7 Social Media Platforms for Kenyan Entrepreneurs to Explore: Tips to Grow your Online Business

Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

Social media is a powerful marketing tool … cliche.

The way we communicate has changed tremendously due to the virtual world … cliche.

Are you an enterprising youth wondering where to get money to expand your business? Troll social media … simple.

Instead of using the platforms to fight passively, use it to create an income passively.

Are you wondering what platforms to explore to make your voice heard or your brand come to life?

We will explore a few including the famous:








We will tackle one after the other, exploring each media in its core. Its advantages and disadvantages and why you mustn’t stick to either of them. And what to use instead.

I cannot wait to hear your discussions on this exciting new episode, can you?

Keep talking.


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