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According to Wikipedia, ”Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored, but he or she must have a certain area of expertise”.

Wikipedia provides some awesome definition sometimes.

We’ll answer some interesting questions about mentors but before that.

Have you ever been stuck so bad?

Felt like the world was coming to an end?

With feelings like everybody has figured out what to do yet you’re lagging behind with nothing or everything to do but aren’t happy?

Like life was passing you so quickly yet you have no hold to it?

Like you’re aging with no work but dependency as your suit to work?


Day 19 of Planning for Abundance 2019 we ask: DO you have a mentor? If not why?

Would you love to have a mentor but don’t know how to find one? Read on. 


Well, those are the kind of suicidal and hateful feelings one experiences when you have no mentor or coach or someone to look up to.

A mentor by the way can be someone who helps you figure some of your life out.

A mentor can help you find some direction and question to some career questions for example, or getting confidence to find love or your life’s direction in general.

A mentor can also help you figure out those unleashed strengths.

Do you know why we love to read about very successful people?

Do you know why the industry of self-help is big?

It’s because we all need mentors, we need to be reminded of our greatness.

I battled with finding myself a mentor and how to find one or if it was necessary I found one.

And as I kept battling, I found a YouTube channel with a gentleman that has made it.

He made me feel through the screen like I have accomplished a million dollars.

He made me figure out what to do and as they say, ”I binge watched” all his content.

For some reason, I found myself standing up to do.

Because I wanted to be like him, ”an Internet Millionaire”.

He made me move from my life of self-pity and disbelief.

He made me feel like he was speaking directly to my soul.

Yet, I have never met him.

When I see him upload content on the internet, I feel blessed to have to read such powerful information.

And he makes everything seem so easy.

He said, ”find a passion and stick with it”.

Whatever it is you love doing, go find it then do.

That day, I felt liberated, I felt strong and wise.

Because all along I had been running away from writing I didn’t want to die poor if writing did make people poor(what poor thoughts!).

So I grabbed my pen and paper, I love to write down than type.

                                             Marketing and Go JOIN:

I made some mental exercise which I’ll share with you in the YOU Campaign: Go deep, Go within exploring, connecting and unleashing for body mind and spirit.

I asked myself a lot of career questions from all the fields I felt like I was an expert in or had passion in.

For how long would I be willing to actually work in each and every field?

And my answers fell right where I had been escaping for a decade!

Right there, I grabbed all my stories and started packaging them.

I felt like I was starting from scratch, like this field was totally new.

Remember I still had my over 1000 writing ideas but was battling with how to package them. Should I start different blogs or niche out?.

Well, I cannot niche out whereas I have a lot of areas of experience, what to do than package them into a lifestyle blog?

And from there, I have been building consistency for three months and hope to impact lives for a life-time through this blog.

It has been around for years but I was never consistent with my brand.

I was still figuring out what to do until the day I felt like my mentor was sent from the skies!

                            Why do you need a mentor?

A mentor helps you maintain focus, keep steady and accountability.

A mentor helps you identify those hidden talents you have been harbouring within you.

Those that have been stopping you from achieving your dreams.

                               How do you find a mentor?

I also thought I needed a physical mentor.

I needed someone to run to like a psychologist everyday to help me accomplish my dreams.

I knew I found my mentor the moment I saw Stephan James, The Project Life Mastery and Internet guru.

I felt my dreams were answered.

That’s what a mentor should do, make you see beyond your abilities and wanting to go for those abilities or goals.

                                Is it necessary to have a mentor?

Yes, we all need a mentor in our lives, we could do with one.

When your life seems stagnant and especially your goals, it’s about time you grab yourself someone you look up to who can help you kick yourself and stretch beyond the limits you have set for yourself.

A mentor is necessary so you have an accountability partner.

Sometimes, we lack drive in us, a drive to move beyond.

Especially when are new into business or our goals, I know I lack a lot, that’s why you have to choose something you’re so passionate about.

                          Do I need to do something special to find a mentor?

No there’s nothing to do.

The only thing you have to do is to find someone who aligns with the visions you want.

Someone who you feel is above you but it’s somewhere you want to reach. 

Someone who you feel envisions or lives a life you have always wanted.

There’s nothing special to do.

Simple thoughtful ways of connecting with an internet mentor.

The only thing, if you have found someone online who inspires you or touches your life, I’d say first, learn more about him or her.

Keep his or her contents close to you, connect with them on social media in a non-spammy or desperate way. Then you can become ”friends” after which you can reach out.

Sometimes, those gurus provide their business inquiry emails, no need to fret.

You can reach them out through their business emails.

Sometimes, they don’t you can direct message them.

Be tactical in your email for you to be taken seriously.

Or you can hire a mentor yourself(a life coach).

A mentor and a life coach have a thin line between them.

Don’t confuse mentor and coach:


A coach you hire to help you figure some aspects of your life if you feel something is amiss, a mentor you look up to.

A mentor alone helped me keep focus, a mentor helped me realise my worth yet I haven’t met this mentor.

I had my goals aligned but was afraid of execution; afraid to take the biggest leap of my life, the leap of self-belief, go and do.

I was afraid of focusing on the unfamiliar- solely focusing on writing. I’m used to doing multiple careers at a go. I was afraid to stay grounded, see my growth. 

I cannot say I am happily settled, sometimes, I feel like I’m not doing enough with over a thousand ideas circling my mind daily.

I feel like I should do more.

Even when you get a mentor or a coach, it’s up to you to do the rest.

Mentors and coaches will not push you to go to the limits you believe you should be going to. 

In the end, the power always lies in you.

You have to give yourself the will power to do.

All the strength’s in you!

Would you love to have a life coach?

Is a part of you career, love, goals feeling stagnant?

Or are you trying to overcome an addiction to no avail?

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