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Do you have trash lying around in your house believing it cannot bring in an income?

Did you know that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?.

There are some things lying around in your house which you consider useless but are a treasure to someone else.

These items could bring you hundreds of dollars. Some of these items we disregard as old, dirty and belong to corners or garage.

With the online marketplace making money online with your trash got easier.

Before you dispose of items, think twice.

In this massive list, I’ll share with you 50 unwanted unused items which could earn you hundreds of dollars today as a Kenyan.

This could be a side-hustle or something you do on a part-time basis.  

Used Cooking Oil 

I didn’t know people sell unused cooking oil online. You can too. Cooking oil gets turned into biodiesel. This YouTuber runs his Delica Van on waste vegetable oil.

Unwanted/Unused Gift Cards

During the Christmas holiday or valentines or birthdays, gift cards fly around a lot. Why not organise a scavenger hunt for that unused gift card to sell it?. 

Used High-End Make-up Containers

Some people say buying high-end make-up equals vanity and wastage. You don’t have to listen, you live and do you. When shopping for make-up don’t forget to keep those used containers because some collectors hunt for them. An example includes MAC Cosmetic Containers or Sephora. 

Your Receipts

I saw an advertisement on YouTube where Eric Omondi encourages us not to throw away our receipts. You snap a pic of the shopped items then upload on Risiti. You get rewards to shop at Capital Centre, Good Life Pharmacy or places Risiti selects. 

Printed Cartridges

Used Electronics 

I searched for a place to sell used or broken electronics in Kenya and found some places in Nairobi. Used electronics get recycled to produce copper. Doesn’t it feel good to get paid for a broken or used electronic?. If you want to cash in more, you can have the electronic repaired first. 

Scrap Metal 

Scrap metal selling is a way of living for some families in Nairobi and other Kenyan towns. The scrap metal buyers pay peanuts to the collectors. How about you open a yard in your home or advertise on Facebook what you deal in?. 


Did you know you could sell wood to get money?. I mean used wood. Some people buy chippings to use as charcoal or for their chickens in the coop or others to use in the furniture business. 

Cardboard Boxes 

Crafters love using cardboard boxes for crafts either as storage or as building princess castles or play castles for their kids. 

Old Books 60s, 70s, 80s, 

Books made Jeff Bezos rich, I talk about this gentleman a lot because he inspires me. A simple idea is a sophisticated idea when persistence, diligence and dedication are in play. Now, do you have old books sitting in your library for years gathering dust?. It’s time you begin listing books on websites like eBay or Bookscouter. Some people use old books as reference/research materials others use as crafts. 

Old Jewellery

Jewellery and especially rings, bangles, anklets sell a lot online. They have to be high valued ones like rare stones e.g ruby or aquamarine or a mixture of gold and diamond. Some people say buying high-end jewellery is an investment. Invest in unique and rare pieces which become valuable over time.  

Unused Furniture 

What a better way to declutter your home by selling unused furniture. Furniture selling helped me make 500 in profits in a weekend. And some of the furniture pieces I had, I felt were useless. Someone valued my unpainted rough-looking craft tables. 

Wine Bottles and Corks 

Since Pinterest became popular a lot of crafters don’t throw their wine bottles or corks. Cork and wine bottle crafting became a huge hit with crafters bettering and out-doing each other. Corks and wine bottles are trash to some folks. But, all you need to revamp a wine bottle is modge podge, paint, paintbrush and rope. And a unique centrepiece gets created. 

Toilet Paper Rolls 

Another Pinterest viral product to reuse is toilet paper rolls. Have you seen how a toilet paper can become a nice work of art?. 

Egg Cartons



Old Software / Installation CDs

Reusing old software and installation CDs online becomes a business because of the availability of YouTube tutorials on anything. You get to put into use that item that you couldn’t use once. Or you get to resell a manual that you bought with your sewing machine. Also, a lot of people appreciate an old item with all its parts intact. 

