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Recently, we celebrated Kenya at 50, news stations highlighted the ups and downs of Kenya at 50 and if not all, we had something to learn. I believe there are some unique Kenyan features the media houses must have forgotten but, that is why I am here, to remind you of the features that make Kenya.

I will list them, then one by one, we shall discuss, as you add some more features, okay?

  1. Mt.Kenya
  2. Kariandusi
  3. Smallest Church in Mai -Mahiu.
  4. Youth empowerment programmes.
  5. Women empowerment programmes.
  6. Children Rights Act.
  7. Anti-FGM campaigns.
  8. Development of churches.
  9. Education.
  10. Television Stations.
  11. Inter-cultural and Inter-tribal Marriages.
  12. Women Leaders.
  13. Television
  14. Mobile Companies and M-pesa innovation.
  15. Programmes.
  16. Radio Stations.
  17. Employment
  18. Men doing women work
  19. Women doing men work.
  20. Universities.
  21. Professors.
  22. Different cultures.
  23. Different tribes.
  24. Religion.
  25. National Parks.
  26. Beach Hotels.
  27. Five Star Hotels.
  28. Bush camps.
  29. Wonder of the World.
  30. Manyattas.
  31. Mud Houses.
  32. Bird watchers paradise.
  33. Marathons.
  34. Athletes.
  35. Desert.
  36. Urban Rural settlements.
  37. Indian Ocean and Fort Jesus.
  38. Cliffs.
  39. The Equator.
  40. Unique Kenyan Restaurant like the Trout Tree Restaurant having trout as the main attraction.
  41. Unique Shrine in Subukia
  42. Open air markets.
  43. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  44. The Kenya Defence Forces.
  45. Peace.
  46. Presence of lakes.
  47. Different Cuisines.
  48. Music.
  49. Our Flag, Our Pride
  50. Literature filming hub, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The cradle of life.

Add more and more unique features, where we have to go discover, your input is always valuable.



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