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On my YouTube channel, I keep getting questions like which are the best businesses to start online for Kenyans in 2020? And what kind of online business is profitable to start?

What online business is the best for beginners in Kenya? These questions make me realise that there’s not a lot of information about starting online businesses for people in Kenya.

There are some businesses online which are the best because there are easy to start for beginner entrepreneurs.

The thing I love about online businesses is that you have zero to no risk involved.

Why? Because you invest mostly in yourself before the business. You have to invest in digital courses, laptop or computer, internet connection.

You don’t need to have a store because you can choose to begin with dropshipping, which is a form of digital business where you don’t need inventory.

Online businesses make the most money when you learn how to do them properly, this means, your customers are distributed worldwide and they pay you in dollars!.




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