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Recently, I posted an article here on Laki, meeting, greeting of our political leaders at the airport as if they are our family. Okay, okay, I know. We go to laki our relatives, business associates, we laki every so often. This politician may be my personal friend, this one may be my closest friend. Yes, you guessed right, laki kwa wanasiasa. I believe, very strongly that laki for a political man is just as good as much as it can be bad. Why do you do what you do?

If you are like me, wish you were not, you’d find it has it’s promotion someway, somehow in encouraging tribalism. We always echo tribalism, over and over. What is it? The Learners Dictionary says: ”behaviour, attitudes, etc. that are based on being loyal to a tribe or other social group or the state of being organised in a tribe or tribes”. I didn’t say belonging to a tribe or loving it is bad. It’s over-belongingness to your tribe that I am condemning. And Laki promotes over-belongingness.

What if we just had to laki any leader who has made strides for the People of Kenya regardless of where the people came from; their tribes? What if we had to burn our money in projects that could help other starving Kenyans? Yes, slowly and creepingly we are turning into an individualistic society. Most of us don’t care but it’s not right, ”not to care”. We should at all times be mindful of our fellows. How does Laki promote tribalism then?

1. People of that politicians tribe are the only ones who go to meet the men/women. See, If I come from Luo Nyanza and you from Central, how do you expect me to go meet the President who comes from Central? Of course, I cannot, will not, will never and can’t dare! Right? Wrong. If we embraced the laki, to mean because the President is from the Hague, we go show support to, for him … collectively as Kenyans, some of us wouldn’t be fighting on social media. We should go, if we can, as Kenyans instead we go as people from GEMA, the Central bigwigs. Same applies to when Baba jets out or in the country.

This shows how and why tribalism in Kenyan will never end, the first promotion being by the same political leaders who pretend to be in promotion of peace.

2.  Political Functions.  Why even bother to go to a political function/ laki? Most of our leaders are there to stay and be seen for five years, until when the next vote is being determined. Afterwards, they disparage,  becoming mteja, ‘entertaining nonsense’ from the electorates who put them in position of power. So, next time there is a laki somewhere, let the politician’s man and his friends go laki him, let them fly even, because they have the means. Show them you are too busy and have not time for laki.

3.  Selling yourself ‘short’.  Don’t sell yourself ‘short’. Think of a yam being sliced into two then yourself. Yes, show these men how seriously your life is engaging and don’t need to meet them, unless you as a citizen has something to share, or because his guards won’t allow you to ‘see him’.

4.  Self. Yes, everything starts from self. My first assumption to dealing with problems in the society is to deal with self first. Examine what you do, how you do it and does what you do benefit the society including yourself? If you stopped your legs from standing up to ‘see’ a politician off for a meagre exchange of some cash, my friend, we would seriously do away with tribalism. Next time when you hear the president or his deputy coming or going to the Hague, let them do on their own feet, laki themselves plus others who wish, not you who knows. So, even run when you see them, unless they are throwing money for the citizens on the streets.

5.  Are you a die hard fanatic sycophant? Now, I got beef and sausage with these youths, as most are not men and women above 40. Oh, I forget, actually, fanaticism starts with these maturer men and women who we should be looking up to. Actually, they refuse to move on no matter what their chosen leader of choice says, no matter his ugly policies, no matter his being have to be laki’d. These are the same men and women who, if you are of the young generation, will tell you, ”what an old man can see sitting on a wooden stool, a young one cannot see while standing on Times Tower”. While some, most is true, don’t they understand that, sometimes, a youth can be wise, as the scrapper is a lot taller? Stop being a ‘psycho-phant’,  hapo, hapo na hapo.

6.  Ignore pledges. Sometimes, we are asked as supporters of a certain party to meet in Kinoru Stadium even Manofu Grounds. We turn up in millions, we have children to feed, clothes to wash but we assemble like drones of ants, to watch a rich man’s mouth move. Why? Don’t you know most of these political rallies are fueling ‘togetherness of tribalism’? Why then are you engaging in it’s promotion?. Why can’t you disappoint the man or woman, if he is so tribal, and let him hold his meeting alone? Argh, I know you can’t!.

As much as I like to politically joke most of what I say is true, some may be lies. Because most of my role models are politicians. They can woe a bee, then they will be free honey. Oh I envy them sometimes, so anything here is for entertainment, while most of it is true, don’t hold grudges and insults.

Someday, I believe we can help end tribalism in Kenya, because we can. Small upcoming nations will surpass us, if we continue with tribalism.  In-fact they will trample over us, they will squash us and they will laugh at us. So, we have to begin thinking of ways to deal with tribalism, otherwise, I love my country.

What do you think, does laki promote tribalism? Or should we change the topic to: How Does Laki Promote Tribalism? Or what do you believe brings tribalism? Don’t spam me.

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