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A digital download or printable is a product that customers download from a website. 

Printables are a source of passive income because they’re products you build now, hustle for now then they create an income on autopilot. 

Though you have to keep updating, the work later is minimal. A printable brings in an income of more than $3000 a month depending on quality, consistency, uniqueness. 

What are printables? 

Printables are digital downloads like checklists, planners, greeting cards. Printables are made on Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Google Excel. 

To create a printable that brings in significant income, of course, you have to offer a teaser or for free printables. 

How do printables bring in an income when they are so many on Google for free?. 

Offer the best, irresistible printable that customers search for or need. 

What are the most common printables that bring in the most passive income

The most common printables that bring in passive income include: 

birthday greeting cards, 

Kids nursery room art, 

Planners of all kinds ranging from meal planners, daily planners, calendar planners.

Ebooks, if well marketed bring in six-figure income for some writers/authors.

How long does it take to create a printable?

It depends on the design. 

Some printables take as much as a day while others take weeks to create. 

Don’t take too long to create a free printable. 

But offer quality to ensure customers come again and again. 

Where are printables sold? 

Printables are sold on websites, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook. 

Who buys printables? 

Almost anyone buys printables.

The clientele for printables ranges from bloggers, graphic designers, those learning how to design on Canva and need add-ons like clipart, gift hunters searching for personalised birthday cards or any greeting card. 

How are printables made and how can I create one for passive income as a Kenyan working online or freelancer 

I teach others how to create a passive income with printables. Would you love to learn how?

Do printables make money as they are so many offered for free online

Yes, printables do make a lot of money.

What are the advantages of a printable business? 

Printables offer customers instant gratification. Customers buy and download a zip file, and they start using the product immediately. 

Printables are fun and easy to create.

Downsides of a printable business 

  1. Check for the licence

Some printable sellers of clipart have licences for their products up to 500 sold items. If you bend the rules, the likelihood of getting penalised increases. 

2. There are a million and one printable on offer for free on Pinterest and blogs

Some bloggers prefer to give printables for free to encourage free traffic to their websites. You don’t have to worry though, niche out and know what to offer for free as well. 

The Following is a List of Printables That Make $3000 in Passive Income in Kenya 

  1. Greeting Cards 

Greeting cards made Hallmark famous and a worldwide brand.

To compete with them means niching out and being as creative as possible by offering printable greeting cards.

Greeting cards include Birthday cards, Valentine’s cards, Christmas cards, Get-Well-Soon cards. 

They say the greeting card business never gets tired of new ideas. 

2. Calendar Planners 

As the year comes to a close the scramble for new calendars becomes the norm.

You don’t have to create a plain old boring calendar.

Create a calendar with quotes or a calendar planner. 

3. Project Planning DIY home repair, or social media planning 

Have you scoured Pinterest of late?

Social media planners fly all over. Social media planners help social media marketer to have content for 90 days or 120 days. 

4. Meal Planners 

Is it easy to plan meals as a busy working freelancer and a mom/dad? Create meal planners for other busy freelancers. 

5. Financial Planners 

Freelancers don’t know to budget.

I mean it’s hard to keep up with the income/expenditure/loss books.

Creating financial planners/trackers help not only to keep up with income/expenditure but to know how to budget. 

6. Diet/Fitness Planners or Trackers 

diet/fitness planners and trackers help individuals know how many calories they consume.

What not to eat and how to eat healthy meals. Include a space for writing notes, don’t forget to include motivational diet quotes. 

7. Colouring Sheets 

Imagine sitting down busy with a colouring sheet.

The power of colouring sheets includes breaking depression. Create sheets for adults and children alike. 

8. Stickers 

Have you seen a well-decorated bullet journal?

Stickers can be used as rewards for accomplishing tasks or as motivational quotes.

They are a decorative item used on envelopes as well. 

9. Journals e.g gratitude, day-to-day, kids journals

Journalling took the world by storm because it helps beat depression.

Plus Oprah encourages people to be thankful for abundance to flow, she attributes thankfulness as something that changed her life.

Create gratitude journals, daily journals or kids journal. The options for journals never end. Journaling helps to keep the mind healthy. 

10. Checklists 

Checklists are the most popular offers you see offered by bloggers.

They are easy to make and less time-consuming, making them a great op-tin offer for blog visitors and traffic. 

