How to Start a Successful Used Car Dealership in Kenya

The first and only car my father bought was a used car. I remember when he got home so happy and excited that he could get a nice vehicle at an affordable price. Aside from the raving on his end, I was eager to find out how he got it when our finances were down … Read more

How to Start a 10M/Month Fuel Station Business in Kenya

In April of 2022 fuel became a challenge. Long queues were witnessed at every filling station in major towns in Kenya. How can you start a profitable petrol filling station in Kenya? Does a filling station cost lots of money to start? How do filling stations make money? Fuel is combustible energy that we need … Read more

How to Start a 3M/Month Pet Grooming Business From Home in Kenya

Have you ever seen on NatGeo or in the wild how baboons groom their young ones? I knew that animals clean and bathe themselves. Cats do clean themselves. When my 4-year-old cried for a pet, we got her a dog and the Dog keeper told us, ‘You’re going to have to clean your dog at … Read more

9 Easy Steps on How to Start a Small Mechanic Shop in Kenya

Do you love cars and do you want to spend the rest of your days around them? You should start a mechanic shop. Before you get too excited, know that mechanics is one of the most undervalued professions in Kenya. Despite the number of cars increasing and the services of a mechanic becoming more valuable. … Read more

How to Start a Successful Maternity Clothing Line in Kenya

My go-to fashion during pregnancy is pants and oversized t-shirts. I cannot bring myself to wear anything fashionable during pregnancy because the bump makes me feel insecure and uncomfortable. Rihanna is pregnant CONGRATULATIONS. Have you seen Riri’s pregnant fashion/maternity clothes? Her way of appreciating her bump is bearing it to the world. What’s maternity fashion … Read more

How to Start a 5M/Month Internet Cafe Business Beating Competition in Kenya

The first internet cafes sprouted in South Korea. I visited the first cybercafe in 2006 to sign up for my Yahoo address. I have NEVER been intrigued with anything like I was that day at the internet cafe. I was told, ”When you access the internet, you can search for a job, get friends and … Read more

How to Prepare Your Business for Franchising in Kenya

Do you know what a franchise is? Have you heard talks about how you can franchise your small business? If you haven’t, you are in the right place. For me, when I hear franchising, I instantly think about McDonald’s and KFC which are very successful in their trade. We have a chain of small businesses … Read more

Lean Startup Business Plan Template for Free in Kenya

What’s a Lean Business Plan? I love a lean business plan because it helps you to move quickly as an entrepreneur. I wrote a lean business plan after closing my profitable pillow shop. Before starting my pillow shop, I read and wrote, copied and pasted business plans online without understanding why it’s important to have … Read more

How to Prepare Your Business for SALE in Kenya

Do you have a business that you want to sell? Are you thinking about retiring from work or venturing into a different business industry and you want to sell your current business? You are in the right place. There are so many reasons why business owners would want to put up the “for sale” sign … Read more

How to Track Your Net Worth in Kenya

Do you know why we’re obsessed with celebrities’ net worth? Do you ever wonder how you can track your financial progress? Do you want to measure your wealth? The simplest way to do this is by tracking your net worth. While a lot of people will talk about how tracking your net worth is a … Read more

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