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    Kikoi can make pillows? Wooow!I’m in love! How much? Did you know one Kikoi fabric could, can make these cuties?


Oh well, a fibre pillow through and through( polyester) covered with quality white cotton fabric for durability. Then coated with kikoi for the beautiful lush elegance. Who would say no?.

They are 18 by 18 selling at a competitive price of 450 when white only, if buying more than two at 400.

Upon using Kikoi magic, it’s 700 per pillow. Being white, means you have a universal colour. That means whether these decorative pillows are for bed, a wall bench or couch, you can mix and match them for their elegance.

The blue edging and the tassels make the room pop in shine and invite.

I doubt you are going to resist the versatility of The Kikoi, more so when used as a throw decorative pillow.

I cannot wait to hear your opinions. Don’t forget I ship worldwide. Don’t be left out.




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