Odd and Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience in Kenya

During my job hunt in 2008/2009, I begged employers to give me an odd job. None of the employers talked to believed I could handle an odd job. There are many unemployed Kenyans looking to get into the competitive job market who look down on odd jobs. Ever thought about a job that’s dirty, weird … Read more

How to Start, Market and Make Money in a Rental Inflatables Business in Kenya

Wikipedia defines an inflatable as an object that can be inflated with gas, air, hydrogen, helium and nitrogen. A balloon is the most popular inflatable because it’s filled with gas, air, hydrogen, helium and nitrogen. There are various types of inflatables you can buy and rent for-profit and they include inflatable castles, holiday inflatables like … Read more

How to Make Side Hustle Money Selling and Buying Websites in Kenya (Website Flipping Business)

What is Website Flipping and How Does it Work? Website flipping means buying and selling websites. So what happens is that you will purchase an existing website and sell it at a price higher than you bought it for. Once you buy the website, you will improve its quality, through maximising traffic, generating sales and … Read more

How to Make Money Renting Luxury Clothes From Home in Kenya [Easy 1M+/Month]

Ever heard of Rent the Runway? Rent the Runway is an e-commerce platform that lets you rent high-end/luxury clothes for a fee. Luxury clothes/brands are the rave today. People want to put on the best luxury clothes for an event or a special occasion. However, not everyone has the pocket to splurge on expensive luxury … Read more

How to Start 250k+/Month Mobile Phone Repair Business From Home in Kenya [Side Hustle]

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives and so the services of a mobile phone repairer. Everyone owns a smartphone today and there is no doubt they can get damaged at any time. Mobile phones are falling in water/liquids, in the toilets and need to get repaired asap. Sometimes, a simple quick mobile … Read more

How to Make Money On The Side From Home With a Party Decorations Business in Kenya

Have you ever been to a wedding, birthday or graduation party and wondered, how did they achieve this magnificence? What is a Party Decorations Business and How Does it Work?  A party decorations business helps you improve the decor of parties and make them more creative, appealing and festive. You need party decoration materials to … Read more

How to Start a Profitable Wholesale Toys Business Online in Kenya

We love toys, our kids love toys and we love to spend money on toys. Do you remember Toys R Us? The biggest toy store/distributor in the world? Toys R Us refused to adapt to the modern ways of selling toys. When starting a toy business, keep in mind the toys industry change as babies/children … Read more

How Can I Make $30/3,000 Shillings a Day Online in Kenya? (Guaranteed Strategies & Ideas)

So you want to make $30/3000 shillings a day online in Kenya?  Why do you need $30/3000 a day? To pay off the mortgage?  Money for travelling? Pay off debts? Emergency funds  Or building your retirement savings? These are valid reasons for wanting 3000 shillings every day. I know I could use 3000 shillings daily. … Read more

25+ Side Hustles Online Kenyan Mums Swear By (Bringing in A Million a Month)

Parents/mums have lots of side hustle ideas they can pursue online or as a work from home business. The best side hustles for mums are the ones which create freedom. A side hustle provides value, helps solve a problem to the mass and is profitable. How does a busy mum choose a side hustle? Start … Read more

100+ Side Hustles to Start as a Kenyan Freelancer (Increase Your Income Fast)

The best side hustles are based on your skills, knowledge or resources you have. Best sides hustles won’t eat into your freelancing time so it’ll take less time to learn and implement. Side hustles are turning into the main gig if tackled right. Side hustles started by freelancers are started with the aim of making … Read more

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