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Pillows, not only decorative make a home attractive, stylish and welcoming. A bed pillow makes you want to sleep at night and rightfully so, after a long day.

What if when you want to sleep, the smell becomes overbearing because of the stuffing inside? Or the filling is too thick because of being filled with crap making your head or spinal wonder if sleep is to be painful or painless and relaxing.

A good not too firm pillow allows for you to have a restful night because your spinal cord is well aligned hence no sleep problems, neck pains or any associated errors.

When aging, we need to keep staying “straight” knowing that becomes impossible. What a better way to ensure that than a comfortable pillow.

When filling the fibres, they are evenly and equally distributed. There won’t be any lumps and holes in your pillow.

We also allow for a refill of the former pillows. We do launder and reuse your pillow fabric if you ask us too. To cut down the cost and environment doesn’t need more trash. This is at affordable rates.

You can request for your pillowcase to be as exotic or as simple as possible… depending on what you’re looking to achieve. In your home or hotel.

Furthermore, the more colours you have the better. That creates for a home that’s easily customisable( mix and match).

Pillows add an edge to luxury in your home. Why not make an order? Follow us on Facebook page at GertiesCreationsbabyandlaundry to see the pictures and items we make.

Place your order and ask for detailed customisation that reflect your style, decor. Recommend the fabrics to use too. We deliver worldwide but shipping rates apply.

Allow for two business days please and if sending or ordering for an exotic fabric, three days would be fine.

Create comfort and style for your home or business with pillows. We love you and hoping to hear from you with your pillow enquiries.






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