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Do you love kids? Do people tell you that you behave like a child? Or you do you feel like a child at heart? I know I do, I love running around with kids. Did you know there are some home-based business ideas you can do as a Kenyan to help your inner child going? 

What are The Top Online Kid-Focused Business Ideas in Kenya? 

The following are the top online kid-focused business ideas in Kenya and they include the following:

Baby planner 

A baby planner is a private maternity consultant. They help new or expecting parents with baby education, resources and support Do you have a formula for getting babies to sleep? Choose a to sub-niche/niche focus on eco-friendly, luxury or budget or any other niche you come up with. 

Baby proofer 

The safety of our kids come into mind the gig of baby proofer proves so. Help parents baby-proof houses, car seats, and install CCTV. 

Kids play store 

Successful kids play store has a bouncing castle, sandcastle/pit and dollhouses. You can install tree houses. If it’s an enclosed space, introduce or build stairs. Remember to make all kids play areas, proofed to avoid accidents. 

Mum blogger 

As a new parent or a seasoned parent, begin a mum blog. In the blog’s categories include fashion for kid and mum fashion. If you are a single parent, it’s high time you talk about single parenting. Are you living a lifestyle like ours where you travel, are a freelancer, single, work at home mum who home-educates her kids? Show others your lifestyle. You can branch out by becoming an Instagram Influencer, partner with brands you love. Sell your products and services like being a consultant for mums or start a daycare. The avenues for making money as a mum blogger are endless. 

Children learning materials which include colours, shapes, patterns, sketchpads, cartoon characters, books, jigsaw puzzles. 

Are you a teacher or do you have creative imagination like that of a child? Create learning materials on Canva and have parents and teachers buy your digital downloads on sites like teachers pay teachers, on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. To increase revenue, sell on your website. Creating websites has become easier these days. 

Kids bookstore 

Have you seen a dedicated kids bookstore online or offline in Kenya? The best way to make money is to let the kids borrow the books for a minimum amount. Account for the losses and tears. Make sure to include a CCTV camera for kids who steal, I learnt the hard way with my kids’ free library. 

Pharmacy store 

Babies and kids get sick often. Dedicate your pharmacy to traditional medicines like herbs approved by doctors or natural treatments methods. I know some parents who would rather try herbs or natural methods for coughs, colds, wounds. Incorporate modern methods as well. Offer clinical advice on the importance of deworming because parents neglect deworming often. 

Baby photography 

Have you seen the virality of kids photography? Especially newborn babies? And the popularity of kid models like this kid model Farouk James. Does your kid love modelling or have exotic looks? You can offer lessons to help parents with tall kids to enrol in your classes. 

Teach mums birth classes 

Women realised that there is no need of feeling pain during childbirth. Teach women how to give birth to painless. A doula is a rewarding job if you love seeing and helping women bring their tots to earth safely and happily. 


Scrapbooking is like a memory book. Do you know you can create a scrapbook online? Make memories memorable by including stickers, quotes and funny faces. Nowadays, we take lots of photos with our phones, instead of crying the phone got lost, scrapbook it. 

Baby oil manufacturing 

Did you know some babies are so allergic to any oil containing petrolatum or any additives that they must use organic or coconut oil? Parents look for organic like cold-pressed coconut, jojoba oil, avocado oil, buy the machinery to start the production. After all, there are so many coconuts, avocados in Kenya. 

Sell bedsheets, duvets, pillows 

Kids beddings make for a great side hustle. Kids want their beddings to have big Disney characters. It does feel good to sleep with a Disney king or queen you admire. 

Sell baby shoes, sandals, slippers

Baby shoes are the first step babies take in their growth and development. Investing in a good pair of shoes can sometimes be daunting for the parent. Some blogs do advise going for soft baby shoes. So are you a tailor, you can design soft shoes/fabric shoes for babies. Don’t stop there, parents hunt for stylish shoes for their kids. 

Kids fashion blogger 

Kids don’t love looking blah. With the invention of social media and Kenyan kids having smartphones, TikTok and Instagram accounts. It’s no brainer that kids want to look flashy like the kid they saw. Start a kids fashion blogger, it pays to splurge on the kids too. Fashion isn’t one-sided. 


