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If you thought Fiverr was a website to earn you $5 per gig and you scratched your head saying, ‘PASS’ think again. 

Fiverr is a perfect example of a gig society, a freelancing website started in the early 2000s and among the oldest. 

Some people have made fortunes on Fiverr like the founder of Legiit. My principle is: if they have made a fortune, what stops me? 

I can employ the strategies to success and achieve mine. It may work or not. 

That’s the same attitude you must bring when beginning to check for gigs on Fiverr. 

If you are looking for work on Fiverr, create a SELLER account, don’t forget that.

 When you complete these popular gigs you may be on your way to a passive income. 

A passive income is when you create now, then you keep getting paid on autopilot, that’s always the best and easiest explanation. 

How does Fiverr create for Passive Income? 

You build your reputation when you are a newbie seller, keep climbing the ladder. 

As your name/reputation soars, so does your income. 

Start by completing gigs you over-qualify for then keep climbing the ladder to a pro seller. 

When you are a pro seller, it means you are an established seller and can charge your customers however much you would want.

 I have seen Pro seller charging as much as $1000 per gig, you can reach this level. 

What are the Most Popular Fiverr Gigs to Help Kenyans Make Passive Income? 

  1. Write quickly. To succeed, find a niche like guest posting, ghostwriting, or SEO content writing. 

2. Offer social media services as a marketer/manager. You earn more when you know how to increase traffic and revenue for your customer 

3. Become a VA. 

A VA does data entry, appointment setting, cold-calling 

4. Design business cards 

5. Add/remove background in photos. 

Do you pride yourself a great photo editor skilled in Photoshop? Though Canva, introduced the background remover feature on its website this 2020 too. So are you skilled in Canva or Photoshop, can edit/remove red-eye or do photo touch-ups? Offer this service on Fiverr. 

6. Design flyers. You don’t need design skills but inspiration when designing flyers with Canva. Flyers are promotional business materials which can be downloadable or printable. 

7. Write reviews for products, apps, books or services 

8. Offer video testimonials 

9. Create animated videos 

There are software for creating animated videos like Builderall, Video Maker FX, or Animaker. Know this software inside out so as to create outstanding animations for your clients. 

10. Viral promoter 

Do you have a huge following on social media? Promote for others their networking marketing products, through your huge following. Of course, they pay you. It helps it if you focus on a particular niche, as your message gets a specific/narrow audience. And what you can promote includes blogs posts launches, videos or books or product launches. 

11. Jewellery making/designing 

Jewellery, though an overpopulated niche, you can sell on Fiverr. Pays if you focus on, for example, friendship bracelets which are unique. 

12. Whiteboard / animated video training. 

Animated video training is popular due to online courses. Reach out to online course creators to help create for them animated videos.

13. Proofreading 

Is English your first/native language or have you a degree in English and believe you could use it to help writers go over their materials? Well, you have to be great in grammar, sentence structure and construction and punctuation, all areas of grammar I struggled with. 

14. Transcribe podcasts and videos 

Podcasters and video creators find transcribers to help them write headlines for interviews or their podcast and video content for the visually impaired. You can ask a YouTube channel creator with a huge following. Some transcribers do volunteer first before they get paid deals. 

15. Convert ebooks to kindle-friendly formats 

After writing my Airbnb, I had to convert it to the Kindle reading format using draft2digital. But do you know how to convert Kindle ebooks without software like Draft2digital? List your gig knowledge on Fiverr

16. Compress it video files int small files without losing quality 

17. Create social media pages correctly 

Social media profiles get created every hour online but some aren’t optimised for Google or business. Do you know how to set up a social media like Pinterest that brings in conversion for your clients?  

18. Write resumes 

Job seekers are everywhere especially in Kenya with high unemployment rates. Help write winning resumes and cover letters to job seekers or those who have been out of the job force for long like single parents or laid-off employees. 

19. Put together Powerpoint presentations 

Powerpoint for a long time has been so confusing to users. Help customers set up powerful presentations on Fiverr. Extend by offering a course. 

