What’s in a logo?

Why are brands paying attention to their logos, website design and brand story?

It takes 90 seconds for a consumer to make a judgement about a business or a company at first glance.

The base assessment for this judgement is usually on the logo design used.

This means that designing logos is a huge deal for any business or company that wants to promote its brand.

Artists are flooding this logo design business because they have realised they can make a ton of money just by creating and selling their logo designs.

If you find yourself interested in logo design, you can use your creativity to make a brand visible and make money out of it. It is a very exciting and lucrative way to make money that literally anyone can try.

Is a Logo Design Business Profitable?

Businesses keep increasing and so does the demand for logos.

Brands realise the importance of having a logo because logos help identify your brand.

Small businesses realise how crucial branding is if they want to influence and keep their customers.

The startup costs for logo design are low.

If you have a computer or smartphone you can begin designing logos on a free platform like Canva.

As you keep building your portfolio you can invest in a high-power computer/laptop or Photoshop.

What is a Logo and Most Recognised Logos in the World

A logo is a graphic representation of an idea, organisation, publication, product or company. 

It can be a figure, symbol, plain text or graphics that are meant to represent an organisation by sight.

Logo design is the art of designing logos for businesses or companies. 

What are the Examples of Logos?

Here are listed examples of what a logo design looks like.

  • Nike “swoosh”
  • McDonald’s 
  • Apple Inc’s
  • Shell
  • Burger King
  • Adidas

What are the Types of Logos?

There are many types of logos and they include:

Symbolic/ Iconic logo

This type of logo uses simple but bold symbols. It is usually used by large brands that serve the whole world.

For example Apple, Shell Oil and the Nike swoosh.


This type of logo is a word.

A brand will create a logo word with a unique font that is not available anywhere.

Do not just jump into Microsoft Word and use the fonts there.

They should be unique.

For example, Coca-Cola, Facebook, eBay.

Letter marks

They are similar to word makers but a lot shorter.

Letter Mark’s use initials for a company if the name is too long that it cannot fit as a logo or if it is hard to pronounce. For example HP, IBM, HMV 

Combination marks

This type of logo design uses a word mark and a symbol in one.

You can use wordmarks or symbols, but only if you have an established brand.

For example Pizza Hut, Adidas, Burger King.


They are quite similar to combination marks, but here you have a company name and design where the company name is shielded by the design.

For example BMW, Starbucks. 

How Do I Design Logos for Money?

Designing a  logo becomes quite simple when you have the right logo maker and if you follow a series of steps that many designers have found helpful.

Research your client

This is important so that you can find out the key information in the brief as well as the reference material they have provided for you to start working on.

Find inspiration

Go on Facebook or Google and check out some of the logo designs available and see if there is anything creative you can pick on and give it your own twist.

Check out the competition

See what your competitors are doing in the given industry that you are designing your logo on.

If it is the entertainment sector, identify how other previous successful logo designers have done it and use that to your advantage.

Choose your design style

Start sketching a lot of concepts related to the above material I’ve generated.

These need to be fast and off the top of my head so that I don’t overthink anything at this stage.

It’s about getting raw basic ideas and forms down on paper.

Identify strong concepts from those sketches and start trying to shape a few of those into something stronger. 

Find the right type of logo

Pitch some of those ideas to clients and get feedback on what seems appropriate to them and their customers. 

Evaluate logo options

Refine the strongest concept into a solid draft.

One thing I’ll do during this part of the process is resketch the logo with the strongest appeal, trace it in Illustrator, print that out and sketch over that to add necessary details. 

Communicate with your client about your final results and wait for approval if it is what they had in mind.

How Do I Design the Perfect Logo: Key Logo Elements

These elements will help you in your logo design as you focus on the ideals, the brand mission and the brand tone overall. 

Keep it simple

Logo designs are meant to be in simple shapes so that different age groups and ethnic groups can understand the diagram. For example the Apple logo.

Make it memorable

This is still tied to simplicity. Glance at it for a couple of seconds and see if it can stay in the minds of consumers.

Ask yourself how to make it memorable and test it with people by asking them to draw it out.

Memorable logos include Nike swoosh and the FedEx logo. 

Make it timeless

This means that your logo design should look good now and also in twenty years time.