I heard about baby playgroups for kids when I was pregnant in 2015. Honestly, I thought it a joke because how can babies three months old play? No, it’s a mum meet-up group. Your playgroup must-have changing stations, breastfeeding classes, interactions for mum, or mini-seminars and sessions where women talk about their difficulty with newborn babies, counselling sessions, highchairs.  

Baby swimming instructor 

I saw a baby swimming instructor on YouTube, because I love water but not swimming. I got so amazed that an infant could swim better than me. Are you a great swimmer or love to swim, offer lessons to babies and kids. Swimming instructors earn up to $1000/ 100,000shillings if they market themselves well. You have to have a lot of patience. 

Reselling baby goods 

The business of reselling is so popular these days with Shopify/Oberlo making it easier. The best popular baby items to resell include cribs, baby blankets/swaddles, baby playpens, baby toys. Source for cheap from Alibaba, Aliexpress then sell on Amazon via Fulfilled by Amazon. Don’t forget to brand your items. 

Drive kids 

I have seen retired men/women enjoying driving kids. You must be patient and ready to meet with grumpy kids. It’s a rewarding job when a child smiles at you. To make more money, ensure you have a van, network with parents and be reliable. No parent wants their kids to get delayed from school. Have emergency back-up cars all the time. 

Teach kids healthy cooking 

No parent wants to see their kids die young with lifestyle diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. Do you know how to cook and have the patience or a tortoise? Bring your culinary skills. Maximise on your income by having tiers, for very small kids, middle-aged kids and the teens. Their attention span varies. 

Kids party planner 

Do you love organising events like birthdays? Become a kids party planner. Be up to date on trends and what kids want. Network with parents online on Facebook pages. Know how to negotiate with local vendors, performers and venues. Succeeding at kids party planning you need word of mouth marketing. Tell satisfied customers to help spread the word and that they will get a discount for every referral to make the offer juicy. 


I don’t have so much patience. No wonder the maximum I schooled my kids during her homeschool years was five minutes. Do you have knowledge other than Maths and you could impart it to the kids? Kids love a patient but firm teacher. 

Kids daycare centre 

This is a no-brainer. Daycare centres have increased in popularity that it has become a norm to take younger kids to daycare. Remember as a daycare centre owner, you are competing against schools who have more resources. Emulate those schools you admire to stand above other daycare centres. Your daycare centre location doesn’t matter, your services do. 

Children’s book author 

J.K Rowling made her fortune writing for kids. Other authors like Dr.Seuss made adults get wowed with his stories. Don’t you love the story of the cat from Dr.Seuss? Do you know how to capture the attention of kids? Do it in writing. 

Kids TV programme on YouTube, Instagram 

There are so many ideas for children’s television programmes not yet explored. Children are born with different natural talents. Help them realise this talent by starting a show like Doc McStuffin, where the kids act out their fantasy. Or make a series of kids from all walks of career lives being busy at their work. Make it animated because we love the animation for our kids. 

Sell kids toys 

You love to cuddle with your child’s teddy bears, right? Don’t limit yourself to plushies only, other toys like legos are popular. Always source for kids toys not selling in the Kenyan market. 

Kids plus size clothing 

The size of kids varies just like the size of adults. I have skinny kids, doesn’t mean yours are too. Venture into the plus-size kids sewing industry. Know the trends these kids want. Also, it’s important to emphasize on the kids loving themselves. Life’s not about body image, you want the clothes to enhance their confidence but not be the source of their confidence. Don’t make the clothes too baggy to hide the kids’ curves. Didn’t we admire the infants when they were small and curvy? 

Kids gifts 

Do you know how to package kids gifts? A kids gift basket isn’t complete when it doesn’t have assorted candies, chocolates and cakes. Think wide. 

Bath products 

Some kids get allergic to soap made with lye. Some soaps use Castille soap s their base ingredient. Sell these Castille soaps to parents whose kids get skin breakouts. They say Castille soap is the best soap for any skin with problems. 

Organics baby/kids clothing 

Just like soap and oil, some kids react to synthetic items of clothing from diapers, t-shirts or bibs. Some women make fortunes manufacturing organic baby clothes even celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow has her own organic clothing line. 

