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“We will reverse the law and we have to start with you!”

“We are the ones making laws when we want we break them.”

“I fight big wars. I don’t fight small wars. Tell your boss he is stupid,”

These aren’t my quotes but come from a man named Alfred Keter. The Member of Parliament of Nandi Hills. He’s also a URP official. The party that helped form the current government.

In Kenya, things are always done Kenyan Style regardless of whether kids are watching or hearing or in vicinity. They can be public and involve quite a number of obscenities. They can be hurled by a man who feels immortal and invincible because he believes and knows, he is the Lord who makes the law for the People of Kenya.

So what if you make laws? Yes, some break laws willingly and others, recklessly. So, this big man believes as a legislator he has the free-will and power to say whatever at any time, any where and anyhow. You begin to wonder, if not already, isn’t that why corruption is a menace in Kenya? Will corruption ever end when we say, we are above the law?

Is the war on graft a lost battle? Who should we blame? Us, who voted or those whom we voted for? I also wonder!

Whenever I want, I can fix laws and whenever they displease me I remove them, discarding them in the biggest pit, right, Honourable Member? Is that what you are telling us you do? I beg to ask, does this apply to you only, or do you do it as members?

You only deal with big fish!. Of course, who am I before you, sir? Very small. I am a police officer doing my job, doing my duty to serve my nation. Preventing Kenya and Kenyans from nightmares like yours. What do you do instead? Slam my desk in protest, ordering me to release your trailer, by force. In insults.

Then you keep claiming this is Kenya not Uganda. Does this mean that Kenya loves corruption, sir? Oh, I understand now, the man didn’t want, ”toa kitu kidogo”. He wanted transparency, no wonder, sir. But, you are a legislator and we respect that, why do you have to throw words thrown on the streets by non-legislators?

Tomorrow you will demand respect from us, sir. How do you expect us to accord you a piece of our respect let alone trust? You know, you believe we are too weak and slow even in thinking. This is not those times when we forgot, we know where we will get you, sir. 2017, is slowly and stealthily creeping onto us like a night thief. Be careful.

When you stand to insult us because you are the government, you forget without us you wouldn’t, couldn’t even have been heard, sir. We’re the government. Us small fry as you call us decide who we want to give so much power, sir. Be a little calm with your speaking and way of saying and doing things.

Anyway, your egoistic way of saying, ”you owe Kenyans no apology” makes us know the kind of leader we elected for Nandi Hills. We won’t say we’re sorry for us. We’re happy we know.

As a leader, a charismatic one as you always appear to be, you should know insults lower humans to levels of ants. Ants are very clever, I make no comparison then. I don’t know why you lowered yourself to levels so small. Your voice spoke the loudest. And I remember the saying on empty debes.

The tongue as small as it may be misleads a great leader and destroys a peaceful nation,  this time, sir, it has tainted your image. I doubt you care because you make the law and are the government. What was the fuss? Wouldn’t you ask in a calm collected manner? It wasn’t your trailer only in line, there were many. Others, carrying relief food as you say or belonging to very huge corporations than yours, sir. Why make lots of noise then? Oh, you’re above the law, sir.

You’re showing us how of little importance we are. We who are trying to make things right whenever we work. We worry not, because your intimidating remarks will never stop us. In fact, now we will rise above your insults. We will keep going at what we do because it’s right.

If this is your way of fighting corruption, sir, then I pity the constituents of Nandi Hills. They just don’t know what they got themselves into!

What do you think of a big man insulting small fry? To get what we want, do we, or must we use force?


You are a public officer and are answerable to the People you serve and to Kenyans.

You can never be above the law.

You can never take the law into your hands.

Stop using your position as a place for threats and intimidation.

We, The People of Kenya, are the Government.

Picture a world without us, would you do it?





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