In New York, does she have a Doctorate?”.  ”No, you say, she is a freelancer on elance”. ”I heard there’s no good freelancers unless they are top earners”. ”No, Jared, that’s just people concluding harshly. I have worked with Jane for six months now, and things couldn’t be better”. ”What does she do that’s different?”.  ”Grab this and stop asking, if she doesn’t add up to your expectations, come to me. I will refund for your pain”. You don’t need to cross fingers because you know Jane, you realise her capabilities, her strengths and weaknesses. You do. Few months, you get an extra bill in your account. Why?. Then the email: ”don’t be surprised, it’s me man. That lady”s work is truly a lady’s work!”. ” Meaning?”.  ”She nailed it, I am taking her, I am stealing her from you!”.  Set an impression by loving what you are doing, passionately. Putting your best foot forward and now, they are both keeping you and the cycle continues. YOUR PASSION SOLD YOU. YOUR PERSISTENCE EVEN MORE.

Network. How? By meeting other clients. By doing your work and making sure it stands out. Asking for client reviews. By being disciplined no matter what, and not arguing or bad mouthing others. Ask others offline who you may know for opportunities in your expertise. Go to parties where you can meet others who will or may want your jobs. Make simple business cards showcasing what it is that you do.  Above all, keep learning. Tell employers there’s money to be made online apart from being social media managers. Encourage them with your expertise. Keep developing yourself, your goals and your journey. Gets better with time.

Share. I love emphasizing this one very much. There are youths out there with no jobs. Encourage them to come help you create employment for them. Start a volunteer outreach. See how many you can gather out of this. I am starting one too, with potential to earn money with those articles you have been keeping. Check it here. Become a part of me if you believe in what I do. Let’s learn together. Encourage others to come and follow. It’s what you must do when you are a top notch freelancer. Stop charging others for services, at least, showcase what you do. Stop being greedy. Be like one blogger, Walter Akolo, he loves to give. Check him out here. 

Experience. You often hear of, ”how many years work experience do you have?”. Your heart shakes a bit because this job you have been really waiting for or fighting to get it. Elance is the place to get the experience you have been yearning. Consulting, writing, any experience, selling, advertising, building. You know. There is nothing to shy away from. The online world provides opportunities like those we see offline. You can gain that here, take it offline or work both. You go knowing that the world is two way here, don’t be afraid to test the waters.

Tell me what are the advantages of working on elance. What have you learnt so far? Make sure to follow Walter Akolo, his is invaluable experience, I learnt a lot from his website. Always, say thank you for that little information.

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Sophie Kiwelu · 18 January 2016 at 5:39 PM

I am a budding writer. I have never done any online work nor do I know how to start. How can you help me.

    stephanie · 22 February 2016 at 3:14 PM

    Hello Sophie, Welcome to the world that’s virtual. I would certainly say, start somewhere. Id your niche, capitalise on it. Find a client or outsource your services to outsourcing web-pages online. Like elance, guru, etc. While there is fierce competition out there, I’m sure with tenacity and progressive goal nothing’s difficult under the sun!

    Oh, feel free to come back ask questions, ask me to review a site or tell us your findings. Don’t be shy or if you are, email me at minaakinyiATyahooDOTcom – of course, the at and dot as usually used. I will get back to you, asap!.

manuela aumick · 22 December 2017 at 4:26 PM

Oh that is really interesting, thanks a lot) there are some mistakes in writing, but it is not a problem, I think it is normal) If we are talking about working opportunities at Kenia I can advise great service for job search – freelance writing jobs in kenya, where you can find many want adds. Many of my friends used it and they were really surprissed about it) thanks a lot again)

    stephanie · 10 June 2018 at 6:49 PM

    Yes thank you for pointing out the mistakes vaguely, you should pinpoint them so I make amends. Thank you for reading.

Kaila Nairobi · 19 February 2018 at 9:24 AM

I worked for one of a writing company, but now I’d like to work as a freelance writer not being limited by office schedule and wasting time to get to the office. I like more freedom and your article inspired me!

    stephanie · 10 June 2018 at 6:43 PM

    Thank you Kaila, I definitely need to update that article because these days there’s no Elance but Upwork. Don’t worry, I’m working on it. I am on YouTube if you want to get more informed about work online in Kenya at GertieCreativesWorld. Be my subscriber to learn more.

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