Discontinued Items 

There are some discontinued items but when taking a photography class online on Skillshare, for example, the instructor may ask you to buy an inexpensive DSLR camera. To your dismay, it may be the discontinued version. But because you saw it was an easy camera to learn you scour the internet for it. They say on the internet, ‘There’s something for everyone’. To sell a discontinued item, have all its features intact. Have the spare parts if you may. 

Pine Cones 


Would you believe that people buy shells and yet we have an abundance of them in Kenya at the Coast?. Shells are for accentuating the Coastal living or jewellery making. And shells sell well online. Find big rare shells and sell them for higher prices online, you could build your website surrounding shells and educating people how shells get formed. 


Japanese Electronics 

Japanese electronics have high resale value because people love the longevity of the electronics. Panasonic, Sony sell well on eBay. 

Old Puzzles 

A cool relaxing evening is made better with old puzzles, to challenge the mind and keep it active. People believe it’s the body that must be active. When you don’t love putting your brain to work, you become susceptible to illnesses. Where do you find puzzles to challenge your mind? Find a puzzle that isn’t phone-developed. Good old puzzles sell at a high price as long as you have all the puzzle pieces together. 

Old Toys 

Your children’s toys, those cluttering your living room or your child’s former room. Sell them on eBay or Facebook. Kids are born every day. It pays to have the kids’ toys well-preserved so that they fetch great prices. 

Apple Products 

Apple changed the way we use our electronics. And what a great way to invest in an Apple product because Apple buys the product in exchange for a new one. As long as the product is in pristine condition. If you crave for an iPhone 11 pro, and you have an iPhone 8 in great condition, time to do a trade-in. 

Also, people online scramble for Apple products because they never go out of style. 

Disney Products 

Who doesn’t love the Disney princesses and princes?. And kids love Disney toys as well. Like Apple products it doesn’t matter how long the item has been in use, people value them. Do you have some Disney toys your kids have outgrown?. Check on Amazon to see how well Disney products sell. 

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed cuddly animals provide companionship for kids and adults all the time. Why not resell stuffed animals you have in your closet?. 


Photographer/Videographer hobbyists made cameras a great sellable item. With the invention of internet places to sell photos and videos for free, selling an old/used camera is easy. 

Car Parts 

Old vintage cars need some love. Do you have car parts lying around? Sell them to vintage car restorers. Car spare parts sell well, especially engines. 

Video Game Controllers

Gamers and gaming became popular when the potential for earning became huge. With YouTuber PieDiePie becoming a millionaire. Why not resell old game video controllers you thought impossible?. Find a gaming enthusiast group on Instagram or Facebook. 

Cake Pans 

Who would have thought that cake pans become valuable after use?. Do you have the Wiltons cake pans?. Sell them online on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Instagram. 

Polaroid Cameras

Old Digital Cameras

Sports Memorabilia 

Sports enthusiasts collect sports memorabilia to resell or as souvenirs. Are you a basketball fan?. Do you love Stephen Curry or Kobe Bryant, may his soul rest in peace or Shaquille?. Did you know their jersey sells for hundreds of dollars in sports stores up to thousands of dollars depending on authenticity? Meaning, you have to prove Stephen Curry wore the vest and what year. Or he autographed for you. People pay thousands of dollars for personalised celebrity wear. 

Electric/Battery Sharpeners

Brand Name Clothing

You love shopping for dresses or pants. Instead of throwing them away, resell them on Poshmark or eBay. Have an original brand name like Tommy Hilfiger pants Louis Vuitton and you cash in. 

Broken Crayons 

Broken crayons get reused by crafters or teachers for preschool kids. Broken crayons find their use by melting them to create decorative candles. They are also used for decorating slime. 

Perfume Bottles

Unique perfume bottles sell well online. Some people buy them to use as candle holders or jewellery holder. It doesn’t matter the brand but the pricier the brand, the higher the resale value. 

Empty Electronic Boxes

Preserving old electronic apple boxes, for example, enables you to cash in. Old electronic boxes make great crafts or jewellery displays. Some resellers love them for when they are selling their old electronics. 

