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Staying at home with your kids is a rewarding job. No reward greater than that of earning money from the comfort of your home as a stay at home parent.

There are easy online jobs for stay at home parents.

They say staying home with the kids is a thankless opportunity, it doesn’t have to be that way because you can make money as a side hustle and even begin a career online. 

Time goes by and children grow up and out but what will you say you were good at after staying at home ends?.

Form a career, which helps reduce stress levels and increases your enthusiasm in life. 

Jobs for Stay at Home Parents in Kenya Making Real Money From Home

The following are jobs for stay at home parents in Kenya making real money from home and they include the following: 

Niche blogger 

If you want to start a blog right now in 2020 begin from a niche. A niche is a specific area of focus or in simple terms, determine your target market.

From the book Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers, I learnt that to make it as a blogger you need a variety of strategies one being an email list.

This book is drawn from 17 experts each with varying ideas of what makes a great blogger, so beware. Read and choose what flies for you. But, I love that these bloggers say Quality Content is King.

As a niche blogger, the most profitable niches to blog about in Kenya are all the industries. But the most profitable ones include those niches focusing on making money online, health and fitness, entertainment, education.

Before you begin blogging ask yourself about your WHY. Your why keeps you going when money isn’t coming. And most of these bloggers in the book say that money took a while or they needed to focus on the blog before they saw the money.

You have to learn how to treat your blog as a business to see fruits. If you have ever doubted you can make money as a blogger, the inspiration is close by in Nigeria where there are billionaire bloggers.

After building serious readership, you can place ads or get sponsored ads to advertise on your space.

You can use your blog to sell online courses about a talent you have like writing, music instructing or establish yourself as a craft guru.

Blogging is a great career for a stay at home mom/dad because it’s one of those businesses you start from passion. 

YouTube Channel

I started a YouTube channel in 2013 but was extremely shy to post on it. I wondered how would I even show face. I think of how far I’d have been in the YouTube game.

YouTube in Kenya isn’t well used, in fact, you can use the space to market your business. Since plunging in on YouTube in 2019, I have seen some serious growth.

What I have noticed if you want to succeed on YouTube in 2020 is this, start from a niche. Explore all the topics there are in that niche. Everyone loves an expert.

Use keywords to describe your videos. You get paid by selling your products, YouTube, many Kenyans don’t know is introductory to your online course.

And you know online courses make millions. You can become a YouTube influencer. 


I taught myself how to sew in 2015 when I wanted cloth diapers for my baby who suffered from severe diaper rash. It was also an inspiration from my sister who wanted to become a fashion designer.

I learnt that tailoring is underpaid and an underestimated business in Kenya.

Tailors in Kenya don’t bother to brand their business, which was brought to my attention by a fellow tailor friend, Dennis, thank you brother, I won’t forget.

I also learnt about taking custom orders and the policy of custom orders. I learnt all these from my pillow sewing business which I do remotely via dropshipping and custom-orders.

Learn about my tailoring journey and sewing pillows. You have to determine your niche before you get into sewing.

Are you going to alter clothes, sew baby clothes, women wedding dresses or flower girls dresses? Choose a niche and become known in it.  


I love babies and the idea of beginning a daycare flew by me in 2012. I quickly realised babies are very annoying. I had to use a helping verb, hahaha.

If you want to succeed as a daycare owner, read my article about running a successful daycare business in Kenya first.

I have published a video about it too many times. In conclusion, you need to love babies. Do 24/7 caring for babies and provide the best facilities.

No congestion for the sake of making more money. Remember, the amount of money needed to start a daycare business is entirely up to you.

Choose to have a car to solve location-related issues. Parents love daycares which are close by, importantly, which make their lives easier and simpler.

Market, market and market, a great daycare is marketed throughout the year as is any business.

Keep aside money for marketing. Choose a curriculum to use for teaching kids who come to your daycare. Why? Because it’s not all play plus when you choose a curriculum like the British learning or American, you get paid more by the parents.

Daycare is like a school, it grows slowly, have resilience and perseverance. 

Ebook writing 

I got ideas for a million and one books which I wrote but became too shy to publish.

I believe my breakthrough in the online working world was in 2012/2013 because I came across so many unbelievable ideas to keep making money.

Now, when you have an idea get right down to it by reading authorpreneur ELITE by Raza or read the blog Kindlepreneur.

