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Nairobi is the centre of business or ‘Kenya’s Capital Centre of Business’ or ‘Business Hub’.

You may think all the businesses have been explored in Nairobi county, you couldn’t be so wrong.

There’s always room for business. Nairobians found other ways of enriching themselves from the comfort of their homes with work at home businesses.

Being the centre of business means the internet is cheap, accessible and available from all street corners.

Nairobians don’t need to rush to the office to make money when money is available in their laptops.

No wonder many Nairobians embrace the laptop lifestyle.

The following are the ways Nairobians make money from the comfort of their homes. 

Top 50 Ways Nairobians Become Rich Working From Home

  1. Airbnb 

If you want to start a successful Airbnb or BnB or guesthouse, embrace or invest in a property in Nairobi county.

Check out my book about starting a profitable airbnb business from home in 2020 despite Airbnb’s oversaturation.

Kenya’s expats come to Nairobi.

The best schools are in Nairobi making Nairobi the centre of successful Airbnb business as people look for affordable accommodation in the increasing expensive city. 

Grab your copy of Starting a Profitable Airbnb in Kenya in 2020. 

2. Writing 

Almost all of Kenyans working online are Nairobians.

Ask them what they do and they will tell you; Writing.

Writing is an already over-saturated field.

To get into writing, check out this blog post about the most profitable writing niches in Kenya and jump into one of them.

Or grab this book about the 88 ways writers make a six-figure income. 

3. Academic Writing 

Academic writing someone said, ‘Is illegal and must be abolished’.

No matter what they say, Nairobians found and carved a niche for themselves in academic writing.

Check on sites like Upwork and see Nairobians working there.

And check on sites like Essaywriters Kenya, and see all workers are from Nairobi. 

4. Transport 

The congestion in Nairobi makes people choke from visiting the city.

Some Nairobians go the extent of abandoning their cars to embrace Uber/ Taxify or other transportation means.

What a better way to cash in on this trend by investing in luxury, noise-free transportation?. 

5. Food Delivery 

The haste in Nairobi town makes it harder and harder to go to town. Do you have a car or a motorbike?

Cash in on the Nairobians lack of visiting the city by delivering groceries, kids, food from fast-food restaurants.

Use your car to cash in or make your car profitable by reading this article about cashing in with your car/making your car profitable. 

6. Security 

There’s not a single day that passes where an estate hasn’t been raided by thieves in Nairobi.

Invest in personal security gadgets and home burglar proof gadgets. 

7. Baby Sitting 

Nairobi mums are busier than ever.

Make a mum’s life easier by providing a 24/7 daycare facility for Nairobi mums.

Read this article about starting a multi-million shilling daycare in Kenya in 2020. 

8. Hair

Where there are women, there’s hair. Invest in wigs and other hairs making the management of Nairobi women’s hair easier.

Find the current wig trends in the world then bring the wig trends closer to the women in Nairobi. 

9. Salon

The salon business in Nairobi doesn’t have to be in the salon but a mobile salon.

To start a mobile salon, take pics of before and after of hairstyles you made for your clients, friends and family.

Post on Instagram or Facebook. Have an official branded page with the kinds of hair designs you do.

Now, make some simple business cards to enhance your business.

Remember, everything in Nairobi is done with sophistication and class and branding is one of them. 

10. Gym 

The trend to keep fit isn’t in the Western World only.

The rush for great bum and flat tummy is in  Nairobi.

Gyms are all over Nairobi county.

To succeed operating a gym, get nutrition certificate, have supplements or provide organic foods as a surplus income.

Write books with recipes or get specialised information on a diet like paleo or keto diet among others.

Encourage about Mental Health Fitness as well. 

11. Home Fitness Instructor 

Home fitness instructors sees a rise in Nairobi because of the convenience and the work from home lifestyle.

Or simply, beating traffic.

A home fitness instructor can deliver lessons via Skype or Zoom or DVDs, pre-recorded on YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion.

To increase revenue as a home-fitness instructor in Nairobi, get knowledge on a specific diet.

Also, study your clients well and see the areas they need improvement on.

Some clients may need help with their confidence before they work on the outside, some, self-esteem issues.

It’s satisfying to see clients get the results they hoped for. 

12. Clothes 

Clothes business is called the ‘Crown Jewellery Business of Nairobi’.

Great universities of Kenya are in Nairobi meaning students are there.

Then, the Nairobi residents who love to shop for clothes; Check the longevity of Gikomba and Toy Market among others selling thrift clothes.