Sewing for kids 

Are you a tailor? Sew clothes of all designs to kids. Make your designs unique because kids these days are fashion-aware. 


Carpentry is a great skill to have as you can make baby cribs or toys with wood. Some kids don’t use stainless steel cutlery, create a wooden cutlery and crockery line for these kids. Baby furniture is a hot cake business in Kenya. 

Etiquette classes 

When girls reach nine years, they are considered young adults. They begin getting lessons in etiquette or how to carry themselves. We tend to forget boys and they too need lessons to create for responsible young men. Start a school where you show these kids not only how to sit, interact, solve problems but also how to treat each other. Domestic violence affects men and women. Tell the boys it’s not a crime to cry or show their emotions publicly. We all love men who display their emotions. 

Diaper manufacturing 

Since getting pregnant and plunging myself in the world of cloth diapers, I don’t recommend any diapers these days. Cloth diapers made my babies bottoms soft and smooth. There was never a day of a single diaper rash. There are organic cloth diapers. 

Baby food store 

The Kenyan supermarkets don’t have an aisle for the baby food store. The only food they have is baby milk like NAN. some parents don’t have time to keep making food for their kids at home and would use the convenience of an already manufactured baby food. Make your baby food in clean safe environments. Before selling, give to other mums to test for allergies so you include the instructions well. There is a lot of prejudice on manufactured baby food, dispell the myth. Improving the shelf life without destroying the originality of the food will also be a challenge. It’s a great idea to sell to daycare centres and busy working mums. 

Kids furniture 

Cribs, baby beds, decor sell well. If you are a carpenter produce your own furniture for the kids. 

Room designer 

The competition for modern baby rooms is rife that on Etsy, some women sell printables for kids decor. You could create clipart and baby quotes to get used as wall hangings. 

What It Takes to Be Succesful By Starting a Kid-Focused Business in Kenya 

  1. Personable personality 

Do you love children and know what moves them? You cannot be boring and work in the kid industry. You cannot be grumpy because kids make you grumpy all the time. Assess if you love running around children or staying near the more independent kids. Don’t force yourself for the money. 

2. Patience to notice behavioural issues, attention spans and energy levels. 

Do you have enough patience to notice the issues affecting kids? Kids have issues, adults forget that. Sometimes, it’s esteem issues, lack of friends or they feel awkward, or parents fighting all the time or they have periods. Have the patience to know that kids turn around faster, don’t over-write them as hard-headed when they are dealing with issues you aren’t aware of. 

3. Open to feedback 

Don’t get grumpy when a correction get pointed out. I love receiving feedback whether positive or negative. The negative feedback, in fact, helps advance your business/brand. It’s business nothing’s personal.

4. Flexibility 

You need to be adaptive when working with kids. Don’t get too fixed kids aren’t fixed. They change a lot. Be open to change. 

5. Fun and wonder 

Don’t be a predictable person when working with children. Children love when you surprise them. Have you ever asked yourself why magic shows and some circus wows kids? Try surprising your kid for their birthday or gift them unexpected item, wait for their reaction. 

6. Empathy 

Put yourself in kid’s shoes, they have several emotions going around and through them. Are you someone that doesn’t feel? 

7. Persistence 

Don’t forget, don’t give up too easily when dealing with kids. Be a persistent person with kids. 

8. Startup 

A kids start-up business eats up the capital because standing out with equipment or service is the main aim to keep making money and have a quick return on investment. 

9. Niche out 

The kids business is too broad to pursue all the business ideas, which one intrigues you the most and why.

Which niche sparks joy in your heart.

Remember, you can become an expert in generally everything kids, but start from a passion and expand.

A niche can be general too, keep that in mind. Aim to stand out, don’t get lost in the crowd and noise. 

Starting a kid-focused business in Kenya seems the best option of business because kids get born in Kenya daily, in fact, some statistics say every second.

Don’t get carried away and begin selling everything at once or offering so many services that people forget what your aim is.

Remember Kenyan kids are getting smarter and smarter each day, don’t fool them or they will tell their parents and they won’t patronise you again. 

To start a kid-focused business, you have to be a kid at heart.

Know what makes kids tick/motivated to keep active.

Which of these 40 kid-focused businesses will you focus and do from the comfort of your home as a Kenyan?




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