Now, with the book by Raza, your eyes are going to pop up because you get a freebie on creating an outline for your book. 


Writing is an acquired art no wonder many give up on it. Plus some people call it a ‘noble business for peasants’, a myth I intend to break like chicken bones.

Now, you don’t have to be a romantic author/J.K Rowling, you can choose a niche. When you choose a niche your earning potential increases exponentially, the most lucrative writing niches include personal finance, white report, case studies, SEO Copywriting.

There is a book called 88 Ways to Make Money as a Writer and that book opens your eyes to the lucrative writing fields out there. You can choose to craft up to 1000 words per day or more as a writer.

I have written up to 200k word in two weeks. When you are a freelance writer, that happens a lot. But I always feel so tired afterwards to write for at least 2 weeks that’s like 80 blog posts of 2500 in two weeks!

Mostly, I am overwhelmed to even write for myself, the reason for taking my blog serious these days. Writers are advised to write per day, I suggest you fin your writing frequency.

The more you write the fewer writers’ block. Because writing is easy to learn, choose to go beyond the ‘profession for peasants’ by choosing a high-paying niche.

Build a writing portfolio to make you an attractive employee. 

Online course creator 

As a stay at home parent, it becomes easier to create lessons because stay at home parents are very creative individuals.

You don’t have the whole day but can film some when kids are asleep.

The misconception is that online course creation is a complex process yet it’s very simple, pick the camera, tripod and have the lessons in handy plus a microphone.

You don’t need any professional gadgets, ensure your sound can be heard. Offer some part of your lessons for free on YouTube use YouTube as a marketing tool. The best part, you can teach anything. 

Selling with a dropshipping store 

I love dropshipping. In fact, I heard about concept back in 2013 but never got it.

You sell items from your store without having the inventory. It’s the same model of business used by Amazon and Jumia. Research for hot selling items on websites like Alibaba and find manufacturers/suppliers, then list them for a profit in your store.

When a customer orders for the product, the supplier ships the item like it came from you. This mode of business resembles that of Fulfilled by Amazon only that with FBA the goods are stored in Amazon stores.

With dropshipping, you can sell larger items because you don’t keep them. Your work is to do serious marketing.

I advise all the time, verify that products you’re selling work by ordering them for yourself first.

Dropshipping is awesome for stay at home parents because you need to dedicate a few hours daily or per week for marketing. And the lack of handling goods is even more appealing. 

Clothes flipper 

I have read about clothes flipping and even wrote about it here.

Clothes flipping can be a thousand in profits for those who know what to look for. You can choose to rent high-end items in your wardrobe or sell them.

Best clothes flipper is Sophia Amoruso, of GirlBoss who created an item by purchasing vintage clothes then selling them for a profit.

In my research, high-end/luxury goods sell more no matter their age and old not easily found clothes sell well.

The best website to sell old items is on eBay, of course.

Better know how to take excellent photos and write proper clothes description by using keywords that your would-be customers use when searching for items. Great business for killing time when kids get to bed. 

Crafts/ DIY business 

Stay at home parents are crafters at heart. I made a blog post about starting a DIY business as a Kenyan, read it.

Now, a craft business is mostly a hobby business. A hobby business means coming from talent or learned.

Crafting involves activities like sculpting, carving, sewing, painting, writing and the list goes on.

What craft do you know and could use that knowledge to make some side hustle income while staying at home?

You can develop lessons free on YouTube then private lessons where you get to charge however much you want.

A successful crafter is the one with ‘insider’ knowledge another one doesn’t have.

Remember crafts business becomes in-planted as in the more you do, the more you hone the craft. 

Travel agent 

These days you don’t have to own a travelling agency to become a travel agent, you need to work under a direct sales company or Airlines.

Disney offers such perks, I don’t know if the service is worldwide.

You get to advertise for Disney and get paid from the comfort of your home by organising tours for families.

These tours are so popular during the summer holidays. 


I became a VA in 2012 by being approached to work for a friend as an online secretary. I was so shocked because I had never done it.

I insist all the time, find a niche if you want o to become a VA. when you choose a niche, you distinguish yourself with a particular career path unlike everyone else calling themselves a virtual assistant.

There are so many tasks a Kenyan VA can complete from simple office tasks like booking flights to complex ones like scheduling Pinterest pins.

