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There are many ways to make a living online as Kenyans, but the companies that hire worldwide aren’t known to Kenyans.

There are some companies that hire worldwide talent to work from home as contractors – that means, working from home but as an employee of a company.

Companies realise that in 2020 working with remote workers is the way to ease money for start-ups or expenses within the company.

Companies like Apple now recruit from at-home tech support staff because the whole world is embracing work from home workers. 

Best Companies That Hire Worldwide Work from Home Staff


Rev is quite popular with transcribers and captioners because they don’t have requirements for beginners. You need to pass a test though and remember the pay varies for each position as a transcriber or captioner. 


Hires worldwide for teaching assistants but you need a degree, Masters or PhD. 


This is a search engine evaluator website or internet assessor website where you will sit for an exam, sounds overwhelming, right? 


A translation and search engine evaluation website. 


Is for online moderators moderating social media channels, forums and chat rooms.

You moderate for content posted in case it’s provocative to the other users of LGBTQ, people of colour or racial comments among others according to the rules provided.  


Another online moderator website moderating social media forums for clients and pays $10-18 depending 


Website testing website paying $0.50 -1 per minute depending on the test’s length. You must speak good English. 

Working Solutions 

Hires tech support, sales and data entry or editing individual. Pay depends on the project you have taken and have to take a test. 


Hires freelance translators and has a translator-interpreter job board. Register and set email alerts to get notifications for when new jobs get posted.  

Responsive Translation 

Formerly called 1-800-Translate. You have to submit a resume and cover letter. Once they upload jobs you will get contacted. You must have a translation background or experience. 


A transcription company paying $10 – 20 per audio hour. You have to take a test. 

Capital Typing 

This is for data entry. Apply on their website and pass a test to get the job. 


On iWriter I earned my first $10 online but it wasn’t easy. The employers post jobs then you grab them, do the best work of article writing and jump on the iWriter website unless the rules have changed since 8 years ago! But, it was also a website where a client used my work but never paid for it because my writing was too, ‘simplistic’


Here’s where customer service reps are called customer champions but there are some tech jobs. 


Automatic Data Processing hires sales, tech support, human resources and has positions often. Payment is dependent on the job you take and your experience. 


Must have a postgrad degree, have flexibility commit to four hours a day for the role. 

Worldwide 101

I applied for a job on Worldwide 101 in 2015 but never heard from them. You require to sign some employment forms and tax forms as well. You’ll work as a VA and the pay is $10.


Like Lionbridge, Leapforce is a search engine evaluator website. The test is a bit harder. 


For moderators on forums, social media chats and communicating with clients on projects. 

Aim for a Tutoring 

Teach general subjects like Maths, Science and basic pay is $10. Have excellent work at home set up with a computer and headphones. 


You must have at least 5 years of translation experience. 


You’ll review calls and categorise them with tags, the pay is little and flexible. 


This website is for translators and transcribers. 

Multilingual Connections 

Translation and transcription company. Rates depend on the project. 

Contemporary VA 

VA positions, the pay is $10 an hour and you have to commit to 4 hours of work a day. 


Transcribe legal files, memo letters, medical files, you have to take a test then Quicktate will perform a background.  


I tried to get a job on Listverse but didn’t but their listicles(list articles) earn you $100  

Focus Forwards 

Is a transcription website paying you $0.40 – 0.65 per audio minute. No experience is needed and you have to take a test before getting hired. 

How to Get Hired Quickly by Companies Employing Freelancers Worldwide as a Kenyan 

If you want to get hired quickly by companies employing freelancers worldwide as a Kenyan, use the following tips

  1. Always have the contact details for the employing company on autopilot 

On websites like ProBlogger, the owner gives tips on how to get hired. Have the website email notifications turned on?

How can you get the job if you don’t receive instant alerts of when new jobs get uploaded on these work online websites?

Some companies have apps, download them and stay online waiting for the opportunity, some like ProBlogger you have to use the website to get. It doesn’t guarantee a job for you but you get to know what kinds of jobs make an appearance each day or week.

This way you can also sharpen your skills towards what employers are looking for.

For example, when I saw every ad online telling me copywriting pays well, I looked into it, took a short course and kept on applying for new jobs.

I then realised the skills of an SEO Copywriter were more crucial. I am an open-minded writer, I went where the most money was and passion arose from there.

If you want to score an online job, better have the app, if available. 

2. Have your CV/ Resume ready plus the cover letter 

When scouring online job sites, I suffered burn out before beginning. I realised one thing, it’s better to have my polished CV and cover letter ready.

The only thing I make is a few changes or tweaks to accompany the employer needs/wants.

I tailor-make my resume to match what the employer wants.

There’s nothing as problematic, tiring and excruciating as trying to find a job and writing a resume and cover letter at the same time.

When you have the essentials ready, you get to apply for more jobs per week. 

3. Giving Up

Before I got to where I felt better working online/earning a comfortable income, I felt like giving up more times than I could count. 

After applying for 1 job and never hearing back, I got so discouraged and fainted in my heart all the time.

In fact, I felt online work was never meant to be.

As the years went by and I got over 1000 rejections, I realised when you want something so bad, better dig your heels a bit deeper and harder.

The online working life isn’t easy, you have to be committed, dedicated, resilient to see fruition. 

4. You have to identify your skills early 

I didn’t know how to write my resume nor my cover letter, no wonder I never ever got a job.

And even when I came to work online, it took almost three years from 2009, when the idea got in my head to 2012 to earn.

I earned a $10 from writing on iWriter but never cashed it. I also earned $100 from a translating job I got on freelancer between 2009-2012 but in 2012, I got the breakthrough.

I called myself a writer and researcher. I talked about my school achievements instead of how I was going to help the companies I wanted to work for.

