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If you’re a Kenyan teacher, well, you know the struggles of being broke.

Teaching in Kenya isn’t fun because of the constant strikes, poor curriculum, inaccessibility to basics like school lunches.

Well, I’d love to grease your pockets with ideas on how to make a living online as a Kenyan teacher.

Teachers are curious and so am I.

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First, we’ll ask some questions as teachers.

What are Printables? Someone asked me the other day?

Of what importance are printables?

How are printables and teacher resources concerned?

I stumbled upon the world of printables in October 2018 when I was checking how to package my motivational quotes.

I have mentioned this time and again, haha.

I decided to jump right in because I saw how I could turn a simple piece of words into magnificence plus I could add my work on the wall as a wall hanging!

I was extremely thrilled.

Plus I could earn from it? Even more thrills and happy dance!

So I started snooping around where to sell my motivational quotes and stumbled upon, again, on this site called Teachers Pay Teachers.

I wanted to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, but, there’s a lot of material there.

The site is enormous, not to scare you.

Competition is life. 


‘Never settle”,

even if you think you have achieved something, congratulate yourself as you pack your bags to land enhancement.

I say this very strongly, ”never settle”.

I’m so grateful I don’t because my curiosity enabled me sample for you marketplaces to sell your resources as Kenyan teachers. 

A place you can enjoy having a side-hustle on and get your pay-pal payments slowly.

What’s even greater is your pay-pal is ready in three business days!

At equity bank!. 

Enhancing your connected-ness like: shopping, business, mind expansion to a student benefiting from your resource or knowing you’re dancing happily to the bank because you saved a teacher’s time!.

If you haven’t checked tutor jobs for teachers, you better, because you’re missing a lot.

Another tutor list is coming.

So, I came up with these resources( Love to pump my chest up, ”I came up” more, ”I found out”! haha. 

  1. Teachers Pay Teachers.

Even the name itself suggests that teachers are in control. You need to have experience in the classroom.

Think big.

I mean what resource have you created for your class that has worked.

Is it giving them motivation, how?

Can you offer a printable?

Explore what hasn’t been explored there.

You need to choose a niche, I mean, you can focus on Maths for elementary or kindergartners or teaching how to count, how to calculate.

Teachers pay teachers is the biggest resource for selling so do be very diligent in finding out about your competition.

Remember, buyers aren’t looking for country of origin but quality presented in a unique fashion.

Start perusing your head for more info.

Or pore the internet on the website to find out.

2. Etsy. 

The biggest marketplace for everything handmade!

I don’t know how you can miss that.

Create your printables if you’re aware of using photo-shop, adobe illustrator or an awesome graphic designer.

Grab your tools and get to burning the midnight oil.

3. Social Media

Yes, you can already start selling your resource to other teachers who follow you on social media.

Educate them on why your work offers an edge: like  no more lost lesson plans, no more confusion for teacher trainees.

Plus they can offer some lessons students will love and cherish them for.

Have a Facebook or Instagram page dedicated for the purpose then share enormously on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual social media with over 200 million users, it’s as big and a respectable place to be.

Plus you can double your skills by becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant  which earns you 10 times your salary.

No more solidarity matches!.

4. Own your website/ Educational Blog.

Most printables are offered to home-educating parents and teachers, tutors.

Ease their jobs by making them resources then they ease your mind by making you pay your bills.

Now, with a website, I always encourage to become more educative like I’m doing.

Then collect as many blog subscribers as you can.

Those are the ones who spread the word.

Also be consistent with your brand, one of my fatal mistakes when I started my blog back in 2011/2012!.

Keep educating and contributing to educational information or materials or resources you believe a teacher shouldn’t be without.

Or how to deal with grumpy kids, you know, the list of possibilities is endless because teachers face a lot.

I taught for almost an year, so I know.

Then I became a home-educating mum, and became even more aware of how hard it can be sometimes to keep students motivated.

Plus you can grow your blog to a multi-million shilling industry by selling the resources, ads, sponsorships, partnerships and all that.

The other resources are:

  1. Teachers Notebook. A rival of Teachers pay Teachers.

  2. Educents.

  3. Teacher Lingo.

  4. Teachwise.

  5. TES( There’s TES Australia, UK US).

Other Teacher Resources which Might Interest you because they interested me.

And they are more competition for Teacher Pay Teachers.

10. NurseVersity, a place for nurses to learn, share and educate each other. I included this one to show you how diverse the online world is.

11. Edison Learning.

  1. Smart Up

  2. Dreambox Learning.


11 Important Tips to Bear in Mind Before Selling Teacher Resources on Teachers Website.

  1. Niche out.

I can never insist enough the importance of niching out.

Before anyone pays me I have to identify the kind of style I write.

I have just learnt the other day.

My blog is a lifestyle blog with an education value to it.

Even so, I was so confused as to what my niche was, is.

No wonder I have never monetised mine but I’m a big follower of lifestyle blogs which have inspired me.

You don’t need to niche out, just find you interest and run with it.

If not sure, just start with a specific topic and run with it as you move on, up.

  1. Utilise Keywords

In the online world marketplace, you have to learn a bit about keywords and search engine optimisation or marketing.

These ones help with the placement of your content to the top of google maps, search results.

The more you learn how to effectively use keywords, tags and SEOs the better your chances for ranking.

But some people get too caught up in this they lose their work’s value.

It’s especially important to know or learn about SEOs because you’ll be using them so often for your titles, tags.

Think keywords of how you found this article, for example.