11. Worksheets 

Picture worksheets as exams. Worksheets can be prepared as a tracker or business plan. 

12. Spreadsheets 

When you hear about excel, you know spreadsheets. 

13. Workbooks 

A workbook is a worksheet only it’s more in-depth. I created a workbook to help you track your mindset check the mindset workbook tracker here.  

14. Templates e.g Copywriting, design, social media marketing, email campaign like upselling and cross-selling email templates. 

Templates use are endless and timeless.

Do you know how to design templates on photoshop to use on social media or email campaign?

You can create templates for resumes/CVs, cover letter the template list is non-stop.

15. eBooks 

The most popular ebook categories are in the niches/categories below

Fiction books popular niches include; erotica, romantic, crime thrillers, suspense.

Non- fiction books popular niches include; business and money, entrepreneurship, leadership, self-development, cookbooks.

Some individuals make as much as six-figure income by being Kindlepreneur.

To start a profitable business selling ebooks, read this guide Authorpreneur. And more inspiration from Gabrielle Gundi. 

16. Invitations Wedding, Birthday, Graduation parties. 

Create charming wedding invitations, birthdays or graduation and offer them as printables by posting them on Etsy or Fiverr. 

17. Lists

Not everyone is a great shopping list writer. Help your customers by creating a shopping list template. 

18. Weekly/Monthly/Annual/Daily Planners

I need a day to day planner. You know the importance of planning your day as a freelancer for productivity. You can have so many hours in a day. 

19. Wall Arts 

Have you ever seen quirky wall art in the form of quotes?

Did you know you could sell lots of wall arts and create a 3000 plus more in passive income?

It’s easy to create wall arts on Canva.

To make more money, come up with your quotes. 

20. Clip Arts 

Clip arts help decorate greeting cards.

To make your greeting cards sell, add clip art on them.

You can design your own clip art as well if you are a great artist.

21. Guides

Do you love your city? What do you love your city that Wikitravel doesn’t help express well?

When I lived in Mombasa county, I realised not so much gets written on the Wikitravel guides about Mombasa or Kenya in general.

Help customers know the hidden treasures of a city by fulfilling the need.

You can write a guide about any topic and not travel guides only. 

22. Infographic Design 

Infographics are visual elements used by blogger to help bring traffic and convey messages in simpler steps.

Design insightful infographics and sell them to bloggers. Think an infographic like a graph. 

23. Logos 

A logo is a branding message that helps convey messages about a brand.

Though some people may argue that logos aren’t important and other branding areas are, check the popularity of logos on Fiverr or Facebook groups.

An added catch to creating a logo design business, make it animated. 

24. Mock-up Images 

Mock-up images are important on websites like Printful or Printify.

These print on demand websites help designers place their finished products on t-shirts, mugs, bags images so that customers have a visual view of their final product.

The mock-ups are often divided into sizes as well to help the printing company size well. 

25. Nutrition Plans 

Nutrition plans printables help those with dietary needs like vegans, keto or paleo diets, stick to their eating schedules.

A nutrition plan may include time, what to eat and a motivation quote to help encourage the eater. 

26. Patterns e.g crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing 

Are you a crafter that loves to crochet, knit, quilt, sew and you are tired of making money selling your final products only.

Well, start selling your patterns instead.

Tip; it helps to test the pattern before selling and also check for sizing if sewing sweaters or items for people other than blankets or uni-sex use items. 

27. Photography 

Offer your photos on postcards or sell them on Stockphotos websites like Shutterstock to get downloaded by customers as prints. Test for quality first.

28. Postcards 

If you love taking photos of places you visit and you know how to use Canva, then place these photos on Postcards.

That a double income right there. Postcards aren’t dead, people send them all the time. 

29. Posters

Posters are marketing material used by entrepreneurs to help enhance their marketing message.

When creating posters don’t forget to include contact details. 

30. Announcement Cards 

It’s not a secret these days to announce the birth of kids, graduation ceremonies.

Create announcement cards to enhance the message. Include the venue, the dress code.

You can make an announcement card for events as well as circus shows. 

31. Marketing Materials 

Marketing materials printables include posters, brochures, business cards. 

32. Photo Albums 

Creating memories for people through photo albums is a profitable way of jumping into the printable business.

You have to create photo albums for yourself first then use your album as examples of the excellent work you do.