This is important for the company.

As the company what it sees itself doing in the future so that when you design your logo, you create one with a lot of influence on what they think of the future.

Your logo should not be disposable and go off fashion.

Make it versatile

Because we are creating a visual face of the company in a small shape, it has to work on all platforms.

This is why logo design is not really art but a problem-solving job.

So many people create a logo and grow the idea because it is great.

Do not have tunnel vision. Work on everything your client wants to print it in, to put it on shirts, websites and Instagram. 

Keep it appropriate

Do not use nursery logos.

Double-check that the design is appropriate for the company you are working for and the sector.

Look at other logos and compare where you can go with that.

Questions to Ask When Designing Logos

When you want a guaranteed successful logo design, you have to focus on certain aspects of your overall projects.

Ask yourself these questions.

Who is your target audience and how do your competitors represent?

Branding is an onboarding exercise.

Do a thorough competition analysis and find out how the company wants you to communicate your business. 

Can you define the company in three words?

This will open your mind to the key values you need to hit on to resonate with your audience.

What emotions do you feel when you think of the services your company provides to customers?

What colours represent the emotions you want your logo to convey?

How vibrant of a palette should you use?

How can it stand for an icon or logo?

Let this guide you shape your design.

If you want to inspire or evoke excitement, you will want to use bright colours. 

Would you describe your business as classic and timeless or sleek and cutting-edge?

This information will be useful when you are focusing on the font to use; either modern or classic.

Does your company primarily do business and advertisements on websites or in print media?

What are Common Mistakes in Logo Designing?

Avoid these mistakes if you want to design a logo that will make you more money.

Designing because it is what the business owner wants

The logo design is not for the business, but it is for the customers.

Study who it is you are targeting and find out what it is they like.

If it’s just what you like, then the logo is just suitable for you and nobody else.

Designing your logo as a bitmap graphic

When you are using a bitmap graphic, it becomes difficult to make them bigger.

Know where the logo is going to be placed.

Is it a T-shirt or the side of a van?

Use vector graphics to resize it how you want.

Making your logo far too complex

Do not try to get everything into a logo. It will look cluttered and untidy and you will have a difficult time maintaining the resolution when you want to resize it.

Using stock images

A professional designer won’t do this.

I prefer you design your own logo from scratch so that you can end up with something unique.

Making DIY logos

Here is the thing, if your tooth hurts, you go to a dentist.

Likewise, if you need quality logos, go to a professional designer.

Doing your own logos may be fast and cheap, but it will cost you more eventually.

What are Some Best Logo Design Websites and Software?

As a logo designer, you are probably looking for low cost and easy logo makers available online.

I evaluated some logo design software and websites based on their usability, icon library and price and here are some of the best examples.


This software is super easy to use and has a decent icon library where you get to pick a lot of templates and edit them.

You also get to use it for free.


This is full-on editing software.

You can quickly make logo designs.

It takes Ksh. 2000 to sign up for their services. 


This software is only specialised in logos.

It has a lot of templates and icon logos that make it hard for you to even know where to start.

Its prices depend on the type of logo you choose as some are free to use. 


This is best for beginners.

However, it is not cheap.

You have to pay Ksh. 6500 to start using their services. 


This can do everything in terms of design.

It is not only for logos but also for website images, infographics, ads and social media.

It is a full-on design tool and the templates make it so much easier to use and edit things.

It will cost you around Ksh. 1500 a month to use


This website allows you to hire someone to make your designs.

Freelancers of Fiverr will need your information plus images about what you want for your design and they will create one for you at a wide price range.

Where Do I Design My Logo Designs?

If you lack personal clients, I recommend going into websites to sell your logo designs.

Make sure that your design is extremely attractive so that it does not get lost in the crowd and that you are able to sell.

Selling online enables you to sell multiple logos, connect with a bigger audience and also make money while you sleep.

Some of the best websites to sell your logo designs include:


This website connects artists with businesses.

You can also participate in logo contests and win a prize. 


This website needs high-quality work because it will be approved by and logo artist specialist and about 90% of logo designs get rejected.


This is where you will get 60% of the sales revenue made from your designs.

Creative Market

This website allows you to set your own fee and get 70% of the sale of your logo designs. 