When you choose your niche, for example, an SEO VA or Customer Service VA, it becomes easier to know your roles.

You get work networking on VA websites or applying for jobs on Wordlwide101 or Contemporary VA or on Upwork.

Remember, the role of a VA  is rejected so many times on Upwork, that’ where your skills come in handy. 

Print-on-demand business 

A print on demand business is a rival business for dropshipping.

But they say the POD business is one of the revolutionary businesses for 2020 and beyond because these days people are going for unique types of clothing.

So, are you a graphic designer, print those cute or quirky quotes on t-shirts, backpacks, fanny packs, hoodies. You don’t have to know how to use photoshop, you can use Canva.

It takes a few hours to learn Canva or a month to learn how to use Canva, so, POD business has never gotten easier. Pus there are companies like Printify and Printful who help you fulfil an order for customers.

This business, you don’t carry the inventory nor the printing headache. You order your design then the company ships it like it came from you.

The world of making money has never been easier hey.

You can come up with designs in an evening then design them on items of choices.

Advertise your work on Pinterest or Instagram. The more unique and niche your items, the hotcakes they become. 


Copywriting or advertising language to me is using people’s thinking/psychology to get them to patronise a brand.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes you click on a link, blog or video? It’s the language used to appeal to you.

Copywriting is one of the highest paying writing forms out there. You must, in my opinion, know the psychology of selling and marketing to win with copywriting.

Ask yourself what makes you buy a product, write all the answers. What makes you come back to the shop, then ask yourself.

Why would a customer want my product, blog or to read my story? List all the answers possible then use one of the catching and touching statements to write a message.

You must know what your customers value, your customers prefer to become a great copywriter.

This is a great gig to do in the early morning hours before kids go to school or when they are at busy with school work as homeschoolers or in the late evenings. 

Social media manager 

Many social media managers are self-taught.

To make more money though, take courses to help your customers increase revenue with their products through the marketing strategies you conduct.

Start from one social media like know the ins and outs of Pinterest, my God, I love Pinterest because it’s so underestimated yet so superior.

If you know how to increase a customer’s revenue with FB ads/Insta ads even better.

Social media marketing involves the organising of content to publish, scheduling content and answering questions from customers patronising the client’s page.

You can work social media pages in the evenings when there’s most engagement.

It pays to know where customers interact with platforms in order to get max feedback. 

Content manager 

A content manager is responsible for the creation, coming up with ideas and marketing of a business’ content.

Without content, businesses don’t perform.

Content managers oversee the performance of products/services and analyse what works and what doesn’t work. 


You don’t need to do another job when ou creates an Airbnb business. To be successful, you need to read my book on Airbnb.

You also need to niche out, what travellers do you love catering to? Or simply, what traveller are you? A luxury traveller, gay, solo female, solo gay? 

When I start a business, I sell to myself first. Now, ask yourself does this niche have enough customers or will I struggle to find them?

And if there are customers, where are they?

This is a great business for stay at home parents because you know about spotless cleaning, baby proofing houses, organising and decluttering.

You can create a rich Airbnb side-hustle like a blog to help others know how to manage and maintain their homes like hotels. 

Tour guide 

Travelling is my forte, it allows me to get lost in thoughts. A tour guide must not get lost.

Although not the best from at home job there is, you are already an expert in your area.

Know about the best coffee shop families must frequent or hideout spot for a romantic date.

Because, well, you don’t hang out in the house the whole day.

A tour guide must know the basics of an area, then the not so basic or unexplored areas around them. 

Affiliate marketing with Pinterest or Instagram 

I love affiliate marketing and how it changed earnings by creating millionaires, overnight ones.

You don’t have to be a blogger these days to recommend products you love to customers. You can do so via Instagram or Pinterest.

To get more money, have a following. Have an in-depth understanding of the products you recommend then add reviews about the products bad, good and ugly.

Affiliate marketing isn’t about slapping affiliate links for cash it’s about enhancing your blog as a credible source of for example work at home Kenya community through books, videos, webinars, seminars. 

Sell digital products 

I got introduced to the world of digital products in 2018 when I started wondering how to package my quotes for sale. I write quotes each day.

Now, digital products aren’t just quotes which are downloadable and printable.