To stand out, do what Coolipra does, buy thrifted then transform it into your style. Same goes for shoes or handbags. 

13. Shoes 

Shoes make a woman beautiful/elegant, check how people swoon over Sonal on her channel on YouTube, others with envy others with great admiration.

A Nairobi woman isn’t left out with her shoe collection. Open a shoe stall and see women throng your stall.

Or check out how Kenyan Instagrammers sell shoes online. Open a shoe store on Instagram. 

14. Influencer 

Nairobi hasn’t been left out when it comes to the list of influencers coming from Kenya’s capital.

After all, an influencer’s life is glamorous if done right. To stand out, build a page, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tiktok, blog and start working with brands.

Take offers from brands you would love to collaborate with. Also, don’t be so hungry as to promote goods/services you wouldn’t buy just for the sake of making money as an influencer.

Learn to negotiate for deals.

To learn more about the life of an influencer, check this business article about business mindset and read this book about making money as an Influencer. 

15. Jewellery 

Who doesn’t love jewellery more than a woman in Nairobi?

Check the necks, legs, tummies and other vaginal or tongue jewellery. A piece of jewellery makes women stand out.

You can begin your jewellery business by selling Stella and Dot or Paparazzi jewellery.

These are jewellery network marketing companies where you buy a certain amount or invest a sum of money then get the goods and sell them at prices you set for yourself. 

16. Tattoo

Body art has taken craze in Nairobi county.

To begin in this business, show your designs on yourself first.

Also, be daring to do elaborate colouration and use sterilised equipment.

Set up your shop and advertise your designs on social media. Also participate in tattoo exhibition. 

17. Designer Luxury 

Nairobians love to show off their expensive lifestyles.

Why not become a personal shopper by showing others the kind of pieces you collect on your travel expeditions?.

The designer luxury ranges from clothes, shoes, jewellery, hair wigs, home decor or art pieces. 

18. Trash Collecting 

In Nairobi, trash get disposed of by the tons daily, the city has too many people.

Don’t stop at trash-collecting only, provide recycle bins in estates like Runda, Muthaiga, Karen where individuals have high disposable income and get tired of things quickly.

Have a recycling plant to help those with spoilt electronics dispose of them and get paid a little fee.

Trash collecting isn’t about making the neighbourhood clean but keeping the environment healthy for the future Nairobian generation.

Check these Nigerian lady who cashes in on recycling trash. 

19. Pedis/Manis 

Which woman or man doesn’t adore their manis/pedis.

Manis/pedis are not only a way to relax but self-care routine and keeping in touch with self.

Imagine taking this service to the comfort of one’s home?.

Have a mani/pedi set and have a variety of nail polishes/gels for completing the process.

Have lots of business cards in hand as well and set up a corner shop where customers can meet you to help maximise on the profit. 

20. Eatery 

Nairobians like all humans love to eat.

A relaxing ambience before the traffic fades away is what Nairobians long for. To start an eatery, do food deliveries.

And also go for organic or healthy options like stewed meats, garden salads with sides like ugali and fish.

Foods Nairobians cook in their homes so as to maximise on profits. If opting for pizza, find healthy pizza options. 

21. Spa 

A spa is a calming experience after weeks of work.

A spa business in Nairobi is a meeting place for Nairobians.

Have a spa that provides all kinds of massages like the Swedish massage, aromatherapy where you introduce essential oils and acupuncture, Chinese Medicine.

Introduce other little known therapy like cryotherapy or hydrotherapy.

Maximise on providing mobile massage services to clients in the comfort of their homes or hotel rooms.

You can hop into erotic massage as well, which is quite lucrative if done well.

Don’t forget to offer facials, manis and pedis using natural or organic procedures.

Provide skin care routine procedures. 

22. Retail Anything

Anything sells in Nairobi.

A retail business is the best bet when jumping into business in Nairobi County.

You can sell anything from services like massage, hospitality to products like beauty and wellness, health, home goods, furniture, cars.

Make sure to buy cheap sell high, that’s the  retail adage.  

23. Electronics 

I love electronics and laptops, mobile phones and tablets are my craze.

And what Nairobian doesn’t love purchasing electronics others don’t have?.

Hop into Ebrahim’s electronics and see people buying and other places in Nairobi like the Safaricom shop.

Instead of selling electronics provided in the big major shops, why not sell electronic accessories like car chargers, phone car holders, cup holders, dash cameras?. 

24. Ecommerce 

The rush to the city centre makes Nairobi unbearable.

Cash in by bringing the goods to people via starting an ecommerce shop.