This website can allow you to sell anything and is one of the best websites for selling logos. 


This is a worldwide popular platform to sell your logo designs and make money.

Getting started is quite easy as you only sign up for free and set your prices according to your skills up to Ksh. 10,000 per order.


This website is free to join and you can get up to 20% from a sale.

Your designs have to be approved though.


This website allows you to register, upload and start making money.

You get to also set your own price on your logo designs. 

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

How Do I Price Logo Designs for Profit?

Pricing logos is more about pricing your artistic services than your actual logo.

It can get a bit tricky when you do not know where you stand and how much money you want to charge.

I recommend that you be professional about it.

Do not do a one-off fixed charge for everyone. 

Charge according to the amount of work and always start the pricing once you get a client. 

One client may ask for the full logo with different variations and colours plus the monogram and emblem while another may not.

You may set a base price for your services only.

This should be around Ksh. 3000 for your talent, excluding the work to be done. 

Setting up a fixed price on a website will drive away traffic because high prices may drive people away and low prices can indicate you do not value your work.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Logo Designer?

As a logo designer, you will earn according to the quality of work you deliver. 

Selling online also allows you to make much more money by selling to multiple customers. 

On average, you can make around Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh. 80,000 a month.

How Do I Get Paid for My Logo Designs?

Once you have made a sale, there is a wide range of payment options you can choose to get paid.

Starting with PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Stripe etc.

Choose your payment method according to what is suitable and convenient for you.

Tips for Designing the Best Logos

I have seen excellent creative logos, good ones and downright bad logo designs.

When you are designing your logo, it is important that they sell so that you can make money. 

Knowing how you can make your logo stand out is a very important aspect because clients want to buy something that is valuable and which can speak to their customers on their behalf. 

How to Choose the Correct Colour For Your Logo

Colouring is very important in any logo design. A person will make up their mind whether or not to purchase a good or service from you based on colour alone. 

Here’s how you can choose the correct colour for your logo.

Find out the industry you are working in

Different industries have their own colour norm in logo designs.

For example, the financial sector will have its logo design as blue because it symbolises trust and security. 

Use gender, tone, value, time and energy

According to gender, pick a colour that appeals more to either males or females.

When you are using the tone, find out if the logo design is meant to be playful or serious.

For value, is your logo design representing a cheap or a luxurious brand?

Purple, gold and black are used for expensive brands.

According to the time, it can either be modern or classic. With the energy, it can be loud, subdued or muted colours. 

Relate back to the brief of the project

This will help you know if the message to be relayed is supposed to be strong, stable or natural.

See how those keywords used by your client fit into the colour psychology of your logo design.

For example, red is often seen as dangerous, confident and passionate. 

How to Improve Your Logo Designs

When you are creating a logo for a company, whether it is a simple, unique or modern design, there are certain things you must consider in order for it to be more attractive. 

Here is how you can improve your logo design. 

Check on trends

Go online and see what logo designs are much admirable in the given industry you have chosen now and keep up with these changes.

This will place you on top of the game, in terms of competition.

Find inspiration from other logo designs

Comparing your work with the works of professional logo designers will always be an important way to improve your overall logo design.

Check the best selling logos and mark your work against theirs to see if you have hit all the necessary key points that were required.


Check on the trends that are currently available and avoid using fonts that are outdated for your design, unless you are going for a classical look.


Go for rich colours because they resonate well with everyone as people want to splurge on expensive items. 


You can choose animal symbols on your logo design according to what character they are believed to portray, for example, the eagle is daring.

Logo designers help solve problems for businesses/brands.

Logo designers help people identify with a business by looking at the logo.

You don’t need to start with a niche.

You can design as many logos as possible then display the logos on your website as a portfolio.

If customers want custom-designed logos, then you charge them more.

You can learn how to design logos for free on Canva.

Logo designers are also creatives, the more creative and outside the box thinking you have, the more you get paid.

Experiment with logo designing for different industries.

Designing logos can be a bit tricky because there are so many designs and you have to make sure you come up with something unique that has never been seen anywhere before.

Are you a graphic designer wondering how to increase your income?

Start logo designing to make some side hustle money.

Do you want to become a logo designer?




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