How would you feel if someone kept you waiting for an hour?

How would you feel if someone kept you waiting a life-time?

Are you patient enough?

Should you be patient and for how long?


Day 16 of 365 Days of Planning, Questions we have dared to ask and answer: How to Maximise Your Year, Tune your Mind to Achieving Success, Happiness, Abundance, Confidence, Purpose, Manifestation, Motivation.

I have waited for far too long for you to dress up!

An impatient mother yells at her child.

”Mum a minute please”. ”We’re getting late for work and you for school! Make sure you wake up early tomorrow but -”

”I cannot keep waiting for you because life isn’t about waiting for others”.

A girlfriend said to her girlfriend. ”For how are you going to hide the fact that you’re a lesbian?”

                                                                   Take note:

Would you love to hear some coming out stories about the LGBTQ+ community in Kenya, some have been shared anonymously others using a first name only.

Where was I?

”You know I cannot say it to my parents until I’m ready”, the girlfriend responded.

”How many years have we dated now?

Have you ever been ready?

Will you ever be ready?

I don’t think so, you’re just trying to steal time with me as you find out about your sexuality, isn’t it?”

In this particular story, they had been dating for five years and no progress had ever been made only promises.

I have waited for years for my writing career to take to fruition for the day I’d accept I’m just good at other things but have a passion for writing – and I’m better at it and will be the best when I keep at it.

If we met on the streets and you asked what I did for a living I’d actually say, ”Well, I’m into business and many other things’‘.

I never owned my reality that I was a budding writer with a million stories to share, educate and inspire. I Couldn’t say I wrote quotes which are into the thousands. I couldn’t say I was into self-development, a motivational writer. 

I’d rather say, ”I’m a businesswoman” and inside say, ”an aspiring writer”.

Or should I have said, ”Writer, the only thing I kept coming back to when all the others failed?”.

I was totally ashamed of the ”Career for the Poor” yet I was made for a ”Career for the Riches”.


I delayed my own reality until the day I accepted the fact that I love writing and some day would love to be good at it.

Acceptance is the first step always, to recovery, freedom, then comes the mindset changes, the plan to reset and finally the slow baby steps to recovery.

Which sometimes takes someone back so much depending on how many years you have been trying to battle a certain something.

Sometimes, we delay ourselves because a certain someone made us do it either because we love them so dearly and would love to keep waiting for them.

Or because we love to sit around mothering others who in the end change.

Humans change it’s the only constant thing in life.

Change is us.

We love to reinvent ourselves others for the best others for the worst others for something somewhere.

If you feel you have been delayed by someone for far too long or you have delayed yourself it’s time to act.

Ask yourself:

1. why did I have to wait?

2. Why didn’t I just do?

3. Why was I stuck back there?

4. What was I told?

5. How is my life not jiving with this other person’s schedule?

6. Can I work like this?

7. Is my wait worth the while?

8. Would I rather be moving forward?

9. Should I stop a little to think about myself a lot?

10. Why do I have to be the one who makes excuses for everybody?

11. Would they have done the same for me?

Sometimes, we feel like we have to wait because of a number of reasons:

  1. Capital

  2. Can’t just balance

  3. I’m too busy

  4. Let me just wait

  5. He’ll change,

  6. She’ll change.

  7. I’m always patient.

  8. You’re too desperate.

  9. You like to believe in the best

  10. Patience brings good results.

I can tell you with a lot of certainty that nowadays the only patience we have to endure is those from ourselves, God and our kids.

Why does the mother dashing through the door believe the child will dash too?

Why does she go to wait for her daughter in the car instead?

She is trying to pass a message, I have waited for too long.

She is also suggesting that wasn’t her first time either, she loved to delay her mother a lot!

Or woke up too early yet prepared herself lazily.

Decide so fast when something or someone is worth the wait.

Have you at one point been tempted to wait for someone or something in the hopes it’d change?

Did it in fact happen? Or were you disappointed a million times over?

I love to hear your thoughts.


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