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When I started working online or my online business quest in 2009, I didn’t realise that I had skills that would get me high paying clients. In fact, I believed I had a long way to go. While acquiring skills can be a hard task for you as a beginner freelancer, it’s not. You already have high paying offline skills which you can incorporate into your online working world as a beginner freelancer.

I often hear Kenyan newbie freelancers saying, ‘It’s not easy to get hired online as a Kenyan’. I’d firmly refute the claims. You don’t have to rely on sites paying you three dollars for 10,000 words article. You don’t have to.

What are the offline skills which helped land me a four-figure income in 2012/2013? 

The following skills will help propel your freelancing career to a six-figure income or more.

These skills are not only high-paying they are valuable to have. If you don’t, it takes time to acquire them but an un-deterred spirit goes for their desires. And I created a list of other high paying skills you must have in this blog post. 

Customer Service

Before landing the customer service role I worked as a receptionist in the worst hotel possible. But the skills I gained there remained valuable to me. More of this story in another chapter. I learnt how to interact with people and how to serve them. 

I also learnt that people come in all shades and types and with different needs. The hospitality industry opened my eyes to the kinds of people available on earth and how to relate with each of them.

When you come online you can get skills in any field but it’s always great to niche out. For example, a customer service working in the tech field. Bring this skill online. 

Research Skills

Having research skills enables you to find information easily. Sometimes, finding information doesn’t come easy to some people. You can write reports or do some critical analysis.

This helps when you are a Social Media Manager and have to analyse reports to know trends, for example. Research skills help in planning, no wonder I’m great at content planning.

And breaking down concepts into understandable bits of info. Research skills mean, I love to schedule in advance which is why I love automating systems like blog posts and social media. More automation in another blog post. 

Leadership Skills

I love to keep others motivated because I’m always on adrenaline. Even when it’s time to rest. A leadership skill helps you keep motivating others so that they keep going.

I know which tasks to give who and why, how to utilise their strengths so that they maximise on themselves. Delegation of duties is something some shy away from because they don’t understand or know their employees.

I love to listen to feedback whether good or bad. I love to be told what I’m doing wrong. I don’t take it personally because I’m an open-minded person.

A leader must learn to lead without standing above the rest and tell them, a leader lets his followers express themselves according to their strengths. 


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I believe my writing skills help show that I’m a great communicator. I love meaty content and content with a lot of clear results.

I can also research content materials and help relay the message as simply as possible. I love it simple no wonder my writing style is. 

Problem Solving 

Unless I’m on a high hear creation like I am trying to beat deadlines, I love to listen to human interest stories. I love to see kids express themselves without fear.

I’m always scouring for the next big story. I also believe to be an active listener, you help build confidence hence a community. Try active listening for one day and see what it does to your whole body. 

Time Management 

I love to work in advance that’s why planning and scheduling are my strongest points. I, sometimes am a poor time manager and gets easily distracted with a never-ending appetite for knowledge.

Nowadays, I have learnt the art of time blocking to focus on the tasks at hand. And when the time expires at that time before completion, I forward the project to the next level. I follow up with my projects. 


I love working alone so most of the times a team makes me shudder. But, heck yeah I included this skill in my resume and helped me get hired. I simply love a team and building one but I believe there has to be a certain level of autonomy in the team to make each team member utilise their abilities.

When working with online systems, this skill is needed for self-drive and constant communication. For example, you have to keep in touch with members of your team from all over the world through face-to-face interaction via Skype. 


I love those businesses where I walk in and a big grin or smile greets me. I love those businesses. Communication makes or breaks your resume, brand. How do you react, talk to your boss?

The best time for others to see how you communicate is during office parties. When working online the only office party you’ll have is yourself. Learn how to communicate with your team so that they don’t misinterpret your message online.  

Skills can be divided into

 Soft Skills, which are linked to personal qualities like self-motivation, drive, working under pressure, teamwork, adaptability, creativity, time management, communication skills. 

Hard Skills include technical skills like computer graphics savvy, copywriting, web design skills, SEO, book-keeping 

General Skills are leadership skills, 

Life Skills help you through lifelike problem solving, simplifying technical information, patience and communication.

Job-related Skills like industry-specific skills like copywriting are to writers/salespersons or computer programming is to programmers/graphic designers. 

So, How Do You Write These Skills on a Resume 

a. Provide Details and Clarity

It’s important to get straight to the point while writing your resume or c.v. details while remaining clear are a point many resume writers miss.

And that’s why you’re missing or not getting the job. For example, as a customer service representative support, say, proficient at retaining customers/comping up with client retaining strategies. 

b. Listen to Yourself 

What can you do and how can these be helpful to help you land a job?. Provide a list of what you can do. Now, ask yourself, how can I include my skills to augur with the employer’s wishes. 

Master skills and combine hard/soft skills. Don’t have hard skills only or soft skills alone. Make sure to combine general skills. An employer is always attracted to employees who are all-rounded.

Make it a point to learn/get certification for your skills. Have a combination of excellent skills not only makes your competitive but sets you above the other employees. 

c. Use Facts and Figures.

Always include numbers in your resume. Be realistic and truthful as possible without exaggeration. Exaggerating will only get you so far when you’re put to the test.

For example, my excellent customer service helps my customer retention strategies to purchase more products by 50 per cent. How did your time management skills help convert customers? 

Employers look for employees with solutions, how well do you know the problems you’re going to solve in a company?

d. Skills Fall into Categories.

Adaptive/Survival skills, for example, persuasion/confidence, loyal and discreet very critical for bankers and hotels managers, working under pressure, detail-oriented and flexible.

Transferable Skills key skills Microsoft skills, Excel, WordPress graphic designers, organisation, time management.

Job-Related Skills which are specifics needs for a specific job example research skills, blogging on WordPress, Wix or Squarespace.

e. Provide Value with Additional Skills.

Example proficient in written and spoken Swedish making me a valuable asset as a learner. Or as a personal finance advisor worked in financial institutions. Or java programming helping me learn how to code for websites. 

For you to get hired online/offline, know how to provide solutions for your employers.

You have to stand out among the pool of employees looking for the same position as you. Remember someone is always more qualified than you, make sure you know how to sell your skills.

Do you know how to write your skills to get you the dream job as a Kenyan employee looking for work online?




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