20. Cartoon-ise your pictures and photos and turn them into painting 

21. Design greeting cards 

Greeting cards made Hallmark rich, I love Hallmark and is my great teacher when it comes to greeting card business. Did you know you can create greeting cards on Canva then sell on Fiverr for $4? Usually, greeting cards sell lower than that price. 

22. Sing /video a love message 

Do you believe you have a great singing voice? Create videos for loved ones with love messages either during Valentines or other occasions like birthdays. 

23. Law practice 

Become a notary public or an overseer of the public signing of documents, for example as a witness for title deeds, or loans or as a guarantor. A notary public helps clients read in between the line and help them not get conned. Help writers find out about copyright infringement issues or create copyright laws for their products. Doesn’t have to be writers only though. Or movie or music producers trademark their products. 

24. Help business with HR strategy 

An HR strategy means helping businesses know how to hire employees or fire them. When to increase or reduce the staff. 

25. Web design and code 

On sites like WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify 

26. Copywriter 

Do you know what copy/advertisements help turn looker/ browsers to buyers? Help businesses write conversion messages by creating sales landing pages or create ads messages. 

27. Ebook author 

Ebook authors rise on demand because of the increase and popularity of self-publishing. Be a ghostwriter or an SEO Copywriter writing blog posts, books, articles or researching content for publishing. 

28. Video ads 

Video marketing is the most revered way of marketing these days. Help companies create and edit their video messages. 

29. Offer translation services 

Translation doesn’t mean simply from English to Swahili, but breaking materials into simple to understand procedures/step by step process. 

30. Teach a new language to buyers 

Sometimes, buyers patronising you want to learn a new language for fun. Teach them. 

31. Growing on Pinterest / Facebook/Instagram 

Help clients grow their social media following to help grow their businesses or become influencers. 

32. Ad campaign creation and optimisation 

There’s nothing as hard as trying to figure out FB ads or Google ads and what converts customers. Business owners love those with knowledge of paid ads because it helps grow their brand. 

33. Offering shout outs to brands 

Do you have a large following which you could help promote brands for an extra income? 

34. Do voice over in an accent the most popular accents being American English, British English or Male, Female voice overs. 

35. Offer your handwriting services for thank you, notes or greeting cards 

If you are a talented calligrapher or letter writer, offer your handwriting to greeting card companies. Or digitise and sell your fonts to greeting card companies. 

36. Do SEO Copywriting 

Do you know the ins and ous of Google? Can you tell what articles will become popular/viral? Or do you understand how Google works? Businesses aren’t looking for individuals with social media marketing skills but SEO skills. They realise the importance of an SEO strategy or copywriter for their content marketing strategy. Take a course from Coursera. 

37. Keyword research 

There are keyword research software or companies who make your keyword research easier rather than relying on Google trends. They include Ahrefs, SEMrush. When you do keyword research, you get to know your competitor’s keyword game and how to beat them so as to rank. You also realise the keywords you rank for on Google. 

38. Give advice

Who doesn’t love a little push in the right direction? Do people come to you because of a dilemma they face in their life? You have to have empathy and choose a niche. To make more money, because of a life coach. 

39. Get rid of computer malware/virus 

Have you ever had a malware attack and client’s work’s deadline is around the corner? Do you know how that can impact your psychological well being or financial? Help others get rid of the malware. There are malware companies like Kaspersky, help install for clients. 

40. Teach music lessons or create music for others using a guitar or piano. Or do you know how to use a saxophone, violin? 

41. Teach lessons 

The lessons to teach online don’t get limited to Maths, English but life skills, managing stress. 

42. Do research 

Researching what to write or keywords can be the hardest thing writers come up with. Help writers to know what content to publish or how to create viral content. 

43. Create infographics using Photoshop or Canva 

44. Design Facebook cover photo design 

45. Gift package design 

46. WordPress troubleshooting 

Sometimes, it becomes harder when WordPress slows down. Help backup WordPress with Dropbox or Orbitfox  

47. Diet/workout plan 

It’s not easy getting into a workout plan, become an online fitness instructor. Help customers lose weight by taking diet pills or help create a meal plan for weight loss. 

