Kenya at 50: Is there anything to show for, Are we there yet?

As a country we have made big strides to be where we are but is there anything to be proud of? From the days of walking miles of kilometers to and from home to school or hospital, giving birth in the house through midwives, sending letters through neighbours and taking months before arrival. Now we … Read more

10 Reasons why bestiality is on the rise in Kenya

Recently,we heard of the ‘dreaded’ topic, bestiality hitting the air waves like a pin drop down the Atlantic. It isn’t a strange phenomena but known to many from the days of living in the farms to the digital bestiality, so, why the shock? We don’t want to accept what is going down in our society,we … Read more

Does Kenya need the Hague

Tear gas,fire, roadblocks,detours,flight booking,escape,hiding,enmity…scenes after the 2007 elections…pitiful,shameful, but we overcame…did we? It was the day I realised there was no peace in Kenya and the brotherhood we preach is nothing but a façade. Sad, as those who live to tell the tale of the fiery scenes recall with nostalgia.The animosity that was seen was … Read more

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