To be successful operating an ecommerce shop in Nairobi, identify a niche.

For example under clothes, what clothes are not supplied well?. Or what gadgets (accessories) miss from electronics?.

It pays to ask these questions on Facebook pages or seeing the questions people ask.

One person asking means, many have the same idea in mind. Go for it. 

25. Recreational /Hanging out Spot 

Hanging out is a past-time for Nairobians.

Start an indoor sports facility by including trampolines for adults and kids or bouncing castles for adults.

Don’t forget to include an indoor swimming pool. 

26. Language Interpreter /Translator 

Foreigners throng Nairobi every day. It’s the stop-over for most tour guides as well.

Why not start a language interpretation centre in Nairobi?.

You can set up a school online where individuals from all walks of life access your classes or help provide translation services.

Include the rarer languages like Russian, Hungarian, Arabic etc.

Provide a space for teachers to engage with students. 

27. Tour Guide 

It’s so difficult to navigate Nairobi alone as a local, imagine a foreigner!.

Start a tour guiding firm in Nairobi where you take individuals either by car or on foot.

A lot of people get lost navigating Nairobi and the street signs don’t help at all.

You can help people carry their bags to prevent muggers and pick-pockets and reach to services or products faster than they would when sitting in traffic. 

28. Student Exchange Coordinator 

Like a language interpretation, a student exchange coordinator in Nairobi helps foreign students find hostels or houses to live in.

To settle in their universities and find work opportunities if interested in working in Nairobi.

They also help foreign students settle in Kenya by learning the language.

Most important how to live like a local to get the best prices through negotiation and bargaining.

You may provide with accommodation and help foreign students get volunteer teaching opportunities or find attachments in research institutions. 

29. Gift Shop 

Gift shops in Nairobi aren’t for Valentines days alone but for birthday celebrations.

Know how to wrap gifts like a pro. Know how to design unique wrappers and creating personalised gift baskets not seen.

You can use the approach of Kora Edibles by incorporating strawberries with chocolate or you could create an assortment of sweets and candies for sweet-toothed customers.

Then wrap them up like a pro. You could teach the art of gift wrapping.

Learn some calligraphy to help personalise the gifts more. 

30. Candy Shop 

There are so many retail businesses in Kenya but not one that sells candy only.

Start one in Nairobi that offers delivery all over the county and in Kenya to capitalise on the profits.

Hunt for sweets, chocolates, cookies not in the Kenyan market to help you stand out.

Then learn how to gift wrap for birthdays, weddings, graduations or corporate events. 

31. Shopping Bags 

Since the plastic ban in Kenya in 2017, many Kenyans suffer because plastic bags were everything.

Nairobians haven’t been left out.

Outsource or sew durable market bags for sale or disposable/biodegradable grocery bags.  

32. Save Time 

Time wasting is the norm in Nairobi county due to traffic congestion. Nairobians spend hours on traffic.

Help individuals know how to save time by creating apps to alert them when the traffic is unbearable or by helping deliver groceries or coming up with unique transportation methods like electric bikes. 

33. Burglar-Proofing Homes 

Burglary is the norm in Nairobi from getting mugged on the streets to thievery in the homes.

Buy burglar proof devices from China then sell them to Nairobians.

It could be booby traps, extra CCTV cameras, security apps, or alarm systems. 

34. Lingerie

Sexy are Nairobians women.

The crazy rush for lingerie and lingerie business is on the rise.

Women don’t want to be kinky for themselves but for their spouses and the rise of web-cam models.

Plus the freedom of expression of the African woman hasn’t left a Nairobi woman behind.  

35. Scarves 

During the cold season in July, Nairobi gets quite unbearable.

Sell crochet scarves or exotic silk scarves year-round.

Scarves are a great dressing up or down accessory and a great addition a Nairobi woman cannot miss. 

36. Smoothie Joint 

If you believe the smoothie craze is only on YouTube, try Nairobi where trends never pass up.

Smoothies are a great morning breakfast addition, especially when well created.

Start by blending in different flavours and powering them up with green juices, bearable for kids and adults alike.

Healthy eating mania is in Kenya. 

37. Stylist 

Walk the streets of Nairobi and see the stylish women passing you by. You’ll wonder why you aren’t a stylish one.

Employ your expertise by becoming a personal stylist.

A personal stylist listens to what the clients wish for then combines with what the client doesn’t expect.

To make a business, show how to style difficult clothing for Tomboy women office wear, dressing down on Fridays.

