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Having an online side hustle is a dream every Kenyan wants to realise. How can a Kenyan make a sustainable living online in 2019? What side-hustles make the most money online in Kenya? 

The most lucrative side-hustles in Kenya in 2019 are:

1. Coaching

Are you a Counsellor? Or a Psychologist? Or have you overcome depression, for example? Have you suffered from limiting thoughts at one time in your life? How can your experiences be of value to another? People want to discover their potentials but don’t know-how. Offer how-to lessons. You can automate some services. After signing up to your list, your clients land on an email lesson. Before they get to video or in-depth lessons. A part-time job that pays a lot. 

2. Creating Online Courses

Are you a teacher at heart? People want to learn something online that you know about and they don’t. You can teach WordPress, Coding, Sewing, Airbnb. You can choose to offer free lessons to get engagement. After an increase in engagement, you can monetise the lessons and update the free lessons too. 

3. Operate a successful Airbnb in Kenya

Making money with your home with Airbnb is the easiest way to make a passive income. But Airbnb becomes harder as the market becomes over-saturated. You have to stand out. You need to know how to make guests travel to your house. If not, you won’t have guests at all. Get your Airbnb Guide for Hosts and Home-Owners here. 

4. Make Shaggy hMat

The fluffy carpet business is here to stay. We love soft feeling against our feet. You can start small and scale your business. Or you can offer classes online on how you make them. Come up with intricate designs to make more money. Market your products beyond the Kenyan Market. Attend a lot of farmer’s Market like this one to get your business out there. Teach others how to make the carpets and charge them a fee per hour. 

5. Start a Tailoring Shop 

Do you love fashion? Sewing for women or for sale makes for a great side-hustle. You need to choose a niche though for you to stand out. A niche is a target market. What you’re going to sell to who and how needs answers. Don’t start a sewing shop without learning how to sew or about your niche market. Start from here. And read about how to start a pillow business and make a five-figure income in three months. 

6. Start an E-Commerce Business 

Every Kenyan intending on working online asks me this question. What ecommerce business must I start to make money? Or some say I don’t have Jumia millions or Masoko’s audience. Why are you not niching out? What is not being sold? Or how can you rich your market and audience? Target and find a niche audience.

Check my Print on Demand / Digital Store

7. Sell Photos 

Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya: a tour

Do people tell you how good you’re because your photos look sleek? Do you have a steady hand and a unique eye? And you own a smartphone? Why are you waiting for a DSLR camera while you can use your smartphone?

You sell photos for $1 or offer them for free on Pixabay. Sell your high quality photos on Adobe Stockphotos. Or start a photography blog or YouTube channel and advise on camera angles. Review cameras as well. 

8. Become an App Developer 

We want apps for our businesses. We want businesses to be available on the go. You develop paying apps or interactive apps. Where a brand keeps in touch with the customer. An app makes a business available to the customer from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Are you an App Deveoper?

9. Create Videos

You create videos on about anything under the sun. Vlogs sell a lot so do healthy routines. In this world of over-saturation, you need a good theme or target audience. So you don’t get one-time visitors but a life-time. 

10. Video Editor 

In the world of video marketing video, editors become a lucrative niche. Do you know how to cut, colour, add stills to a video? Do you know how to create animations or add effects? Your rich services are a major requirement online.

In the world of video making. Brands realise the importance of keeping their businesses alive by connecting with them. Face to face keeps the customers coming back. Your hands-on business approach makes customers love you more. Now, carve yourself a niche. Make videos, post short docu-series on YouTube or Vimeo, show your audience how you edit. Or teach the art of video editing, what it entails.

11. Web Designer

Do you know how to create websites with DIVI Theme or Elementor? Your client wants a mobile responsive website. Another client wants a travel website with booking and payment dates on one page. Build a portfolio. 

12. Graphic Designer 

A graphic designer makes visuals like business cards, brochures for marketing or promoting a business.

Graphics help a website convert customers. The attention span on some people is too short. I say some people because others love meaty details. As a graphic designer, the work not only involves web visuals but business. That means creating brochures, business cards, postcards and gift certificates for your clients. 

Learn to be a graphic designer with Canva for Free. Or Pic Monkey. 

13. A Pinterest VA 

A Pinterest VA gets a client’s Pinterest account out there (marketing). Then he/she analyses traffic and the content that converts. 

14. Blog

A blog writer researches for content. A great blog writer knows the importance of affiliate and content marketing. He also knows about SEO Copywriting. How will a client’s copy reach a wider audience? Because info reaching on Google’s Page 1 means the site is well optimised for keywords. A blog content writer must also write valuable info to keep the client’s credibility. Never write for the search engines. 

16. Operate a Co-Sharing Working Space 

The economy nowadays allows for sharing workspaces, cars and homes. If you are a homeowner with an idle house you need to grab an Airbnb / Guesthouse ebook. And learn how your home can make millions for you. If you have a car parked in the garage you can work for Uber. Or you can convert your large home into a co-working space. Where digital nomads find a home to work in. 

