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When you think or see an African Leader: money, greed, accumulation of wealth, murder, you can name it as the list goes on. I mean on.

From presumably ‘industrialised’ nation that is South Africa to one considered poor, like Kenya. It’s a matter of, please vote for me, my manifesto, policies are so ‘cool’. They will help you in creating a better society, without me, this country is doomed. The policies of so and so, don’t reflect your needs. Their statements sound like, ”If you don’t vote for me, oh, sorry, you’re doomed”!

Two months later, ladies and gentlemen, you begin to feel hot and cold, in your pockets. It’s like they get in there, peek, deep and remove. You feel poorer, needier, you have no otherwise than to also increase prices if you are a businessman/woman, teacher, lawyer. If ├é┬áconductors on Matatu buses begin charging extravagantly because no one is controlling what they do, the Sir is gone. Those who should set authorities of control are busy taking, immersing and indulging in ‘creation of public policies’. Which certainly will benefit, ‘very many’, but them.

When one of them is caught, they feign seriousness and serious acts of nose flares, was I there? I was in the hole, man, yet I live in the same hole. They even say, they never noticed the construction workers. Oh, but they have too many things to worry about, are you one of the things really? Picture this, a thief stealthily steals one of my powerful SUV’s but I never notice!!!

Does this equate to public negligence of allocated public responsibilities or is the ‘things’ we govern become less important? Then they proudly stand and say, you voted, we give the best. We are living in an impoverished nation, we need lots, lots and lots of money to make some dreams come true, like living in houses worth 25 million dollars. Oh Baba, Mama, didn’t you just tell us life would improve?.

You took advantage of me, because you paid me five hundred shillings, then in my mind, I knew that you’d make me a rich man/woman. With my little educated knowledge, I fell into the trap little knowing that when you get ‘in there’, it would be for your own betterment! What did I expect, me of little knowledge and wisdom, me, who needs only 5 dollars a month to live. Me who is the serious worker, who sweats day in and night to make my ten children eat.

You knew, I needed the 5$ to make you an excellent man who protects his kind, whose kids get the best education away from contamination of the masses. Why? Why do you lie to me?

Take heed Mr. Politician, one day, I will rise against my little education and the problem of little mind, then I will be best. Then, I will mercilessly lead your children and they will cry. Isn’t that what Karl Marx said, we need to cease power from them, now you can imagine what that will make us look like. Imagine.





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