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The medical field is thronged with opportunities for non-doctors to make money online as  Kenyans.

Kenyans don’t realise that the medical field isn’t for the medical professionals only.

You can get into the medical field without studying for years and years to get a degree by getting into business selling medical supplies. 

Businesses in the Medical Industry for Kenyans 

The following are the best businesses in the medical industry for Kenyans to do from home in 2020 include: 

Medical transcription services 

To learn medical transcription you need to start from Careerstep, a leading provider in the legal and medical transcription.

This certificate costs up to a quarter of a million shillings but you get the returns on investment faster. Why? Because the medical field needs transcriptionists to decode the messages and not many are trained in the medical transcription field.

You will work with forensic scientists, doctors of all kinds.

If you love the medical field, a great opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your home is becoming a medical transcriptionist.

Remember the medical field leaves no room for errors you have to pay attention to details.

Start from general transcription to get the hang of transcribing then branch out. 

Medical records management 

Have you ever walked into a public hospital to look for your medical records or your child’s and you found them missing?

Poor management and corrupt medical staff play a huge role.

The cases of children infants going missing isn’t a mere coincidence but a lack of knowledge on how to manage hospital records.

You can offer your services to manage records of patients through electronics.

This record helps show the hospital a number of things: how many patients come to their clinic, what ailments they deal with. You need great organisational skills. 

Physical/occupational therapy centres

Some patients get into therapy after their accidents to know how to walk, sit, eat, talk.

Setting up a clinic catering for the physical health of the patients provides quick recovering for the patients ensuring their health gets restored.

You need to have great customer service and caregiver stamina because you will be dealing with very difficult patients.

Those who are angry because of the situation they find themselves in like, for example, it doesn’t feel great to be crippled when you were born with your legs in function.

You need to know when to involve psychiatrists but mostly, the patients are under your care all day. 


A toothache isn’t a funny business and you wish your dentist would be there to care for you.

A toothache makes you feel like you’re going crazy.

Setting up a dental clinic is a profitable business because people always suffer from some toothache at any point in their lives.

Infants growing their teeth early, adults and children needing tooth whitening procedures and others needing extracting their teeth. 

Become a veterinarian 

Caring for animals isn’t for the faint-hearted.

When setting up an animal clinic, remember you will not only be dealing with the health of animals but also the pet owner.

Some owners are so attached to their animals that when they come down with an illness they also come down with an illness.

You have to know how to comfort the animals through grooming and the owners through empathy and lots of reassurance. 


A chiropractor helps straighten out bones in your bodies. Bones which are misaligned or deformed causing you severe backaches, shoulder aches.

Many Kenyans don’t visit chiropractors, set up a clinic and educate Kenyans on the importance of having their bones checked.


With many Kenyans opting for alternative medicine due to their religion or choice, becoming a certified herbalist will surge your business.

First of all, don’t be a traditional herbalist or Daktari wa miti shamba because you will turn off a huge modernised Kenyan clientele.

Be a modern one who finds cure through herbs like cannabis or lowering blood sugars through eating greens like basil.

A Nigerian entrepreneur, Jaaruma Empire, became a billionaire by being a herbalist, she uses kola nuts to help men and women with libido and other sexual issues.

Test your greens, use no chemicals and use social media to show others what you do.

This sector is full of con artists getting certified will set you ahead.

Choose a niche, for example, treat sex dysfunctions for women who have given birth.

Test your products before releasing them. Patent your products. Brand your products well to appeal to your buyers and curious millennials. 

Massage therapist 

Many a time, pampering oneself through a massage is the best way of having a relaxing holiday. Get certified before becoming a massage therapist and choose a niche.

For example, will you do mobile erotica massages on your clients or will you do Swedish massages or accompany your massage with acupuncture?

When you structure by choosing a niche for your spa, you won’t get lost in the sea of spas in Kenya.

Plus, a lot of massage therapists aren’t certified but learnt it through their grandparents or observation.

When you can provide more than a massage to clients through excellent customer service or offering skincare routine advise for your clients, you are setting yourself as an expert recognised in your field. 

