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I have been poring around the internet, books, journals and various research publications. Guess what I have been busy searching for? YOUR RIGHT AS A KENYAN. I have decided to introduce this new segment because it touches dearly in my heart. Yes, you know me, it’s a story.

*Njeri* told me, Gertie, I’m so angry today. I feel like killing someone, if it wasn’t for my grandmother, I would have killed that woman. That woman has made me mad, very mad. ”What happened”?, I gently asked. ”I’m walking quietly thinking how I am going to cook for my three kids among other things, it’s 4 30 pm. Half way, I meet an irate woman, screaming and a crowd gathers. Guess what, that woman is hurling insults at me calling me names, ”prostitute, husband snatcher, thief, ululations, prostitute, all the while pulling her mouth, you know that woman thing. I didn’t know she was talking about me or speaking to me because my thoughts had preoccupied my vision. On turning to find who she is talking about, I thought I heard Njeri, yes I did. She kept on until my grandma screamed, Njeri, it’s you she has been telling. ”What?”, ”Me”?, ”How”? ”When”? ”No wonder, no wonder your prostitute mum died of HIV, and like you, you will die of stealing people’s husbands. Thief, prostitute”.

Njeri said, ”I wanted to pounce on the woman, but my grandma quickly held my hands turning my face away and hurriedly locked me in the house”. The crowd dispersed but my dirty laundry got hung. She tearfully narrated her ordeal.

I asked her, did you record any of these happenings? I didn’t know someone would insult me, so I didn’t. ”Oh, there’s nothing we can do now about this.”, I said. ”Yes nothing because once we get to the police, I’m sure it will be your word against hers”. ”Not even when my grandma, saw, heard and listened her daughter my dear mum’s memory being insulted? ”Not”.

People, people, beloved citizens, It’s against the Rule of Law in Kenya to insult or intimidate with malice, abuse etc, in this case, name calling. The Penal Code in section 238 calls against intimidation and molestation. I will dwell on intimidation. Answering back to someone who has just insulted you is like saying, let’s continue with superiority war, and it’s a never ending one. You cannot insult me when I’m alive. I tell you, LET THEM, Njeri, LET THEM.

The problem, solving such cases can be daunting to the police because, it’s a he said, she said world there. Especially in Njeri’s case.

Are you interested in knowing how this will pun out. I have lined up juices for you to explore, I can share some. Hate Crimes, Was Post Election Violence a Crime of Hate? Serial Killers? Who are these people, are they born bad? And one of my favourite, a dog mauls someone to death, who will be charged? Is this an offence? What procedures should we follow? Such are the topics we will discuss in this coming month, together with a few others of how to make money. I have lined for you awesome topics, you don’t want a blog post to pass by. Then, I have some more writings from Kim, he has so far done more than 10 blog posts, I will edit and post for your eyes to savour.

Keep inviting me to your lives, I’m sure, Gertie will ”bore” your taste buds, won’t I?

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