There are other classics like books, videos, software, audios. What do you find hard as a stay at home parent?

Is it meal preparing or getting your kids to settle in for homework.

You can create printables on how you solve such solutions and sell through Etsy or Instagram or via Pinterest. 

Network marketer 

Network marketing like using Upwork has been trashed over the years for a very long time as a pyramid scheme and not a business model.

When I see such criticism I ask myself why is the same industry being trashed creating six-figure earnings and millionaires like Eric Worre a renowned network marketer?

When I see the answer is I don’t have enough information, I go to the research board and unearth great information.

For example, you have to research the company you want to join. Don’t join a brand because anther one told you, do research.

Then, choose or start from a niche. I love health and wellness to the extent of being a fanatic, if I were to join a network marketing company, I have to choose from a health and wellness like essential oils or Young Living or Plexus products not from StitchFix or a clothes network marketing company.

Start from a passion, what you love the most then find a reputable company supplying the products.

Remember network marketing industries are distributed among all the industries, there’s something for your niche.

Stay at home parents have networks they can market their products to. The best network marketers are great salespeople.

They know how to sell, where to sell and when to sell. 

Business consultant 

Many stays at home parents want to start a business but don’t know-how.

You can set up a business consulting firm where would-be entrepreneurs approach your firm for consultations about branding, marketing and sales, the most head-scratching services entrepreneurs struggle with.

You can help another stay at home parents start their own businesses or a business like yours if you are a successful brand strategist, help them become a brand strategist and so on.

Create courses so that the most recurring questions are always answered. 


The best perk of being a stay at home parent is cooking fresh meals daily.

You know a bit about meal planning and preparation. Offer your cooking service to other families.

Help them plan healthy nutritious meals which are easy to cook after long workdays. 


A tutor is for the stay at home parent who loves teaching kids.

You don’t have to focus on teaching kids English if English isn’t something you enjoy.

You can teach anything you like. I was teaching on Instagram on how to change mindsets. 

Personal finance advisor 

Have you met any business website offering personal finance in Kenya, for the Kenyan market? Honestly, I haven’t.

We have lots of personal wealth in Kenya but we become so broke after a few years, barely able to afford food.

We must also be taught how to give and freely do so. 

Meal planner

Meal planning is like cooking for the stay at home parent who loves cooking. It’s not a career must that when you stay home you must know how to cook.

If you know how to cook healthy, vegan, keto meals or paleo meals, help organise how someone can incorporate diets in their daily meals and save time. 


Cleaning houses was once a peasant job until cleaning companies came about.

Don’t focus on offices, check around your neighbourhood. Advertise that you offer cleaning services to families and homes.

Sooner word will spread that you clean and companies will reach out to you.

The key to running a successful company is customer service and customer service excellence.

Don’t leave a customer’s house or premise without doing a meticulous job and on top of it, ensure that you leave valuables as they are. 

Create profitable printables 

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to design printables. You need to know how to use Canva or Photoshop.

The goodness with online jobs is that you can kill two birds with one stone.

For example, you can sell a meal plan, lesson plans then teach online courses on how to use Canva for other mums or dads to design their own printables. 


I joke all the time in these blog posts when I mention organising that I am the messiest person alive.

Yes, I am but I don’t like clutter so there’s nothing to be messy about. Are you the Marie Kondo of Kenya?

Help other families take care of their mess by cleaning their houses, taking care of their clutter and how to throw away the garbage. 

Do laundry 

You can set up a laundry space in your home or in your area through a laundromat.

Laundry and dirty dishes are the most common cause of disagreement in homes.

Help families take care fo their laundries. To help make more money, introduce clothes alteration and repair plus ironing.

This way your customers don’t have dirty or un-mend clothes back in their collection. 

In conclusion, the works of a stay at home parent are seriously ignored just like a caregiver. It’s a thankless job.

But you don’t have to wait for anyone to thank you, thank yourself by getting a job that gives you money to treat yourself for special vacations, clubs and wine. 

You don’t have to look for a job, you can start with your hobbies, what you enjoy doing while staying at home with the kids.

It could be a craft like sewing, knitting or writing books. Staying at home isn’t for everyone but if it’s necessary because of childcare costs, it’s doable and enjoyable. 

Which of these stay at home jobs in Kenya will do from your hobby so as to raise money from the comfort of your home? 

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