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Do you have an unstoppable mindset plan in motion?.

We cannot be the same – where you’re in life now isn’t where I am now.

We can ONLY serve as mentors who endured the process, relentlessly.

We can ONLY serve as examples.

Look at this story ( I’m a fun of stories).

A driver sits on the wheels of his car driving non-stop for hours eventually taking a break.

He’s exhausted beyond measure.

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Another one  who’s being driven wonders why the driver had to take a sudden break.

They wonder and complain because they cannot be the driver, they are just tired, in fact they wonder why the driver drove fast.

”Pedal that metal you a——”, they scream.

Yet, they had complained earlier of how the driver was pounding the metal to the extent of them holding their chests.

Now they’re wondering why the driver never gets tired so why the sudden stop?

 Probably the driver is on bhang, or he smokes a lot of marijuana or khat or he is high on cocaine. 

”Can we offer a re-fill”, a passenger remarks.

Haven’t you ever said something like this at one point in your life?

You wonder why some people seem unstoppable while you are just lazy, slumped in your office desk wondering why the weather is too gloomy while another one is hyperactive since the year or month started?

Why they never get tired?

Why they never complain or gossip about the boss?

You see, those who came to work desperately always rise to be the boss.

Others realise that we cannot all be the boss!

Stop wondering why you are still stuck in the same position for 25 years and a newbie who doesn’t even know the job has been promoted.

They always say something, ”being first doesn’t mean you’re the best”. 

There are those who started first and took a while learning.

There are those who came determined, knowing what they wanted.

There are those who got forced.

Those who got positions because they have better networks.

Those who started first and are determined can stay in the game for long – they learn longer. Why?

They took the courageous first step. 

Staying first requires a lot of effort which you must keep applying to your life, DAILY.

Sometimes, things like not being promoted can stop you, losing the vision for your life can stop you.

Sometimes wanting something that isn’t coming can stop you.

I have suffered being stopped because I lost my goals somewhere along the way, I felt angry at myself after a few months.

I was never patient, fed my brains that I wasn’t enough.

I have been stopped because I didn’t get that what I wanted so bad.

I have heard stories of people stopping because:

  1. the capital wasn’t there

  2. if only …

  3. that can wait.

  4. They didn’t believe in themselves

  5. they felt it wasn’t the right time.

  6. The idea was stupid

  7. who would buy?

When you set down to write the plans for your goals, id what can make you stop.

  1. Is it fear or your own formed ideas in the brain?

2. Are you just too lazy to execute?

3. Are you ready for what will come from whatever it is you’re gearing towards?

What stops you; when you work on it, can make the best outcome ever.

That threat has to be cut right there in the bud.

What makes you take two steps backwards?

What is that thing that wants to threaten your big book idea?

Work on that or share with us so we can help you look forward.




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