17. Work for Uber 

Uber may not be an online business. But it can make for you tonnes of money in a night. You just need a car latest models of 2000s. And you’re good for business. Collect as many contacts as possible. Many Uber drivers make the fatal mistake of letting their customers go. Connect with your customers, talk with them. Repeat customers are always the best. Need tips for operating a successful Uber business? 

18. Start a Second-Hand Electronics Store

Have you ever wanted to buy quality electronic products but get scared that it may be stolen or faulty? What if you start a second-hand electronics store? What if you start an Amazon from home? People want to sell electronics all the time but don’t know a trusted dealer. Most dealers want to buy for cheaps as they make bigger bucks selling later. Set up a viable business by employing an electronics expert to inspect electronics coming your way. And you can do this from home.

19. Become a VA

A VA is a jane of all trades but you don’t have to be.  A VA works as an accountant, booking flights. A VA works as a PA reminding the boss what to do or appointments the boss has. A VA also works as a Social Media Manager. A VA needs to establish themselves by identifying their niche interest. When you have a niche, it becomes easier to scale your business. 

20. Self-Publish 

I became a self-published author in May and the writing bug dominates my life. I want to keep writing. It may not be easy to get sales but write in the most lucrative niches. Know how to price your ebooks and market the ebooks as well. Amazon makes life easier. Do you want to know how I self-published my Airbnb Ebook for Kenyan homeowners? Because you’d want to know to publish yours too? It’s pretty easy and straightforward!

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21. Create an Etsy Shop

I started my Etsy shop in 2013 but I have been shy to put my products up there. I became active in it towards the end of 2018. Etsy is a good marketplace to display your handmade goods. But if you have a website, I’d say, concentrate on marketing on your website. Etsy has many eyeballs, but you can bring the many eyeballs on your website. Be niche.

22. Start a Freelancing Business 

In a freelancing business, you employ others to work for you. For example, by employing staff or team members. The freelancing business includes writing content as SEO Copywriters or Digital Marketers. Your source for jobs then outsources them. It’s lucrative when you know how to network.

23. Become an Affiliate 

An affiliate marketer markets products made by others then make a commission for themselves. Affiliate marketers earn peanuts when they have zero traffic to thousands of dollars when the traffic is high. Some affiliate programmes only allow affiliate marketers with hundreds of thousands of page views a month. Always promote products which you’ll use and never for money. Don’t overpromote either, let the customers choose for themselves.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer The Right Way as a Kenya comes on YouTube this June. 

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24. Delivery Business 

When working from home it gets harder to go out sometimes. Or there’s no time to waste when a freelancer gets immersed in work. A delivery business comes in handy. The most required items to deliver include groceries. Because we eat and groceries run out fast. You’ll start a website or an app where customers reach you faster. Then buy cars or motorbikes for faster delivery. Employ others when the business expands. 

25. Proofread 

A lot of content online needs improvement. Sometimes due to demand writers forget to edit their spelling mistakes or grammar errors. A proofreader works as the machine that corrects blog spelling errors or punctuations. A proofreader doesn’t need a degree but training and a keen eye. He must be well-read and must have lots of vocabulary. Connect with freelancers and writers to get a job as a proofreader. Or advertise your services on freelancing websites or LinkedIn connections. 

26. Customer Service Business 

A customer service consultant improves the image of a business front office. Some big businesses leave customers with a bad taste in their mouth. Excellent customer service entrusts a business to its customers. You can offer your customer service through online customer service support. You need to contact businesses (startups) or offer a lot of customer service advise or raise awareness. Or offer to improve a business customer service for a fee offline. 

27. Make and Sell Organic Beauty Products 

The beauty industry grows in leaps and bounds every year. As beauty consumers become aware of what to put on their skins, they become wary of chemical-based products. Some consumers would rather buy organic shea butter or coconut oil for their bodies and faces. And would rather apply makeup made in cruel free environments. You can start making beauty products from home and selling them online. Show how they’re made on Facebook or Instagram stories. Or Pinterest. Come up with beautiful containers for packaging. Because the beauty industry is all about the packages. 

28. Nutritionist 

We want to be healthy and stay healthy but sometimes we fall on our tracks. A nutritionist online provides consultations or does home visits to help individuals maintain a healthy diet. You create YouTube videos or write cookbooks or healthy recipes for your clients. You can help patients with a terminal illness like HIV, Cancer or Diabetes. Know how to maintain a healthy body balance. 

29. Publicist 

A publicist gets the word of your business or brand out there. A good publicist is a good Public Relations Officer. They know what content sells, or brings conversion. You need to know how to write messages/emails which grab attention. A PR thinks on their feet, what brings more eyeballs to a product? You can work from home as a Publicist or market yourself where celebs hang out. On social media, by reaching to them through emails. Or Direct messaging them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

30. Private Chef

A private chef like a nutritionist prepares meals for their clients. You work from home to home and cook in the client’s kitchen. Or you prepare meals in your home and take them to the client’s home. A private chef online needs to market themselves through Facebook by writing a menu. Or teaching users how to create menus matching their family needs. 

