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Tear gas,fire, roadblocks,detours,flight booking,escape,hiding,enmity…scenes after the 2007 elections…pitiful,shameful, but we overcame…did we? It was the day I realised there was no peace in Kenya and the brotherhood we preach is nothing but a façade. Sad, as those who live to tell the tale of the fiery scenes recall with nostalgia.The animosity that was seen was evident of the division in this country,scenes typical of a seriously violent action movie.

I am not sure if we have recovered from the violence,if we did then we got to soul search.A little diversion to emphasise my point,why was peace preached to us in the 2013 election? Couldn’t we as brothers uphold peace without being reminded? Sigh…!!!

Then the heavily publicised and even politicised issue of The Hague came to play. Before I understood what The Hague really meant,I laughed at the former prosecutor,Moreno Ocampo,certainly,I never understood what his role would be in a case he didn’t know, how it culminated or so I thought.Time elapsed,the laughter faded when I heard some mention of prominent names…what?how? where? why?. Unfortunately,no one was answering questions,we became silent and divided along political lines and tribes even more than the violence had threatened to.

Some believed it was and is the Former Premier’s hand in this so that he would become president in 2013.What I believe is that as Kenyans we need not be divided on grounds we understand less or don’t understand at all.We have to let go of past hurt and stop blame game and name calling.Social media war must come to an end,embracing brotherly love and peace is the only solution.We have to be educated about this issue and leave Our President,his deputy and Mr.Sang to deal with this,individually.

I don’t blame the ICC,the ICC saw a case and as a court,decided to end impunity and it’s lords in Kenya. Maybe, it was timely or not but why must we be divided? It is time to stand with our leaders,remember no one is guilty until proven,pray to God that they be as sincere as possible.Not even the most organised justice system in the world can tell us what really happened,instead, our leaders should use this opportunity to come clean

Some hardcore criminals walk scot-free,roaming the world while they are guilty of starving their kid to death or are serial murderers,et al,but they later perish or live very painfully,but with confessions which hurt even more.Never underestimate the power of this cliché ‘The truth shall set you free’. Never be so quick to judge the ICC and the process involved, rather,help our leaders go through it quietly and positively,as they promised, full co-operation.

It is time to stand and say what we want,pointing fingers,accusing,is not healthy, we need more than extending blames. Defending means we also got something to hide,be open,speak from the hearts what the truth is.It is up to you to decipher if we need the Hague,if we are capable of handling our ‘big fish’ cases?.What does this court mean,what prompts a case to be taken to the ICC? Is it a fair case? Who was this court formed for and is it really true that the court targets African leaders?

Whatever the case,let’s not be blinded,make independent decisions,don’t reason as a group. Let’s shelve our energies more in matters developmental.If you got any idea on what the ICC or The Hague entails,do post some informative comments below,the comment box is yours,be the Judge.


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