I love writing but I didn’t know that writing pays. In almost all the materials I read about writing, I read, ”Starving Artists = Writers”. I like negative comments like this because they motivate me.

I got determined to show that writers or artists of any kind aren’t STARVED.

I started wondering how can a talented person like a writer get starved.

People die without realising their talents but you realised your God-given talent yet you’re starved?

Then this challenge went with me working as a freelance writer for clients worldwide.

I felt like my dream came true.

I still felt empty, like I needed to pursue bigger than myself.

Then I started asking myself, Artists like writers starve because they don’t realise they’re CREATORS.

Creators don’t starve, they get paid.

So, I asked the NEXT BIG QUESTION, how can we change our names from HUNGER to respect?

Writers don’t think they’re running a business; I didn’t think I ran a business back in 2009.

I knew I loved writing and making even 10k shillings/$100 would make a difference in my life.

If you don’t know how to run a business, how can you not starve?

And the EUREKA MOMENT occurred to me, writers, and artists of all kinds need to know how to manage their time, and priorities, stop the fear of marketing and live freedom-loaded lifestyles.

Startups became my obsessions and the direction of my writing business changed my life forever.

I retired from freelance writing on 1st March 2021 and dedicated myself to writing on this blog.

While writing another EUREKA MOMENT occurred, I need to simplify business.

And on May 20, 2022, I took another break to refocus on what I wanted and to grow this blog.

Every day is a step to becoming better and realising my vision.

I want you to stay on board to keep reading these blog posts and to see how much they evolve.

Because CHANGE is the ONLY other step to creating financial freedom for writers/creators.

Also, as you read the blog posts you get to discover me more and more.

Have business questions or need to send hugs to me? Email me on GERTRUDE DOT AKINYI AT GMAIL DOT COM

I cannot wait to hear from you. Love.

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