Classify your styles for all seasons. Stylists have a nice eye for colour as well. 

38. Technology /Software 

Software as a business would thrive well in Nairobi especially if invented to solve the stressful traffic jams.

Also any kind of software for car drivers, like Uber, Glovo for food delivery does well. What is it that Nairobians suffer so much with?.

Create software and make it available at the touch of a phone and keep updating the software to go with the trends. 

39. App/Web Development 

App and web development are at the core of a Nairobi business.

Nairobi keeps up with the rest of the world.

Want to read the bible, get it in your phone, want to follow nutrition, get on the app.

Want to get the best deals, check the website. Want to get the best salon in Nairobi, Google and see the websites.

Learn SEO and rank for local, like Lavington, Nairobi Tattoo artist.

Businesses want to go digital cash in by providing apps, SEO services for these businesses. 

40. Night Club/Lounge Business 

The nightlife is the best in Nairobi.

Youths want to go to nightclubs serving the latest tequila and margarita cocktails.

Youths enjoy the thrill of strip clubs, free drinks or dress up night clubs/lounges and kickass food.

Why begin a traditional night club in Nairobi with boring music?.

Find the best DJs to help sum up the evening for Nairobi patrons. 

41. Schools Alternative Curriculum 

An article on Business Daily talked about where rich parents take their children to school in Nairobi.

School isn’t about researching but play. The scramble for alternative curriculum makes those interested in school as an investment set up schools in Nairobi.

Check Sabis International or the International School of Kenya, which provides American, British or Australian education system.

Check the craze of homeschooling because of the freedom lifestyle homeschooling provides.

Parents want all-rounded kids, set up a school with a great curriculum and you are bound to cash in no time. 

42. After-School Programme 

Just the scramble for the best curriculum, Nairobi parents want their kids to join after-school programmes before parents arrive for pick-up due to traffic jam delays.

Create after school programmes like horse riding, swimming, sewing, extra remedial classes to cash in.

The more elaborate the programme, the more cash.

Think wide and be in a central location where school buses can drop kids with ease after school. 

43. Event Planner/MC

Nairobi is alive night and day, they say it’s a 24/7 city. Why not start a business event planning?.

You have to have great organisation skills.

If a party, for example, show the before and after pics of the thoughtful decoration you used.

The eye-grabbing centrepieces. 

44. Kids Party 

Kids party business is a hit with parents that blogs caught up with this trend, check this kids party blog out. Nairobi parents don’t love their children to get left out.

What entails a kids party and how to get involved in this business?.

Be a kid at heart and provide cartoon-themed kids party and don’t forget to include costumes as well.

Reach out to parents via Facebook or Instagram pages through photos, Instagram/Facebook stories by showing your party planning or decoration skills.

45. Competitions/Pageants 

There are so many pageants helping to raise awareness about autism, for example, or for fundraising.

To make competitions or pageants a profitable business, ensure that you advertise by making media appearances to help bring awareness to people. 

46. Food Supplier, Fruits and Veges

Food or fruits and vegetable supplier at the markets in Gikomba markets in Nairobi pays well. Buy a lorry on then hunt for farmers without involving middlemen so as to maximise on profits.

Go to nearby and adjacent towns like Nanyuki, Timau, Meru and source for the best products.

You make a profit of up to a million a month if done well. In the markets, find sellers and advertisers these ones earn about 1000 shillings or 10 dollars.

In a day if getting your produce from Kiambu you can go up to five times or more depending on the quality.

Don’t stop at Gikomba market, find other great underserved markets in Nairobi or to the supermarkets. Always ensure quality and timely delivery.  

47. Realtor 

Selling apartments and houses in Nairobi doesn’t get easier.

You need to develop a great website where you take great photos and videos.

You could start a blog to help advise other Nairobians on how to buy or get land in Nairobi.

It becomes tricky to buy or rent in Nairobi because of the many choices available.

Security is the major concern in Nairobi so offer the best value for houses and in a great location. 

48. Welcome Service 

Navigating Nairobi as a local or as a foreigner doesn’t get any trickier.

Imagine a Kenyan in diaspora trying to settle down in Nairobi who doesn’t know about the best schools or the best locations for house renting or purchasing?.

A welcoming service serves to address the major headaches in Nairobi including medical, schools, language translation etc. 

49. Tailoring 

If you’re a great tailor, Nairobi is the marketplace to be.

To learn about establishing a profitable tailoring business in Kenya, start from this tailoring guide.

You’re going to learn about customer service as a tailor and taking custom-orders as a tailor.

