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Can a Kenyan make millions working online? Is it possible to make a six-figure income? We drive the point home of how Kenyans can earn millions per month online. In this tutorial, I give tips that moved me from a two-dollar freelancer to a four-figure income earner. It took a number of years but, well, I got there. I cannot wait to get into the six-figure income brackets soonest.

There are top ten tips to help you become a six-figure freelancer as a Kenyan.

What are the best tips to help a newbie freelancer earn a six-figure income online as a Kenyan?

The best tips for earning a six-figure income online are

  1. Get Relevant Skills

2. Get Specialised or Niche Out.

Expert tips for making millions online as a Kenyan

3. Become an expert

4. Network

5. Publish Books/eBooks

6. Forget About Permanent Work

7. Offer Your Skills to Businesses

8. Charge and Value Your Worth

9. Run Away From Content Mill Sites

10. Find a Way to Sell Online Courses/Teach Online Courses

11. Build an Online Business

12. Keep Learning and Having Fun

13. Invest in Yourself




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