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Students are out of campus because of the coronavirus. Some students rely on HELB to make ends meet.

Best Businesses for Kenyan Students to Start With Low Investment

As a student, you’re asking yourself how do I make myself busy earning money during these uncertain times?

The education system in Kenya teaches students to wait upon their parents to make money. You don’t have to be those students who wait for the loans board to come through for them. After all, you have to earn a way to repay this debt later on. The money you make from your business as a student will help you not rely on student loans, you can raise the status of your family plus you look good if seeking employment after campus. The businesses on this list are easy on the pocket, that means with as little as $10 or more dollars your busy will be up and running. If you want to save money starting a business, remember to maximise the online platforms like Facebook or best yet Instagram. Even if you are a student, you have to solve problems and issues in society. Remember that’s how Facebook got started from a dorm room in the university. Leaders are in campus bearing ideas. You just have to have the courage to begin. After mastering the courage, you have to market your product/service to others so they consume, at rates affordable for students. Remember, all the trends, begin from campus students. Use ‘good and persuasive language’. Don’t skimp on your customer service because good and lasting businesses value their customers. Be patient and never ever give up if your idea doesn’t take off as you’d expected, some things I have learnt take time. 

Businesses You Can Do While Studying in Kenya

The following are businesses you can do while studying in Kenya and they are: 

Start with social media and become an influencer 

Learn how to blog and monetise your blog or publish newsletters or news in your campus 

Resell your textbooks 

Sell on online marketplaces like Fiverr 

Become a freelancer 

Sell or upcycle clothes for a profit 

Run a delivery service 

Become a graphic designer 

Publish a book or audiobook 

Do voice over artist work 

Set a student review website not only for accommodation but everything within your campus and out of campus 

Start a language course/school online 

Grow and sell fresh veges and fruits 

Teach yourself something then use the knowledge to make money 

Become a model for stock photos 

Organise student trips to exotic locations within Kenya 

Become a fitness coach or outdoor fitness trail 

Design resumes/CVs 

Start video production 

Begin a makeup studio 


Become a mobile game developer 

Proofreading service 

New student/fresher guide and mentor 

Lecture transcription service 

Start an essay writing service 

Conduct market research

Budget nutritionist 

Student financial planner 

Gift card business 

Do cleaning or begin a laundry service 

Start a campus food stall 

Create a student survival pack 

Provide transport 

Rent and re-rent your dorm/hostel 

Become a chatbot creator 

Begin a student Saas company 

In conclusion, do nothing illegal like selling drugs and alcohol. Doing anything that jeopardises your future is something you don’t want. Many regrets are born after campus and youth is gone. Don’t compromise on safety. If you want to begin a diner, don’t start it in your dorm room where electricity is rationed or electric wires tampered with. Do, open and honest business, you cannot cook when you blow up, can you? You’re a student. In as much as you want to make money, don’t forget about your purpose, it’s to study and make a difference in society. Learn how to prioritise. 

Make sure you check the rules and regulations within your campus and outside for starting a business. For example, when you earn money you have to pay taxes. Also, some campuses don’t allow students to cook within their premises or use a charcoal stove. Check and double-check you don’t want to get suspended. Don’t and I mean don’t copy or steal some else’s work, that’s plagiarism and is sanctioned even online. Be proud of your work and research, it may take hours or days or months, but it’s your work and ideas. 

Don’t beat yourself up when you face failure. They say all success stories happen from failure. You must fail, it’s the actual success you experience. Beginning a business on campus is fun, wild and helps you exercise some qualities and skills in you from being employable, to patience with dealing with people and how to do research. You open up possibilities for yourself and others. It’s at the uni that leaders are born, because you discover yourself and what you want. 

Which of the businesses with the low initial investment will you begin as a Kenyan student?




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