What were the search terms you wrote?

What do you think your customers are looking for and what are the words they’re using to search for what they’re looking for?

  1. Learn extensively.

There’s no need to waste time starting out online if you’re going to limit your thoughts.

This world as I said, is very diverse needing you to always keep informed with the industry’s revolutions.

And they change quite often.

See, Instagram and Facebook, two social media places with the same yet different marketing strategies.

Snapchat as well.

Never stop educating yourself you’re a teacher for a reason!.

  1. Research Your Competition.

What are your competitors selling and how are they selling it?

Why are they selling it?

How can you better your products to sell more?

How can you identify yourself as an industry guru?

Are just some of the questions you must ask.

Competition, is very important, it helps keep you on your toes and produce great work.

No time for mediocrity this also doesn’t mean for you to be intimidated.

Keep doing you.

  1. Offer a product free.

Freebies are good, freebies drive people to your products.

And especially freebies which are converting them into buyers.

When offering a freebie don’t just offer a product that is below par, give your best but in limited value.

I mean, offer the best then unlock the features or reveal the features for the premium products.

Make sure to grab as many emails as possible!.

  1.  Never Ever Give Up.

Working online never has provided anyone with a reason to keep creating until you continue seeing the dollar signs.

Ask me.

I hopped from one career to another, never stuck around, abandoned my work online.

Yet when I came back, I kept finding encouraging words from people around the world to keep on writing or educating them.

What a shame!

I wanted to give up, I didn’t know my direction, I didn’t educate myself very well about anything blogging.

I felt like this one was a lost cause.

Know what?

I still kept coming back to provide knowledge and ideas.

I felt so non confident to even share a thing, not anymore.

I’m confident that I have been here long enough to provide insight into what I have learnt in my online journey world.

  1. Start working on your blog.

When you host your printable teacher resource products online, you’re in fact, going to earn a premium to it.

How to drive traffic?

Social media.

Providing freebies, hosting contests, value adding content like blog posts, educate people what you’re talking about.

Plus a blog adds you as an industry guru.

People look at you with respect and more gigs keep flooding in.

You get to control your content.

While other marketplaces are good, they offer you exposure, there’s nothing stopping your blog from growing into a big independent small Amazon for you.

It’s hard-work that pays in the end.

  1. Be open-minded for change.

Everything online keeps changing and at a fast pace.

New ideas keep sprouting and germinating from all corners and those ideas have to be tested, always.

So when you are working or creating printables make sure to learn what’s changing.

When blogs started, it was just blogs then became popular the world of video sharing and the world has stuck there.

We love to see our gurus in person, talking to us.

  1. Provide quality work.

Never ever copy anybody’s work without providing credit if it’s pictures.

And never ever copy anybody’s work claiming it’s your own and providing it as your own.

Just because you’re lazy to churn out more content or something.

People who last long in the online world space are the originals, those who dare to stay when the going gets tough.

Those who love the quality of their work.

Plus, you’re dealing with other professional teachers, don’t waste their time with copied content.

For some reason, I don’t like copycats but I know copycats aren’t creative.

Imagine the amount of hours you spend creating, then you find your content everywhere distributed or  being sold by another person?.

That’s not fair.

So be fair and produce your work.

Aim to be a guru and not make money.

Aim to show passion first then the millions will follow.

  1. Don’t ever copy.

Just like I have said, rely on your own creative genius.

I’m sure when in class there’s a way you conquered a class with a step that left the students empowered, offer that.

Ask yourself how you edge above other teachers, keeping in mind they’re teachers from worldwide then ask if it’ll help in their classes.

For example, ask yourself what are Norwegian kids offered, what are they not offered?

What’s the gap?

What keeps these kids so motivated to learn; how can I turn that into a printable?

You know, always aim to make a change not to bring the same recycled old material.

When you’re different you’ll fight to stay abreast, at first, then, people will warm up to you.

Be different anyway.

Be inspired not a copycat.

  1. Market, market, market again.

This is a simple mistake I always make when working online.

I get afraid to explore social media.

In fact, I hide behind the scenes.

But that has only cost me a fortune.

I’m changing that by being a little active on social media.

Set hours to help you stay disciplined.

Only check what drives your goals and check for posts which inspire you.

Don’t live a comparison lifestyle.

Also, create a budget to help market your content  so more people id with your content.

Put yourself out there and connect with as many people as possible.

Tell others what you do and ensure you’re saying it properly.

The value of education is to convert the educated to buyers!

What are the skills needed to create these teacher resources?.

Design skills, graphic design.

But you can start with no design skill at all then you keep learning as you go.

Graphic design skill is a valuable resource in itself.

You can offer classes on it to younger kids.

You now earn more money.

I always say, diversify your income because in diversity you create curiosity and curiosity eagerness and enthusiasm.

If you don’t have design skills, you’ll have to buy everything, from designing websites, like PicMonkey or Canva which are pre-made design websites.

Clip-art which enhances any printable you have and fonts which are the texts.

But use the fonts on Canva wisely, some of them require crediting and all.

Always buy from reputable sources like Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, Design Cut, Hungry Jpeg but check to see the seller’s instructions on commercial licence and seller licence.

I hope you’re getting your teacher tools to get busy as this is yet another list for you to go utilise to make money on the side to supplement your teacher’s income.

What teacher resources are you planning on selling?

I’d love to hear more about them, either in private or in the comments.

Need any help to market your teacher resources, kindly contact me via email: gertrudedotakinyiatgmaildotcom.

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