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Coronavirus disrupted how we do our work and there’s need for a new outlook in our lives as Kenyans.

Glassdoor reported a spike in some opportunities /jobs in relation to the outbreak and the jobs include: 





A pandemic like a coronavirus mustn’t discourage you from running your daily duties.

Use the preventive measures already advised by the government, WHO or CDC. Work from home, if possible, sanitise, don’t touch your face, clean up your hands all the time, practice social distancing, have your masks on. Because it’s a pandemic, the end isn’t known.

It’s time to change your perspective of life and what you knew.

Embrace the new work environment and enjoy spending time with your family and kids.

Cook for them great and warm meals, there’s time to cook, right?

Write that book or attend the online music classes you wanted 15 years ago.

Travel within your county or state and realise the beauty of nature.

The streets are clean, pollution isn’t happening right now because everyone is cautious.

Before you realise it, the pandemic will be gone and forgotten. After all, humans are forgetful and that’s great.

Don’t listen too much to the news, sit still and rejoice, it’s a new dawn. 

The pandemic isn’t all bad because it has brought a spike in job seekers especially in the medical field.

If you’re looking for a high paying job from now, look into the following fields.

  1. Biotechs 

This is simply a combination of medicine and technology. Biotechnologists earn an upwards of $100k/10M a year depending on their expertise.

Primary applications of biotech are in medicine(production of vaccines and antibiotics) and agriculture (genetic modification of crops) example to increase yields.

Biotechnology can also be used in industrial applications like fermentation and production of biofuels.

There are various types of biotechnology including medical biotech – use of living cells and other materials for bettering the health of humans, agriculture biotechnology, biofuels, healthcare, nutrition supplementation, industrial biotech. Benefits of biotech

Medical enhancement 

Minimise or eliminate waste 

Reduce infectious disease rates 

Biotech could also help address problems like food security, infectious diseases, climate change, energy security. 

2. Pharmaceuticals 

Pharmaceuticals relate to medicinal drugs.

Types of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry include manufacturing and production, quality assurance, quality control, distribution, sales and marketing, product research and development.

An example of a pharmaceutical drug is Prozac.

When entering the pharmaceutical industry as a Kenyan you have to know the biggest distributors and they include some of the familiar ones like Johnson and Johnson




And Roche 

If you want to start a pharmaceutical distribution business, start with a niche. This means having an area of specialisation.

Are you going to focus on antiaging products or supplements? Which antiaging products and what supplements?

Do your research into what’s not in the market. Have a business plan and verify the licences that will be needed to start a pharmaceutical distribution business in Kenya.

The pharmaceutical business is profitable because people want to be healthy and prolong their lives by using supplements and anti-ageing products.

Pharmaceuticals scientists are also relevant in food, agriculture, cosmetic and chemical industries. 

3. Healthcare 

This is the maintenance or improvement of health and prevention, treatment, recovery, cure of diseases, illnesses, injury and physical and mental impairments in people.

Types of health can be primary, secondary or tertiary.

Types of health include physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, spiritual, social. 

Importance of healthcare includes 

Promoting and maintaining health, 

Prevent and manage diseases, 

Reduces unnecessary disability and premature death, 

Achieving health equality. 

We need healthcare when we get sick, cope with stress, fight illness. 

4. Non-profits 

I love the non-profits organisations, in fact, it has been my dream to work for the United Nations until I decided I want to begin my own non-profit.

During the coronavirus pandemic, most non-profits have stepped up to help deal with food insecurity by distributing food to poor neighbourhoods.

Some non-profits have set up emergency relief funds to help nations, people and children live through the corona nightmare.

There are some best Non-governmental among them Amnesty International USA, Americal Red Cross, Creative Commons, Wikimedia Foundation, Nat Geo, TED, WWF, World Bank and one dealing with health, the Mayo Clinic. There’s also UNHR, Catholic Relief Services, Doctors Without Borders USA.

A non-profit can be social organisation helping to address issues like homelessness, or legal services for asylum seekers or it can be a community-based organisation dealing with poverty, early child marriages, forceful circumcision.

Most non-profits are tax-exempt, check your county for more details. They have volunteers working for them, the owners of non-profits don’t make profits and can be started by anyone.

Many people starting non-profits these days start for the sole reason of becoming rich, so they end up conning others.

A non-profit is supposed to make life easier for people, find a way to enrich your non-profit and avoid over-reliance on donor funds. 

There are top five jobs with corona related openings including 

Registered nurses 

They help doctors and physicians in providing treatments to patients suffering from medical conditions.

They may administer medication, monitor patient recovery and progress, help educate patients and families on disease prevention and post-hospital treatments.

The average pay for registered nurses is $50k a year. 

Communication associates 

These are journalists or people effective in communication. Communication associates are good with the language.

They know what makes a good story and also to cover-up story. Imagine press secretaries.

You must be good at writing press releases. In other words, communication associates are ‘whistleblowers’.

In Kenya, you can get a degree in Mass Communication, or Journalism and continue from there. 

Social workers 

I call social workers the ‘Jesus’s’ of our time. They help mediate with problems like early marriages, forceful circumcision and child protective services. 

Project managers and technicians 

Project managers are planners, executors and closers of projects. As a project manager, you can also manage budgets, teams.

You are a motivator, facilitator but aren’t responsible for the training and discipline of workers.

You report directly to the director or the vice president of the company. 

You become a project manager by earning a degree, gain experience, know how to communicate, manage time, risk management, problem solver, negotiator and a leader.

You need to succeed in scope management, time and budget, cost estimation, schedule management, get ready all the time, equip your team, an effective communicator and understand psychology.

The salaries range from $100k and above. 

Growing up my dad insisted on where the big bucks are, he always believed money follows the passion.

I have come to realise you cannot dispute this fact.

You have to follow careers which are in high demand and right now and beyond coronavirus these careers are on high demand.

We have great talent in Kenya that gets lost in the dream for a better future in the western world.

We have to improve by paying better salaries and infrastructures to promote top talent in the country. 

Coronavirus is an eye-opener, that we must stay within ourselves because it’s within ourselves that we realise our strengths. 

Which coronavirus related job opportunity according to Glassdoor are you interested in pursuing in 2020 and beyond? 




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