Old Campaign Stuff 

You don’t have to love politics to start collecting to resell. Some old campaign slogans stick with us like, ‘YES YOU CAN’. Imagine if you land on a t-shirt like this one?. 

Christmas Gift Tags/Stickers

Christmas is a great gift-giving time. Collectors and resellers look for unused gift tags/stickers to resell or reuse for other occasions like valentines. Others love to collect gift tags and stickers. 


Do you love buying handyman tools?. Do you love to do a lot of DIYs and you have a huge collection of tools you don’t need any more either due to technology or space or you feel like a hoarder?. Time to resell these tools online. With the invention of videos and blogs, DIY enthusiasts/hobbyists love to test tools out before they purchase. 

Mason Jars 

Did you know you can sell your mason jars online even if they aren’t as heavy as the original mason jar glasses?. I sold my coconut jars for 50 shillings each and they were quite a number. Mason jars are perfect as candle holders, pencil holders. Mason jars help you know how to paint on glass as well. 

Tennis Shoes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. 

I saw a video the other day where a tennis shoes used by a painter sold for a cool 3000 Pounds. Imagine if you collect tennis shoes won by Michael Jordan or Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq)?. How much would they cost?. It pays to collect shoes won between 50 to 80s and they don’t have to be celebrity shoes. 

Painting Kits

It gets harder and trickier to buy a paint kit. You would think that with technology the choices available make it easier for buyers. That’s where you come in, scour storage rooms to find paint kits. You never know what you’ll find. Some paint enthusiasts say that some modern paints pallets don’t paint as well as the old ones. 

Knitting, Needlework and Craft Kits

As technology takes its waves on us finding knitting, needlework and craft kits becomes impossible. Do you have a crocheting or knitting set made out of bamboo.? Those resell well. 

Photos and Postcards 

Some photos and postcards collectors don’t mind the writing on the postcards. They mind the destination of the postcard. Do you have a collection of unused postcard in your house?. Well, a great place to sell is travellers website and penpals or eBay. 

Old Magazines 

Old Magazines are great for fashion enthusiasts and fashion designers. There’s nothing like finding a magazine produced in the 60s in your drawers. You sell these magazines to writers, fashionistas, bloggers, tailors and those who loved the 1960s. 

Anything New and in the Box

Some people buy things and leave or forget them in the box or they don’t know how to use it or the return policy was stringent. Sell those ‘second hand unused’ items in their original boxes. Unique, rare products make a huge profit. 


Ashtrays are a smoker’s trash can. There’s a beauty in having a unique one. Do you have trays designed in Tokyo, doesn’t burn from cigarettes?. Time to remove those cute ashtrays from the closet to sell them. 

Sewing Buttons

Buttons are a decorative piece and collectors love them for this reason. You can resell the buttons to tailors, crafters or painters who want to create an edge on their products. 

Easy Tips for Making Money Selling Unused Items in Kenya

eBay is your buddy. When reselling items whether dead electronics or vintage items, make eBay your best friend. You can learn how to resell on Ebay by reading this article. 

Have vintage items appraised. Sometimes, when you have a collection of sports memorabilia, for example, they could cost thousands of dollars and you don’t know. Take such items to antique appraisers who will determine the age of the product and their authenticity helping you to set the price. 

Set your prices right. Sometimes, having old unused things may make you believe that the items have no value hence selling at very low prices. In fact, the older the item gets, the higher the resell value as long as the item works and has all the functioning parts. 

Advertise, advertise, advertise. It’s not easy selling old used items, you have to know the right advertising channels. 

Ask. Before throwing away unused items or storing them to their extinction, where the parts aren’t working, ask around to see if someone wants the item. The best ask/answer is Google. 

There’s a reason they say one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Know the value of items you have, someone else is in need of the item. 

Does this list of trash to treasure items you can sell for hundreds of dollars online in Kenya surprise you?. 

Well, which used, unloved, trash item are you going to turn into money in 2020?. 




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