How to Make Side Hustle Money Selling and Buying Websites in Kenya (Website Flipping Business)

What is Website Flipping and How Does it Work? Website flipping means buying and selling websites. So what happens is that you will purchase an existing website and sell it at a price higher than you bought it for. Once you buy the website, you will improve its quality, through maximising traffic, generating sales and … Read more

How to Make Money Renting Luxury Clothes From Home in Kenya [Easy 1M+/Month]

Ever heard of Rent the Runway? Rent the Runway is an e-commerce platform that lets you rent high-end/luxury clothes for a fee. Luxury clothes/brands are the rave today. People want to put on the best luxury clothes for an event or a special occasion. However, not everyone has the pocket to splurge on expensive luxury … Read more

How to Make Money On The Side From Home With a Party Decorations Business in Kenya

Have you ever been to a wedding, birthday or graduation party and wondered, how did they achieve this magnificence? What is a Party Decorations Business and How Does it Work?  A party decorations business helps you improve the decor of parties and make them more creative, appealing and festive. You need party decoration materials to … Read more

How to Start a Profitable Wholesale Toys Business Online in Kenya

We love toys, our kids love toys and we love to spend money on toys. Do you remember Toys R Us? The biggest toy store/distributor in the world? Toys R Us refused to adapt to the modern ways of selling toys. When starting a toy business, keep in mind the toys industry change as babies/children … Read more

How to Start a Private Label Brand in Kenya Making 100k/Month in Passive Income

A private label is a brand manufactured by another brand. Private labelling is a way of selling products that are manufactured or formulated by a supplier which you will later label and market under your brand. So this means that the products you sell are manufactured by a third party but sold under your brand … Read more

Make Money (10K/Book Cover) You Design in Kenya

I love books. Everything books; the design, covers, fonts, authors, you name it! Can you name a book that you saw or read and went, ‘I love the design of this book, the fonts and chapter look well-thought-out; I’m reading this one’’. If you have a passion for books and design then you can be … Read more

What Kenyans Are Buying Online During CoronaVirus And You Can Sell for Profit

When life ‘came to a sudden end’ during the corona pandemic, many people lost their jobs. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to adapt to the current changes in the economy and consumer changes. Kenyans got restricted to staying at home since March to July but life hasn’t come to ‘normalcy’ as the pandemic … Read more

50 Most Popular Fiverr Gigs Earning Passive Income for Kenyans

If you thought Fiverr was a website to earn you $5 per gig and you scratched your head saying, ‘PASS’ think again.  Fiverr is a perfect example of a gig society, a freelancing website started in the early 2000s and among the oldest.  Some people have made fortunes on Fiverr like the founder of Legiit. … Read more

How to Run A Successful Ecommerce Niche Store in Kenya in 2020 Explained

Amazon brought to the world a new shopping trend … online shopping. Amazon found its success online as a general Walmart, Target or Nakumatt (Before its death). You don’t have to strive to be the next Amazon, in fact, with Amazon dominating as one of the biggest e-commerce stores in the world, strive to stand … Read more

45 Digital Downloads (Printable) That Make $3000 in Passive Income for Kenyan Freelancers

A digital download or printable is a product that customers download from a website.  Printables are a source of passive income because they’re products you build now, hustle for now then they create an income on autopilot.  Though you have to keep updating, the work later is minimal. A printable brings in an income of … Read more

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