Your customers are on visual sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

It pays to show the album’s layout. Be unique. 

33. Sell Fonts 

Sell fonts on Etsy, Creative Market, Design Cut among and your website or Facebook or Instagram page. Come up with unique and not overdone fonts. 

34. SVGs for designing graphics, print stickers, vinyl cutting or clipart

35. Printable Package Designs 

Since discovering the world of creating printables, I discovered packages and I have never wanted to buy any packaging.

Because most packaging papers are big, you need to learn how to use photoshop or GIMP. 

36. Printable Calendars

Who doesn’t love calendars? They help keep us up to date.

Design your monthly calendar on Canva and offer as a free op-tin every month to your blog visitors.

37. Printable Colouring Book Pages 

Colouring fashion pages, portraits can be offered as colouring books.

38. Printable Origami 

Printable paper art so that you follow the steps to build your own origami.

39. Lesson Plans 

If you check the website, teachers pay teachers, you’ll know that selling lesson plans and per grade teaching materials are a great way for teachers to create passive income.

Are you a teacher or do you have unique ideas to help teachers go through their lessons with ease?

Some people attest to earning a six-figure income per month or per year on teacher pay teachers. 

40. Stories 

You can sell printable stories to schools or plays.

41. DIY Designs 

DIY designs including woodwork, sewing, quilting, painting, colouring.

42. Banners 

Banners like posters help a business market itself.

43. Create a Course About Selling Printables 

A lady I follow on YouTube creates a passive income of 3000 selling courses about selling printables.

Many people believe that you must know something about Photoshop, Eva says no. Check her out and buy her course as well.

No, she’s not paying me to say this. Plus her community is quite engaging so you will get all the answer fast. 

44. Bible Verses 

The Bible isn’t a trademark, find quotes and verses and categorise them into funny, witty, motivational, for women, kids to make more money. 

45. Funny Quotes

There’s nothing I enjoy like creating quotes.

Come up with funny quotes or quotes from all niches. It’s a nice way of packaging your quotes for sale.

It pays to write and not copy the quotes.

After all, you must be careful with trademark and copyright laws. 

46. Nursery Artwork 

Kids are so adorable. Imagine adorning their room with charming wall art from cute animal pics to baby quotes, even if the babies can’t read. 

47. Kitchen Art 

A kitchen is a room we enjoy gathering together to have the most fun times.

Create kitchen funny art for your customers to make mealtimes fun. 

48. Laundry Room Art 

Doing laundry isn’t an exciting chore for some people, how about helping change the mentality of cleaning one’s clothes by creating quirky funny laundry room art. 

49. Printable Catalogues

For advertising a business’ products.

Tips for Creating a $3000 Passive Income Business You Can’t-Miss!

What are the tips for turning a printable business into a four-figure business in Kenya?

  1. Create unique printables. 

2. Woe customers with free offers. But let your free offer be the best. 

3. Price right. Some printables cost 5 while others cost 100 or more dollars. Know the value of your product. 

4. When buying clipart to use on greeting cards, beware of the licencing laws provided by the creator. 

5. It doesn’t take long to know how to create printables. 

6. You don’t have to sell printables on Etsy, there are many other marketplaces to sell like Instagram, Pinterest. 

7. Remember printables are grouped as handmade. 

8. Always choose a niche. 

There may be over-saturation but something’s always missing. 

9. Take a printable course. I haven’t seen books on printables courses make it easier because this is a visual course. Books won’t explain well. 

In conclusion, Digital Downloads (printables) seem like an intimidating way of creating $3000 or more of passive income per month, I assure you it isn’t.

You have to have a passion and a keen eye for what’s selling. 

To stalk what’s selling, hop onto Etsy, the biggest handmade marketplace in the world. Printables are handmade, Etsy says. 

Don’t forget to list your printables in as many marketplaces as possible including your website, which you can create via Sendowl, Gumtree, Shopify or Woo-commerce. 

The beauty with printables is that customers download the item over and over again making printables a great way of earning passive income. 

Don’t copy, come up with fresh ideas in your niche. It may be tempting to work on all the printable ideas I have given you, but it’s exhausting.

Choose a niche, become an expert then expand your niche. 

Which of the above printables or digital downloads will you create in 2020 to help bring in passive income for your blog visitors in Kenya? 




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