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It’s funny that Kenyan hosts don’t realise Airbnb is a source of side-hustle that brings in millions.

It’s not a wonder that hosts have so many misconceptions about Airbnb that after a few months of not getting guests they give up.

For an Airbnb business to become a source of your side-income, a host must know how to write proper house descriptions that bring in guests.

House descriptions sounding so monotone like A house with a sea-view; Or home away from home or With walking distances to the city centre in a beautiful neighbourhood, while well-meaning don’t mean much to the guest.

A guest reads your house’s descriptions before flipping through your photos.

It’s your house’s descriptions that intrigue them. If photos don’t tell the story, then let your words tell the story of your Airbnb.

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How to Write Airbnb House Descriptions That Bring-In Guests in Kenya in 2020

What’s a proper house description and why do I insist on writing them?

A proper Airbnb house description means you describe what’s inside and outside your home. You are giving guests a reason to book with you. Guests do care about the interior of your house and its surroundings, but are you a personable? Do you have great customer service or are you just another rude person. When you describe your house with one sentences, you come across as a crass, rude, distant person who doesn’t pay attention. You’re not letting guests know about you and why they must choose you. When you don’t give guests a reason to visit your home, they will never. You will find one or two guests then the visiting will end or stop there. 

But when you scroll for further information, there’s usually nothing else. Mostly, those houses have no reviews because the description of the house isn’t personal.

A proper house description mentions the name of the house. Does your house have a name? It doesn’t matter what name you choose, choose a name according to your Airbnb niche. For example, if working in the niche of LGBT, you can choose Queenventures. Then describe what you chose your name, a brief explanation.

The location. Where is the place where your house can be located? It doesn’t mean you give the location of your house. It means, you briefly explain the town’s address. What does your town have that’s interesting. For example, my previous house in Mtwapa, or where the Airbnb cravings started I would say: Queentures, the only LGBT Airbnb house in Kenya is nestled in the sandy beaches of Mombasa. Overlooking the ocean from the 5th floor of the house. You can enjoy the house from the balcony while sipping tea/coffee/juice, depending on the time of day. The cool air from the sea doesn’t feel like breeze, feels like home. 

What does your house offer inside it? 

What are the scenes your house offer? Is it the cool breeze? Can you see the ocean from the bedroom? How is the room lit? Does the house receive light from the sun or do the big house windows allow the sun to reflect in your house? What other fixture does your house have? Is it a chef’s kitchen or a coffee maker? Is it a big kitchen island? Is it a modern house? Make your guests imagine your house’s interior decor. Make the descriptions vivid yet flawless. 

 What is offered outside the house? 

Before guests come to your house what do they see outside? You can describe the outside of your house or the town you live in. for example, in Mtwapa, the town is chaotic, local and dirty.  As you head further the Malindi road where my house was, you feel the ambience change. The place becomes quieter, greener, receptive and more high-class. Other than that, Mtwapa was rowdy and wild from 6 pm, tell your guests what that means. If they love the great outdoors,  the nights will intrigue them. If not, they can wait during the day to get entertained at the beach in Jumba la Mtwana (Jumba Ruins) or by eating sea-food. There are a classical coffee house and the joy of eagles nest restaurant to help you enjoy the onion soup. Make the experiences of your town in-depth. Don’t leave anything to the imagination. Entice and lure your guests into booking without exaggerating. Be imaginative so as to create the best experiences. If you know a lot about your town, write a Travel Guide. If you have great outdoor living space, a tennis court, gym, restaurant, proximity to superb facilities like the Nyali Golf Club, say them all. Guests want to know everything. 

Include the experiences that your house offers. 

Like describing your house above about what it offers on the outside, offer the experiences your house offers. You arrange experiences to either take your guests to or for them to take themselves. That’s why creating a travel guide is crucial. Tour your town or city to find out what it offers then create experiences that stand out. Read more about experiences for Airbnb in my ebook. 

Writing a proper house descriptions lets guests be excited to join you. You also sound personal, charming and welcoming. Did you know people can feel the power in your writing and excitement? Make your house appealing by writing descriptions which explain what you offer. Check my house’s description for my first Airbnb. 

Gertie’S Home of Tranquility is located in the lush greens of Mzambarauni past the weighbridge on the Mtwapa-Malindi Highway. Inside my home, you’ll be wowed by the colourful presence of my unique decorative eye but not distracted. You’ll be made to feel at sea due to the large collection of clamshells, starfishes. My warm house is very far from the hustle and bustle of Mtwapa which offers a set of experiences for the kids to adults. During the day, you can visit the kids’ park, and enjoy a meal at the floating restaurant (Moorings) while at night, you can barhop as you sample the night adventure of Mtwapa nightlife which wows locals and foreigners alike. Mtwapa is receptive to both the rowdy and the quiet ones and my house gives you that ambience for self-exploration and discovery. Cannot wait to make your acquaintance.

Always finish your house description with a call-to-action. A call-to-action invites the guests and makes them take action. In my description above, the call-to-action is Cannot wait to make your acquaintance. You can choose to add more call-to-actions according to what your Airbnb provides. 

A call to action can also include an incentive like, ”Make a booking today and enjoy the day’s special offer”. Which can be food or your experience or room discount. A powerful call-to-action invites guests to your house and telling them you’d love to make their acquaintance. Make your call-to-action enticing and exciting to attract more guests. You can also include your experience as a call-to-action. For example, come to the sea-side town of Kenya, Mombasa and enjoy not only the view of the sea but a boat ride in the deep sea. This will remind you of the best vacation ever. 

Remember, a proper and great house description is the first step of how guests get acquainted with you. Provide them with the best house descriptions and don’t forget to add glossy magazine photos taken from your smartphone. Don’t get tangled in the misconceptions about Airbnb. And read more about making a side hustle with Airbnb in Kenya in 2020 from my Airbnb ebook. 

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