Read about establishing a tailoring empire in Nairobi here. 

50. Alternative Transportation 

The struggle to get home by avoiding traffic jams gets real in Nairobi.

Imagine alternative transportation like electric bikes, scooters to take you from estate to estate?.

You have to be wary of matatus though, offer alternative transportation where there aren’t many matatus plying the route like in Runda, Lavington and other Upscale Nairobi towns. 

51. Crocheting/Knitting 

Nairobians love adorning crochet and knitted items because they’re unique and fashionable.

So are you a crocheter at heart start crocheting for sale in Nairobi.

Items to crochet include sweaters, scarves, leg warmers, beanies, ponchos, hand warmers. 

52. Life Coach/Career Coach 

Who hasn’t completed university and got a little confused on what to do?.

The youth in Nairobi haven’t been spared this predicament.

Start a life coaching/career coaching so that the youth can get to live their dream lives.

A career coach helps someone identify their area of expertise, acquiring knowledge and make the best career moves to enhance promotion.

Set a career coach business from the comfort of your home.

Help youth of Nairobi write great CVs, offer CV/Cover Letter writing as additional services.  

53. Blogger/YouTuber 

The first vlogger in Kenya was from Nairobi and she’s doing great business.

She dared move when cameras in Kenya weren’t allowed in premises like Nakumatt and the concept of vlogging was foreign.

There is a lot to write about Nairobi from nightlife, culture, arts and crafts, schools, news-making headlines within estates, travelling vlogs. Nairobi is rich with entertainment capitalise on that. 

54. Sell Trees eg. Bonsai 

A stay at home woman makes 4-figure income selling Bonsai trees in Nairobi.

Before Bonsai becomes an oversaturated market, why not jump right in?.

Bonsai Trees are a good deed type tree in Japan, know what makes a great bonsai tree to create a business out of it. 

55. Apartment Gardening 

Apartment complexes line Nairobi county and offices haven’t been left out.

Apartments help conserve space and Nairobi could use some space.

Why not get into the craze by starting apartment gardens for Nairobi apartment dwellers and office renters or owners?.

You can incorporate a garden on the rooftop like they do in New York, green roofing.

You can teach how to start an apartment garden that doesn’t dry out or growing mushrooms on apartment balconies. 

56. Car Detailing/Car Wash 

Nairobi has many cars than any other city in the country.

Begin a mobile car wash to help customers reduce the headache of going to car washes.

Also provide detailing services which include painting, servicing and mechanical. 

57. Spare Parts (Exotic) 

Because of the existence of so many cars, a spare parts business is a viable idea in Nairobi.

Of course, make the spare parts as exotic as possible, source for the parts available in other countries other than Nairobi.

After all, in Nairobi sits pricey and luxury vehicles. 

58. Exhibition/Showroom 

When the exhibition opens in Nairobi, Nairobians line up for such events because products offered at showrooms or exhibitions are often discounted.

To begin a profitable showroom, ask yourself what are Nairobians intrigued to buy but isn’t available in the local shops?

Introduce and offer competitive pricing. 

59. Student Hostels 

Universities and colleges sprout up in Nairobi daily because of the increase of literacy and a better life.

Instead of rushing to open a university, rush to start a student hostel where students get meals, laundry service and rooms.

Ensure your hostels are in prime locations near universities.

Offer the best prices, services and products.

Put yourself in the mind of a university student by researching the trends of hostels and what university students need. 

60. Loans Facility 

The best loan facilities are in Nairobi but that doesn’t mean you cannot start a loan facility business.

Equip yourself with the category of loan you want to offer, if for freelancers, for example.

What are the assets freelancers have?.

What will happen in case of default?.

To start a loan lending business, it’s important to have a relationship with the clients.

Most loan facilities are cruel to their customers in times of default.

Take your time to understand your customers by offering opportunities to visit the offices to explain their situations and organise new payment plans.

Also, consider where and how to approach the sale of securities offered by customers.  

61. Perfumes 

Who doesn’t love smelling well?

In Nairobi, you’d expect to find luxury perfume stores lining the city like shoes do, unfortunately, no.

Start a perfume business by sourcing for luxury brand perfumes from Chanel, Tom Ford among other designers. 

It’s easy to make money from the comfort of your home in Nairobi.

As the centre of business, Nairobians opened its doors to internet businesses.

Don’t stop there have great customer service and find an untapped niche. Do a lot of research upfront to help you fulfil a need. 

Which of the 50 ways that Nairobians make money from home you never thought about will you begin today? 




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