Alcohol and drug abuse 

Rehabilitation centres aren’t so many in Kenya and even if they are, they’re not well publicised.

Kenyans like to hide their problems from the world but youths get into alcohol and drugs because of their peers or their will to escape and have fun.

Start a rehab centre that looks like a home away from home. Let your centre help the youths or affected individuals learn how to deal with their issues.

You have to train as a psychologist to understand how your patients plunge themselves into alcoholism and why so that you can help them.

When you dive deeper into your client’s struggles, then you can better help them. 


A nutritionist friend of mine earns a 6-figure income. She told me she wanted to know why her parents died of diabetes leaving her an orphan.

She is dedicated to helping others come out of their struggles and she helps HIV, Cancer, Diabetes and pregnant mothers to balance their diets. It’s the most rewarding job to have when you help others overcome their illnesses through food.

You need to study a lot to get recognised. And you work in hospitals alongside doctors and nurses to help with the health of their patients. A nutritionist is one of the most in-demand jobs in the medical field and there aren’t many specialised nutritionists in Kenya. 


I’m a trained forensic psychologist, a course I took with a lot of pride in my heart and keep educating myself on it.

The fields of psychologist and forensic psychologist have slight differing points, forensics deals with investigations and the reason why the murder was committed while psychologist deals with humans and their behaviour why.

The two are inter-related and work the same way. So, a psychologist dives deeper into the behaviour and why people do what they do.

Kenyans don’t see the need to visit a psychologist yet the services are needed in times of a pandemic, illness or overcoming trauma.

You need to bury your heels deeper into the books though because psychologists are plunged with a lot of scandals and malpractices.

Think of counselling psychologist, sports psychologist among other branches. 

Pharmacy/drug supplier 

Supplying drugs to your pharmacy doesn’t need a degree but a network of pharmacies or chemists to take your drugs to. You need to get educated on what medicine is needed and what the medicine helps a patient with. 

Health podcaster 

Do you love to talk a lot about health issues? Start a health podcast and talk about all things, food, alternative medicine, mental health. Then monetise your podcast with affiliate marketing, sponsorships and product reviews. 

Health blogger 

I am going to become a health blogger in a few months time. Why? Because I love to talk about natural medicine even though I am not a herbalist. I love essential oils, natural skincare routines and makeups. Choose a niche under health blogger to begin from then establish yourself as an expert. 

Scrubs retailer 

E.g stylish uniforms for medical professionals e.g comfortable shoes, lab coats

Medical software developer 

You can develop software to help track movement or calorie intake of patients through apps.

Don’t stop there find out the kind of software needed in the medical field then develop it.

Developing software, though rewarding, requires a lot of patience and marketing before the product is accepted.

You have to test your apps or software a lot too before unveiling to the world.

Medical waster disposal provider 

A lot of hospitals struggle with disposing of waste. We lived near a hospital all our lives and saw how careless needles got discarded until scavenger dogs hunt on the grounds and people in the neighbourhood complained.

You can help hospitals take care of their garbage. Did you know medical waste is the most dangerous because of the potential of causing disease spread? Some hospitals don’t know how to manage their waste and would appreciate the extra help. 

Cleaning business 

A cleaning business like the waste removal business is crucial for a hospital because a hospital needs to be sterilised. 

Marijuana business 

Nowadays, the marijuana business, though illegal, is used to help reduce or cure some certain illnesses. Machinery to extract the oils costs millions but because it’s a growing and on-demand need for these oils, the earning potentials skyrocket. 

Home healthcare assistant 

Elders and others suffering from serious ailments find it so hard to move from their homes to the hospital. Help provide the service of an in-home health care assistant. You need to be a trained nurse or doctor because you will need to administer injections, drugs and you can not do this without proper training. 

Medical coding services 

Non – emergency transport provider 

Health fair organiser 

Talk about food, lifestyle or exercise 

Childbirth classes

First time and even seasoned mothers to become scared with childbirth. The thoughts of dying while giving birth aren’t funny to have and these thoughts can impend a healthy birth. 

