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Youths in Kenya are jobless and idle always complaining and blaming the government about lack of jobs. They aren’t utilising the internet to earn money yet the internet is earning money potential.

Since Google’s Invention and Social Media, the ways to make money from home have become known as the digital lifestyle/nomad/laptop lifestyle. 

Wanting a laptop lifestyle means gathering ideas from around the globe. Sometimes, gathering ideas become harder. So, I have sampled a list of 40+ business ideas you can do from home using your hobby or skills you acquire from a tertiary institution. 

Tips for Getting Making Big Bucks Online (From Home) as a Kenyan Youth

  1. There’s competition and always will be. Don’t be afraid to get above the competition. 
  1. It’s not a fast easy way to make money. Just like an offline business, there are some struggles associated with an online business. This is not a scam, no get-rich-scheme allowed here. 
  1. There’s oversaturation. To carve a niche for yourself as a Kenyan Youth wanting or craving the laptop lifestyle, you have to realise that the market is full. Come up with ideas that are as original as they can get. 
  1. Stop wasting time on social media. Instead of living comparison lifestyle by bashing celebrities or posting comments under their threads saying, ‘’I envy you, I know I cannot be like you, get yourself a cup of water and ask, ‘’What am I good at doing?’’. ‘’How can I use this Facebook to reach other youths?’’. 
  2. Be passionate. Don’t start a business because your friend told you to or because you heard another successful person did it. Though you may ape some aspects of the business like dedication and commitment. Try to find other characteristics like passion. Do what makes you happy then monetise it. When you do what you love, you are going to find ideas of how to improve, always. 
  1. Get a niche. When you start a hobby or after finding business ideas listed, always niche out. Don’t start out with the broad market. Begin with a small market then expand it. 
  1. Know how to properly use social media to your advantage. Love social media and know-how to ‘’play’’ with it. If you know about Instagram so much why not share information about this social media and make money. You can create planners, checklists, menus, ebooks and other info-products like what Alycone does and she makes six-figures from her knowledge on Instagram. 
  1. Patience pays. Don’t be in a rush to want a Ferrari you won’t get it unless you get into drugs. Love the simple steps you have taken. Every step matters and counts and you must appreciate. Keep learning while on the job and tweak your products to keep satisfying your niche market.
  1. Learn how to turn a hobby into a business. When you learn that a hobby expands beyond a hobby, you are going to tap into your talent and get lucrative and creative which equals money. 

The excellent business ideas for Kenyan Youths to get into include:

  1. Bake Cakes. A YouTuber I love created a niche for herself with her love for cakes. You too can. Check her out, plus she now cooks in various shows has appeared as a guest judge in cake baking competition. Any idea makes money if taken seriously.
  1. Sell Clothes/Start a Mitumba Business. Second-hand business is extremely saturated but doesn’t mean you cannot start one today. If you choose to style women, show them how to strut their confidence in second-hand clothing and make them look like designer wear. No one has to know it’s a Mitumba.

You know you create two incomes by utilising Instagram or Facebook and YouTube by showing women to style their clothes. Or ‘’How Jenny would wear show’’. 

  1. Sell Chai/Mandazi. When the going got too tough for me, I couldn’t handle borrowing money and being at the mercy of others in 2012. I decided that the online world isn’t working for me. 

I borrowed some money and bought a charcoal oven from Bhogals in Nakuru, a big pan (karai) and spoon and lots of charcoal. I started a mandazi business. 

Within a month, I supplied my mandazis to over 100 local shops and made $100 daily in profits. I dedicated myself to my work while waiting for my online work to have traction. Don’t be an idle youth. 

  1. Crochet/Knit. We love wearing knitted wears and you can knit/crochet. Why not start beginner classes showing how to crochet/knit? Place them on YouTube then monetise your channel. Sell your knitted patterns on Ravelry or Etsy or Craftsy. Teach an online course on crocheting/knitting.
  1. Paint. Know how to paint with watercolours? 
  2. Draw 
  3. Start a Garden/Farm 
  4. Keep Animals
  5. Sell Electronics
  6. Start a Second-Hand Store
  7. Sell Utensil Holders
  8. Become a Tailor
  9. Make-Up Artist
  10. Sell Shoes/Handbags
  11. Start a Githeri Business (Beans and Maize)
  12. Get into Retail Business (Small or Local Shop) 
  13. Butchery
  14. Food Business
  15. Hair Salon
  16. Jewellery Creating 
  17. Baby Shop
  18. Baby Care 
  19. Candy Business 
  20. Grocery 
  21. Chemist /Pharmacy
  22. Spare Parts 
  23. Selling Electronic Accessories
  24. Doll Business/Toys
  25. Furniture
  26. Musical Instruments
  27. Cobbler
  28. Water Business
  29. Animation
  30. CD Burning Shop
  31. Bookshop
  32. Jua Kali/Welding Business
  33. Barbershop 
  34. Masseuse/Spa
  35. Housemaid Bureau 
  36. T-shirt Designing 
  37. Manicure/Pedicure 
  38. Beauty Shop
  39. Private Tutor 
  40. Nanny
  41. Dance Studio
  42. Shoe Polish 
  43. Laundry 
  44. Clothes Repair 
  45. Dairy/Milk Bar 
  46. Selling Textiles
  47. Stylist




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