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In the book, you’re a badass at making money, Jen Sincero has a chapter that got my eye about finding your dream job.

Step Guide on How a Kenyan Can Find a Dream Job That Pays Well

We want to work in jobs that we enjoy and make profits from them. I remember when I would spend days and weeks crying because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I had this blog but never saw it as a potential for earning money or it took too long to figure out how blogging for money works. When I read the chapter in Jen’s book, I felt like she talked to me.

There are a few ways of coming up with your dream job, one which is the Law of Attraction, of course, used in the book You’re a Badass at Making Money then, there is researching inside you to beware of yourself.

Meaning how well do you know yourself and what you want. Do you know your skills and how they are beneficial to an employer?

The main problem with my crying every day is I knew I was a writer but I wanted to write for clients in any niche, well, because I believed I could write about anything.

What I got was rejection after rejection after rejection until it became the norm for me. But if you are going to find a job you love, you’re going to literally dream it. Dream it. And there’s no shortcut to it. 

How to Dream Up Your Dream Job Until You Get It

The following are tips, questions you must ask yourself if you’re dreaming up your dream job and they include the following:

What do you see yourself doing at the job you love? 

What’s the name of your dream job and the specific role? 

How much money do you want to make a day, week or a month or per year?

What kind of staff do you envision working with?

Who is your boss and how does he/she treat you? Is he open to ideas about expansion or renovations? Is he rigid and rude? If you want to take it a notch higher, you can dream his physique and ideals. What does he want for his company?

What are the set skills required in the job?

What is the company’s culture? What do you wear? What’s the language used? Are they the hippy kind or the suit kind? Does the company conform to certain working hours or do they not care as long as you turn up with your work?

Does the company have flexibility in terms of work-life balance?

Do you want this job? And will you be happy doing the job?

Will this job boost your career?

How does waking up going to work feel? Like a train wreck or like flying to the moon?

 You have to meditate upon your wishes. I prefer to write down all the answers to the questions above and ask myself even more questions I have missed. 

When you’re meditating, the purpose is to connect your mind, body and spirit.

I like to call God in my meditations and make sure to thank Him for everything.

Then I ask Him for everything I want in my meditation. This is the same method I used to reflect and continuously add to my income.

I can’t wait to see what happens to this blog because I’m on it darlings. 

When you are talking don’t talk about how bad it is to get the job you desire.

Talk about how your dream job is and how great it will be to work in the office of your dreams.

When you open your mouth, you either curse or bless yourself, open wisely.

It takes a lot of learning to understand how the law of attraction works.

Don’t use words like, it’s hard to find work these days, this virus has totally wrecked hiring and the economy, all the fields I want to work are oversaturated or who will hire someone like me who hasn’t worked in months/years?

Keep your mouth shut, you have to be in body and mind tuned. You have to be like Edwin Barnes, think, dream it, desire it, get it. 

Do everything you can 

Send resumes and C.Vs to every company you want to work with.

Obviously, the first step takes a bit longer but with dedication, you are down to writing resumes.

If you don’t know how to write proper resumes, you can learn or hire someone on Upwork to help you write a job-winning resume.

You cannot stop until you hear from a company. Do everything you can and let God do the rest.

I remember how frustrated I was back in 2010 when no job came my way.

It’s the time I got into depression and almost committed suicide.

It was the horrible scariest time of my time.

Don’t get frustrated maybe God wants you to use a special talent you never took heed of, maybe He wants you to create an income as a business owner.

Don’t neglect to do extracurricular activities which help add to your resume and experience. 

Be focused

I have learnt over the years since beginning work online that niching out is the gem of the business.

Find an industry, that’s a general niche. Then, within that general niche, there are sub-niches of sub-categories.

Within those subcategories, find one that fits you and your skills.

For example, writing is an extremely broad industry, SEO Copywriting is a sub-niche of writing paying very well. And there are many.

From this sub-niche, find what makes you get motivated and find a role to describe what you do.

Also, when taking extracurricular activities don’t forget to do activities which align with your job. 

Don’t miss any opportunity 

Many a time opportunity comes disguised in sacks and remnants.

When working in the hospitality industry in 2010, I got to work in every department in the hotel. I became a mockery for the others. ‘‘How can a University grad wash dishes? Kenya is an unfair place”, they would say mockingly.

Little did I know that the experience would lead to a greater accomplishment with my Airbnb in 2017 and bring me immense success beyond my eyes.

It felt like power. Within 2 days of opening our house, we were earning and had bookings and referrals every night to this day.

A few months in and I stopped using Airbnb and guests find me through their friends.

If I had sunk into depression because of my colleague’s mockery, I doubt I’d have learnt anything in the hotel industry.

I learnt a few lessons, some things happen in disguise as blessings, don’t underplay the small beginnings, they’re lessons.

Moving on, this blog was a place to vent about my journey as a single mum, I didn’t know it’d morph into a niche that would change my life.

Don’t discount anything which will propel you and your career. 


Everything you do at the beginning of your career is a learning phase.

When I started this blog, it wasn’t for earning a dime.

It was for expression, I keep to myself and thought writing or documenting my journey would be interesting.

Along the way, the free blog became a place to address everything about Kenya.

In 2013, I learnt that you can make money. It felt good.

I learnt all there’s to learn about making money with a blog, never implemented anything, so I relearnt and took blogging courses in 2017, never implemented the strategies.

In 2019/2020, all that I learnt came into action. You have to learn and implement what you learn.

Don’t discount anything you have learnt in the early years of your career. 

Experiment with different job title searches 

In your niche/industry/category, the jobs get advertised in different ways.

For example, in SEO Copywriting, they advertise, ”looking for advertisers with knowledge of writing”, ”salespeople with knowledge of writing” or ”landing page creators”.

Know all the jargon or language used in your industry in order to get that job you wanted.

Also, when searching online, know how to use the filters and advanced search buttons to get you the specific job title you are seeking. 

Do a company research 

When you know what employer you’re about to work for, it becomes easier if not greater to appreciate the role you apply for.

Look for companies that share your values and interests from company culture, their mission and vision and how they treat their employees.

I’ll write a more detailed article about conducting company research and link it here. 

Make yourself employable 

Let’s be honest. A lot of Kenyan job seekers don’t find the jobs of their dreams because they don’t want to earn 10k or less.

They want to earn a million shillings without experience. They don’t want to begin from the entry-level jobs.

Ensure you stay like an active job seeker, have a blog or an online presence where you share information about what you learnt in school or what there’s to learn in your field.

These days, smartphones get better and better and can use yours to begin a YouTube channel sharing any topic you desire. It’s a way of knowing what you are great at doing. Don’t sit idly. 

Be confident 

I didn’t have much confidence when working online, I mean, I couldn’t tell others the information I share these days.

Some were a bit judgemental, so why bother sharing? If you want a job you have to stand with ease and confidence.

Confidence, I have realised comes from research about your career and years of doing it. Confidence also arises from knowing what you want and going for it. 

Stay motivated because jobs need enthusiasm 

You cannot be lazy crying your eyes out that a job will find you.

Jobs come to people who are ready for them.

Keep keeping positive no matter how disheartening it is.

I believe there’s something out there, a greater something waiting for you.   

In conclusion, when looking for your dream job, throw frustration away.

Every step of the way, lift up/down your eyes and give thanks and praise.

It’s through thanks and praise that God shows up.

Maintain your focus, meaning, know the career you want and every volunteer work or parttime job you work, let it reflect the job you have always wanted.

This is how people gain years of experience rather than doing too many things at the same time, you become a master of nothing. 




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