If you are to get hired online by these companies that hire worldwide, you have to know what your skills are and how they’ll be beneficial to your clients.

You get skills from doing something over and over again. For example, I got SEO skills from writing content for clients online over and over.

I also gain experience when making videos and creating content for my blog. Skills can also come from talents or natural abilities.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What do you think about all the time when breathing?

Look around you and realise your power then bring the answers you find to help you get work.

Ask, how are my talents, natural abilities, passions going to benefit the employer?. Then don’t be afraid to invest money in a resume writing company. 

5. Check the company’s legitimacy on Glassdoor

Scrutinise the reviews about work, pay and worker treatment. There’s nothing as painful as working and not getting paid at least that’s what most freelancers get.

You have to know your market well, observe and read the companies above and their reviews carefully and closely.

It’s better to take time to educate yourself about the company’s payment history, their work culture and employers before beginning working for them.

The best company to use for free reviews about companies is Glassdoor.

You will find tips for getting hired, employees and former employees talking about the company.

Read the reviews and make your own judgement about whether that company is fit for you.

The other place is to use Google Search to check what people are saying about the company, for example, you want to work for Apple, search, ‘Apple reviews’.

6. If the company no longer advertises or is no longer working, move on. Companies keeping going out of business and new ones sprout out. 

Don’t get discouraged when the above companies go out of business. These companies hiring worldwide wither out all the time.

Move on and tell me to cancel the company from the list.

This list isn’t exhaustive in any way, ask me to add other companies here so that as many Kenyans can get work online. 

7. Keep in mind online user best practices, no cheating

I know a lot of Kenyans who started working online early but withered out due to taking short cuts.

For example, being too greedy to make a buck that they sell their freelancing platforms.

Remember it’s against company policy to sell your account to second or third users. Also, when you get scammed, there’s no way of filing complaints.

In 2012, scandals rocked iWriter about Kenyan workers that they got banned from working there for months.

Kenyans love to cheat, or is it human nature?

Don’t get tempted to make money fast that you cheat your way. You can make it with diligence, dedicated and smart work. 

8. Have or gain experience before applying for a job 

If I wasn’t a customer service rep offline, I would have never got work as a VA in 2012.

And if I didn’t love to write, it wouldn’t have been easier to combine the two skills.

See, before an online employer entrusts you with their work, they must be sure that you know what you’re doing.

Bring your offline expertise online. It won’t be easy to understand all the systems in place like timing and online clocking tools, take time to understand how these systems work.

Your offline experience matters a lot online. 

9. Don’t work or apply for jobs in which you under qualify

I took up a translation assignment in 2010 due to desperation. I needed a job and money fast, I was a mum!. 

But those situations won’t allow you to have a level head and you will get tempted to apply for jobs you don’t like or under qualify just to make ends meet.

In a few weeks, you will get so negative and bad feedback, you will never want to sit at your desk. My translation employer said, ‘You must ONLY use your God-given gift’.

Meaning, do what you love doing and what you feel you’re good at. 

10. Be ready to take a test 

When I heard taking tests on Freelancer, I felt like falling and burying myself never to be seen again.

I thought taking tests was done in the uni alone. NO.

Tests on freelancing sites and companies help the employer know the kind of candidate they’re about to employ.

In fact n sites like Upwork, it’s recommended you take as many tests as possible in your niche and pass me. It’s the same case on Freelancer and Fiverr. 

11. Be ready to be submitted to scrutiny like background checks.

I applied for a job to work for Worldwide 101 and Contemporary VA in 2015 and the first requirement after sending in my applications was the background forms.

They may advertise for work worldwide but they rarely hire workers in other nations unless they know how to charge taxes.

They also love to know if you’re a convicted felon.

Be ready to do all the work if you want to make bank. 

12. Get ready for rejection due to your location even though the company says or advertises for worldwide positions 

I faced so many rejections I am nowadays deleting all the email rejections.

I didn’t delete some rejections because those were my fuels to succeed online.

When you face too many rejections as a worker online, it’s easy to give up, to stop.

Rejection must ignite your fire like it did mine.

I said to myself, I cannot be defeated by a simple no. In those rejection letters, there are some employers who mention what you must improve.

In my case, most employers never answered back or all I ever got was, we’re not hiring in your region right now even though the position stated work worldwide.

It felt like a hit after first then it became routine and nowadays it’s part of life. If you can stick around after years of rejection, then your success is on the way. 

13. Learn about the ins and outs of the role you want to apply for plus the website 

There’s nothing as annoying as the desire to work for an online company which you don’t understand or know about or not knowing your roles.

As a VA in the early years, I worked booking flights for my employer, comparing flight rates, replying to emails and doing email followups.

I always thought the role of a VA is so vast.

Nowadays, I have realised, the reason I didn’t hear back from high paying VA opening positions was that I never had a specific role.

It’s important to understand what the employer and the role you’re applying for are looking for.

So, read and educate yourself, on your role as customer service, SEO copywriter and any role you take up online. 

In conclusion, these companies may offer jobs worldwide to work for freelancers.

But, they receive a major setback in trying to review the hundreds of thousands of employees resume ready to work for them.

Even if you follow the tips for success in winning for a company employing worldwide workers, you may not hear back from the employer because of a number of reasons including:

Too many resumes

They’re already staffed 

Your skills don’t match what they want, polish up

They don’t hire in Kenya. Some companies brag about ‘hiring worldwide’, but they don’t have Africa in mind, the only African nation they recognise is South Africa! MOVE ON. 

You may get a million rejections but you are setting yourself up for success.

Rejection saves you the headache of working for the wrong company or taking an overwhelming or underwhelming position. 

Which of these companies hiring worldwide freelancers will you apply to as a Kenyan? 


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