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There are lots of work from home blogs to read out there. But some work from home blogs impacted and influenced my career as a Kenyan working online.

These blogs may not be Kenyan, well, because there aren’t work from home blogs in Kenya.

The wealth of information I gathered from these work from home blogs, helped me realise that work from home isn’t limited to writing, graphic design or social media marketing.

There are myriad of work from opportunities including selling crickets, a side hustle idea from Chris Guillebeau book, Side Hustles.

I learnt from these work from home blogs that there’s more to working online, there is saving and managing the money, filing taxes and investing my income. 

What Are The Best Work from Home Blogs Kenyans Must Read Before Beginning Freelancing?  

  1. The Penny Hoarder 

The Penny Hoarder is a personal finance website helping people take control of their personal finances.

The website aims at helping people make smart money decisions by sharing actionable articles and resources on earning money, saving money and managing money.

The topics under the Penny Hoarder include make money, save money, budgeting, debt, retirement, credit scores, bank accounts, investing, home buying taxes, insurance.

Under the make money topics include topics like side gigs, quick money, starting a business, career, work from home.

They have online jobs boar under work from home title, check it out. The penny hoarder also offers career advice.

One of my most favourite work from home jobs board I found when I began my online work.

It is the best website with weird gigs I found.

The penny hoarder is the website that made me realise about working online as a virtual assistant.

It opened my mind on the endless work from home opportunities.

Check it out to see the endless work online ideas. 

2. Rat Race Rebellion 

We all want to avoid the rat race, don’t we?

Commuting to work can be fun for a while but when done over and over, the traffic wears you out, right?

The rat race rebellion is my favourite website for searching for work online.

In fact, when posting jobs on Gertie’S Digital, I scoured their website for jobs online that Kenyans can do.

The rat race has been leading the work from home revolution since 1999.

They pride in helping veterans find employment while others get encouraged to ditch the commutes.

On the Rat Race Rebellion, you will find jobs by companies in America. Jobs get grabbed as soon as posted, make sure you apply faster or have the rat race on your home screen to get notifications asap.

Apply for jobs you qualify for as a Kenyan. You will also realise the jobs listed on rat race rebellion for free are often on Flexjobs, Real Ways to Earn Money Online.

Companies advertised by rat race rebellion include Apple, Hallmark among other American Inc 500/5000 companies.

Follow the rat race rebellion Facebook here and their page to get more insight. 

3. Well Kept Wallet 

Is a personal finance website started from a journey just like mine to pay off debt and live life on my own terms by Deacon Hayes who was $52k in debt?

He’s a finance expert, speaker and podcaster in 2010. I started my blogging journey in 2012 from a free WordPress domain where I spoke about women and issues affecting single women.

Deacon has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Forbes, CNN Money and he wrote a book about retiring called You Can Retire Early: Everything You Need to Achieve Financial Independence When You Want It.

IN this book, you will learn about maximising your income, assessing and reducing debt, selecting the right investment vehicles, and understanding opportunity cost.

In the blog, Well Kept Wallet, you will learn how to make money selling online, popular money making apps like survey junkie, uber, Instacart.

You will also learn how to save money using coupons by using companies from Groupon, couponing and cashback apps like Risiti, where you get free stuff.

Get ready to learn how to pay your student debt off, loans, refinancing a mortgage, credit repair, improving credit and how to buy a home without a mortgage.

The Well Kept Wallet outdoes itself as an all-rounded website you must follow to not only make, save but know how to refinance your mortgage or buy a house without a mortgage.

Subscribe to their newsletter here. 

4. Real Ways to Earn Money Online 

Anna Thurman blog on realwaystowarnmoneyonline was the first website that popped up when I finally understood the term freelancer.

I started my work online journey in 2009 researching how to make money with Facebook. I remember sleepless nights.

And for months, I came across scam websites promising to help me make thousands of dollars instantly.

I’m glad I never clicked on the links. One day when I was about to give up I came across this website where she talked about how to use Facebook to find freelancing opportunities.

Have you ever heard about a lightbulb moment? I don’t remember the post, but this one comes close to it. That’s how I got thrust into the work at home adventure.

While at Anna Thurman realwaystoearnmoneyonline you’ll see the hiring now, non-phone opportunities, the shop, all kinds of work at home gigs.

The website lists opportunities from home by companies like Apple and the Fortune 500 which unfortunately don’t hire outside from US borders though the jobs get listed as ‘remote, anywhere jobs’.

It’s within the US. It’s so that the companies know how to tax and monitor their workers, a lot of resources are required to hire international workers, even online.

On Anna’s website, you will get intrigued by the kind of work from home opportunities, one of the weirdest one was an online wedding assistant for a super busy engaged couple.

She has since written a book How To Find REAL work from home jobs, buy the book as she has a wealth of information spanning a decade.

Some of the jobs she lists are found on Flexjobs, and I have stated a number of times, I use her website to find jobs for the Kenyan online jobs board. 

5. The Work at Home Wife 

In the work at home wife blog, you will find work from home part-time work from home full-time, I just need some extra cash and I want to be a blogger kind of topic.

There is a work at home job leads but with clear instructions, the jobs are for the job seekers in the US only.

Check them out to see the kind of work from home opportunities you can do from home.

Take note don’t be deterred, those web jobs offers insights into interesting jobs or job trends.

Keep up with them or start a business with some of the niches you find interesting.

Like I said, that’s how I learnt about online secretaries or virtual assistants.

You’ll also get Poshmark tips. Poshmark is a website for reselling your high-end under-used items like jewellery, shoes, clothes, bags.

It’s a declutter of my closet kind of website. 

6. The Work at Home Woman 

I love the blog work at home woman, this and the penny hoarder and Well Kept Wallet are where I see this blog going towards.

Holly Reisem Hanna is the creator of this renowned blog about working from home.

I love the blog because I get a lot of direct sales/network marketing companies from her blog.

You will find job listings, start a business, start a blog, make extra money from this blog.

You will find that the work at home woman gears towards expanding your vision about work from home with ideas about creating and launching your home-based business and legit work from home jobs.

The work at home has also been named by Forbes as 100 websites for careers, finding remote careers and businesses with job leads, ideas and info.

There’s a whole lot to learn from this blog like business opportunities, for example, business tips, direct sale companies, home business ideas, freelance marketing, self-development and blogging tips.

Go to the work at home woman blog, a website not for women but men as well. 

I know there some work at home blogs, some the best like the navy wife among others not featured.

I chose the ones which over the years impacted my career as a Kenyan seeking work online.

As I said, the Penny Hoarder opened my eyes to Virtual Assistant opportunities and a few months later got hired as a VA, barely knowing my expertise.

I hope you hop onto these work from home blogs, they may not be based in Kenya but since they’re online, it makes them accessible to the world.

Remember, my blog is the ONLY work from home blog in Kenya, helping open your eyes about the various opportunities available online for Kenyans. 

Which work from home blog do you find interesting to help educate you as an aspiring Kenyan freelancer/work from home dad, mum, youth in Kenya? 

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