31. Become an Influencer 

Do you have a large following? Use your following to build a brand. Start accepting brand product to promote on your platform. You can do this while hanging at home. To be an influencer, you need to be truthful, relatable and open about the products you promote. 

32. Lead Generator

Online content needs someone bringing eyeballs to it. Are you a gifted salesman? This is where your sales expertise comes into play. 

33. Social Media Manager 

Do you love connecting with people online? Keeping online communities engaged will be what you do. Think forums moderation, helping clients with signing in their favourite webinar. You can also post on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. A social media manager never gets limited to the office.

34. Digital Marketer

A digital marketers job involves social media management. Finding a strategy for a brand to reach as many customers as possible. A digital marketer may use social media or content marketing strategies. 

35. Design Themes for WordPress

If you’re a talented web designer and knows how to create responsive themes, create for WordPress. You can create templates, themes or builders for non-tech people. 

36. SEO Expert

An SEO expert not only uses keywords and keyword analytics. He/she knows about keyword placements, conducting a lot of research on materials people search for online. An SEO expert knows how Google thinks and uses the best Google methods to get visibility online.

37. Baking Business 

We love to eat sweet foods. And baking cakes or cookies from home proves lucrative and creative. By teaching others how to bake cute cakes and make money for themselves. Try cake decorating or cookie decorating as a niche. 

38. Create a Gifts Shop Online 

How do you give a gift to an already rich kid? If you know how to choose gifts, you’ll know rich or not, we all love to receive gifts of love. You can start a blog educating people on gift-giving or wrapping. Or you can build a social media following by showing your gift wrapping skills.

39. Online Researcher

An online researcher may be searching for keywords. A researcher may use the info to help write captivating topics. 

40 Search Engine Evaluator 

A search engine evaluator monitors the behaviour of search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google. They check to learn how Google bots work, which creates trending content.

41. Copywriter 

A copywriter brings content to your intended audience. Most copywriters serve as lead generators or salespeople. They also create marketing messages that draw people in. 

42. Illustrator 

An animator uses cartoons or visuals to make content educative and entertaining. 

43. Online Salon 

A hair consultant online is something we long for. We want to be able to do out hairs at home, but something we end up damaging our hair. We rely on a salon online. It can be through online YouTube videos. Or through a blog post where you advise best hair practices. 

44. Meal Planner /Organiser

Nowadays cooking in many homes is not an option. Parents work from home for many hours a day. Being workaholics means meals are on the go like a sprint. The need to be satisfied without much effort or spending hours in the kitchen. How can you help a busy family with children and a single parent plan for healthy meals? Write meal plans, share them on Pinterest as part of a promotion. Or sell your five-minute meal plans.

45. Play Video Games 

Playing video games pays. Gaming channel like that of Pewdiepie made him rich and the most followed individual on YouTube. You show a recording of your game from your computer screen like teaching how to play it. Popular games include Roblox, Minecraft.

46. Get Into Fitness

Eating healthy is goals for everyone in the 21st century. Lifestyle diseases like cancer become preventable this way. And also to prolong one’s life on earth, eating healthy becomes essential. Offer healthy diet plans or supplements to clients. 

47. Do Voice Overs 

Imagine yourself as an actress on a popular television series. Or in an animated movie. If you have a good voice, it’s time to utilise online. You could work with movie producers or YouTubers and other video creators online. 

48. Create How-To Guides

Creating how-to guides is easy. Some hot-guides lack the depth in them. See how wiki became popular creating how-to-articles. The best thing here is you can sell your guides as well. 

49. Become a Consultant 

A consultant gets paid big bucks. They have honed their skills to levels another person hasn’t. You set a website up with your consulting rates and businesses get you. What you consult on is your expertise, for example, I consult on excellent customer service. 

50. Tailor 

Sewing is a very lucrative trade as long as wear clothes. It’s easy to make millions from tailoring. You need to be professional in your business though. I have made a lengthy blog post about a tailoring empire which I would love for you to get yourself before you begin sewing. 

Sign Up here to get your sewing ebook guide here. Coming Soon. 

51. Ghostwrite 

Not everyone knows how to carve a great story. Great stories are a rarity and that’s where you write for other people. Though you don’t get credited it’s a lucrative niche to write on. You don’t need to work away from home though you can get a co-sharing workspace. You can ghostwrite anything from autobiographies, biographies to romance crime or memoirs.

52. Kids Party Planner

Parents want their kids to have the best social event during their birthday. Are you a talented kids party planner? You work from home organising a party or go to locations. You can create lots of brochures and business cards to market your business. Make them colourful because parents love colourful kids party. Market your business on Instagram or Facebook and Pinterest. Or create YouTube videos. 

That’s it on genius ways to make money online in 2019 for Kenya as a side-hustle. You can grow your side hustle into a full-time income, by investing in more time and money. 

A side-hustle is not a neglected business. It brings in more money for having fun or paying bills and house damages. Do you need help figuring out which side-hustle or online business you must start in Kenya in 2019?




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