48. Create humour /pranks e.g jokes, poetry, great for comedians/entertainers or MCs 

49. Songwriter

Write and sing different melodies, poetry, rap or romance songs. 

50. Read horoscopes 

If you thought tarot card readers are conmen, think again. This is a high-paying gig for these psychics who help others predict their future. I love reading my horoscope predictions. See Primrose, a popular YouTuber is a tarot reader. 

51. Create a YouTube channel intro. A channel intro helps build/establish a brand. 

52. Photoshop editing 

Imagine the magic you can do with photoshop, knowledge of photoshop helps you create a side hustle income. Create photoshop courses on Udemy, Thinkific

53. Transfer a WordPress website to a different site 

Transferring a website from WordPress to another hosting site like Wix or Squarespace needs some insider knowledge of coding. Transfers like this one get quite intimidating for non-tech people. 

54. Help and customise WordPress themes 

When I created this blog in 2013, I never had an idea about themes. Now, that I know better … anyway, themes help the blog layout stand out. Bloggers change their blog’s layout all the time, like, I would want to change mine as well. The only headache, how to change the theme without losing valuable data. Help customise WordPress themes for clients according to their niches e.g travel, work from home, personal finance and lifestyle blog. You have to have some knowledge of theme designers like DIVI or Elementor or Genesis Framework. Learn about these most popular themes designers, start from one as you grow. 

55. Install google analytics for Shopify store owners 

Google analytics help websites know about their traffic. What website visitors do when they visit a Shopify store. Help install a Facebook pixel for Shopify customers so they know how to retarget customers or abandoned carts. 

56. Write product descriptions 

Writing product descriptions require you to know a lot about SEO copywriting. Most product descriptions are 300 -500-word lengths and should take 30 or fewer minutes to curate search posts. Check Amazon products to have a clue. The faster and more targeted your product descriptions, the faster the pay. 

57. Help improve website speeds 

No WordPress website owner wants a slow loading website. That’s why I fear to include pictures to my content sometimes. I also wing the sizes of the photos. Help blog owners improve their website loading because the faster a website loads, the more tempting it is for customers to stay in the browsing. 

58. Send traffic to a website 

If you know what makes web visitors linger long on a website, help customers learn the tips and tricks. Is it because of load speeds? Or is it because of the blog’s layout? 

How to Make More Money Faster on Fiverr as a Kenyan 

Would you love to make more money on Fiverr as a Kenyan? Use the below tips to find success: 

  1. Refer customers to your website using a landing page 

Don’t stop at Fiverr. Create a website landing page for where your customers can learn more about your products after establishing your name. 

2. Use Canva

Don’t get stuck if Photoshop doesn’t work in Kenya, learn about Canva. If interested in how to become a graphic designer fast, you have to sign up for my course about the insides of Canva. 

3. Be niche-focused 

What are you passionate about? Before creating a gig, ask what you care for and value. Now, check these popular gigs to see if they match with your abilities. The key to success in any online platform is to work jobs you over qualify for. 

4. Rush for what’s paying Fiverr is a classic example of never have to invent the wheel 

There’s no need to scour for clients or gigs on Fiverr. Use these gigs to find something. When there’s popularity in a product or oversaturation, then the market value and chances of breaking even are big. 

5. Fiverr isn’t a website for earning $4 in fact, it’s a website for helping you establish as a guru in your niche. Do you have a gig in mind and fear it may not sell? You can create as many gigs on Fiverr as possible. The secret to success on Fiverr is upselling or cross-selling, this is where product tiers increase in value. A valuable secret for any product or service you have not only on Fiverr. 

6. Don’t forget to focus on one area of specification you know. Stay active on Fiverr forum helping newbie Fiverr users get answers to their question.

Some people on Fiverr earn more than four figures and you can too. Don’t listen to naysayers, all online platforms require a strategy and niche-focus.

You have to have self-confidence and a can-do attitude. Deliver your promised work faster than agreed.

And also, on Fiverr, the quicker you are in completing tasks, the more money you earn especially before establishing your name. 

Which of the above Fiverr most popular gigs for Kenyans will you pursue to help you earn a passive income fro the comfort of your home?

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