Fitness operator 

Fitness centres are widespread but you don’t have to stop. Cater to a particular niche of women or men. Women after childbirth or men in their 50s. It’s rewarding to see a person transform their bodies. 

Natural / alternative medicine 

Alternative medicine like herbalist helps patients find a cure without using doctors and medication. They may use herbs, essential oils or cannabis oils to help restore the patient’s help. 

Blood donor awareness programme 

Help educate the healthy Kenyans on the importance of blood donation and why it’s essential to give blood if one is in perfect health. This blood goes in blood banks which helps in times of accidents. 

Healthcare app to track, record, manage medical conditions 

Imagine a healthcare app helping you track your high blood pressure and telling you what kind of exercise to do. I know there are some apps like this already. You need to have your apps verified by medical staff that means taking them for peer reviews. Sit down and snoop around all the medical journals and reviews and see what’s missing or what doctors struggle with, now introduce it to the market. 

Mobile foot care sercives(podiastrist)

Diabetic people and some older people have issues with their feet. Provide pedicure and foot massage services for them. It helps when you know how to combine essential oils to help relax the feet after a long day. 

Medical supply sales

E.g walkers, braces, bedpans 

Sometimes, hospitals lack supplies of their basic needs and have to wait or buy from other local suppliers. Source products hospitals grapple to stock on their shelves then sell to them. A lot of hospital supplies needs for you to know someone or market yourself very well to the hospital to make sales. Not to scare you, if you have the best product, why shouldn’t a hospital not buy from you? 

Respite care for caregivers 

Have you ever had to care for someone sick in your lifetime? I cared for my family back in 2001 when everyone became sick of malaria after moving to Nyanza province. It’s the hardest thing to ever do and I was just a teen!

Can you imagine having to take care of someone for the rest of your life?

For example, kids with autism or cerebral palsy among other disabilities? It puts a lot of pressure on a person imagine them being older or a single parent.

The pressure increases, even more, when money is tight, right?

If you can introduce a care centre for caregivers, what a relief it would be, to have like-minded caregivers and having to get pampered for a season.

They say the caregiver job is thankless because you do it out of love and empathy.

Make your respite centre have spas, manis and pedis, big screens or have them choose tour packages. Be as creative as possible while thinking of ways to make a profit. 

To succeed in the medical health care business as a Kenyan take note of the following 

Permit and license

Ensure that you get permits and licences for your business. The medical business/ field is so fragile and you need to get accredited.  


Since I lingered a lot in the hospitals due to my father’s career in the medical field, I realised one thing, you won’t succeed when you don’t talk to someone who knows someone. You know, this field is one which thrives on lots of networking and knowing the ‘right’ people. Doctors look at each other in a lot of scepticism. After someone who trusts you and your products roots for you, then you are set. 

Professional training 

The medical field needs a lot of professional training even selling products. You need to educate yourself about the products you sell to be able to make an impression. Get as many certificates or degrees as possible before getting started. After all, is it better to be doctor death or doctor with magic hands? 

Market research 

Like any other field, the medical field requires a lot of in-depth research when you want to introduce a service or product. Ask doctors, attend doctor seminars and check online on the current trends in the medical fields. 

Empath and a natural caregiver 

You can’t be a doctor who doesn’t have the kindest heart on earth. You have to put yourself in your patient’s shoes but then have a heart of steel not to cry with them in the ward.

I have seen a lot of cold over-worked doctors who treated their patients like trash then these doctors ended up requiring care themselves.

Why do you think psychology and sociology are taught to aspiring doctors? 

Getting into the medical or healthcare business as a drop shipper or a doctor requires a lot of steel heart.

There are a lot of supplies, services already flying around in the medical field.

Though it’s an over-saturated field, there’s a need for innovative products and services as the Kenyan income levels keep surging.

It’s time to innovate something or introduce a product not sold. Remember to niche out and build a brand for yourself. 

Is a health or medical care business something you are interested in doing as a Kenyan from home? 




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