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When looking for work online as a Kenyan, there are no jobs boards serving the Kenyan market. 

The only jobs board available for beginner freelancer, you will learn, are Upwork and Freelancer.

These jobs boards have an oversupply of freelancers working full-time or on a part-time basis.

So, how does a beginner Kenyan freelancer find work online if there’s no jobs board for Kenyans?.

I went ahead and scoured the internet for jobs board, though international, that beginner Kenyan freelancer can use to find work from home jobs. 

The Best Jobs Boards for Kenyans to Find Work from Home Jobs Include:

  1. Flexjobs 

On Flexjobs, you pay a monthly fee or yearly to get jobs.

Most are tech jobs but there are Virtual Assistant jobs, writing opportunities.

Some employers also require you to be location-based, others don’t mind.

The secret to finding a position on Flexjobs as a Kenyan, apply for the job as soon as advertised, the same applies to all online jobs board.

2. Indeed 

Indeed is the largest jobs website in the world, a great place for Kenyans to scour for online jobs.

In the Indeed search bar, type, remote jobs, telecommute locations, work from home jobs. 

3. Glassdoor 

Glassdoor isn’t for checking the legitimacy of companies only but also for job hunting.

Hop onto Glassdoor, sign up and start job hunting.

There’s a Google phrase ‘Glassdoor Jobs Kenya’ as well.

For best results, use remote, from at home jobs search terms. 

4. Virtual Vocations

Many compare virtual vocations to Flexjobs, the main difference is that Flexjobs has tech jobs but virtual vocations pride itself in providing job vacancies in 60 careers.

They also have part-time jobs for students, full-time work for professionals and anyone looking for supplemental income.

You have to make an investment of 15, 39 or 59 dollars to access the premium jobs.

They hand-select their positions like Flexjobs does. 

5. WeWork Remotely 

WeWorkRemotely prides itself on being the world’s largest telecommute website, a plus for Kenyans.

The downside is as with all the telecommute websites, most job opportunities are for American residents.

Don’t give up though, search through for employers looking for freelancers worldwide. 

6. Power to Fly 

Power to Fly is a networking site for women and a remote jobs board created by women.

To check the jobs available, type in the search bar, remote/telecommute jobs. 

7. Jobspresso 

Jobspresso says they are the best to find telecommute jobs easy, a plus for Kenyan freelancers.

Search through their database with keywords like ‘Anywhere’ jobs etc.

8. Working Nomads 

This is a dream come true for Kenyan freelancers because of its wide variety and selection of jobs.

The various telecommute jobs are in the following categories: development, writing, sales, design, marketing.

Plus the jobs get marked as ‘remote’ for ease of use by customers. 

9. Remotive 

Though Remotive says it helps tech professionals land remote jobs, there are jobs in other categories like customer reps jobs, sales, software development, design jobs. 

10. AngelList 

AngelList is for finding tech start-ups and remote jobs as well.

On AngelList, you get a lot of opportunities to help tech start-up, get in front of many customers through your SEO expertise.

The pay isn’t that big as for established tech companies but also not so minimal as some tech start-ups are well-funded. 

11. RemoteOK

You get to work online as a Copywriter, Programmer, Designer, Customer Service Rep, Project Manager, a wide variety of jobs for Kenyan telecommuters. 

12. ProBlogger

The best writing online jobs board for Kenyan writers to find online work is Problogger. With jobs handpicked and selected by a great blogger Darren Rowse.

You can learn about his blog and how to begin a blogging business while job hunting. It’s my go-to websites for writing jobs.

You have to get the tips on getting hired on Problogger in this blog. 

10 Tips for Getting Work from Home Job in Online Jobs Boards as a Kenyan 

  1. Apply for the job as soon as advertised. Get notified when the above companies upload jobs or regularly check their blogs.

2. Acquire knowledge in the most common or recurring fields.

It pays to go where the customers are, no reinventing the wheel at all.

You can acquire knowledge on YouTube school, Coursera, with a certificate, on Udemy as well where you pay. 

3. Be competitive.

Meaning, do have the most marketable skills adorning your resume/cv.

Example, if searching for a customer service job, get knowledge on sales or social media marketing.

Learn to combine hard skills like sales and soft skills like a people person. 

4. Get your resume/cv ready at all times. Keep updating your resume/cv with recently acquired knowledge

5. Digital skills pay a tidy sum. Digital marketing skills like social media skills, content marketing does pay a lot and are in-demand skills.  

6. Apply for jobs you over-qualify.

When you apply for jobs you over-qualify, the likelihood of getting hired increases.

The employer settles knowing they have their investment by the right person.

It’s better to be over-qualified because you know the ins and out of the jobs set skills required than under-qualified struggling to find the requirements of the job. 

7. Location doesn’t matter for some employers, the quality of the job does.

Though these are remote jobs sites some employers believe remote is within their country.

Therefore they don’t have to deal with language barriers and time difference or taxation problems.

So they offer remote jobs within the states or their country of residence. Move on when you find such a job. 

8. Write your cover letter afresh for every job opportunity.

The attempt to recycle a cover letter is the reason why you are not getting hired online as Kenyan freelancer.

Write a new cover letter for every job opportunity plus it helps address the needs for a specific employer. 

9. Find employers on LinkedIn and tell them your qualifications and why you will be a great fit for their company.

Yes, this is called stalking but you get hired fast.

When you go for employers, they hire you because of the courage and the headache you help them erase by going for the job you want.

Going after employers on Linkedin requires a lot of research to find contacts and patience as well.

Create/form a rapport first before pitching for the job. 

10. Always have the jobs board on autopilot. Make sure you subscribe for job notifications or updates so you get updated asap. 

11. Use keywords for writing your CV/resume.

Google ranks resumes as well, a trick, not so many job hunters know about.

If you’re a writer, make sure to use all the writing keywords employers use, professional writers, SEO Copywriters, etc. use keywords to search for vacant positions too. 

In conclusion, finding remote jobs in Kenya doesn’t have to stop on Upwork/Freelancer, there are many online jobs board with anywhere/telecommute options.

Use the correct keyword while searching for remote jobs to help you find a work from home opportunity as a Kenyan. 

Which of these online jobs boards for Kenyans will you use for finding remote/work from home jobs in 2020?




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