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Having an online business is a dream come true for many Kenyans. The how-to begin an online business venture isn’t clear cut because we don’t know where to begin. What’s a niche online business? And how does one find an interesting online niche to venture on as a business? There aren’t many resources for work online or online businesses in Kenya.

Don’t fret having worked online for 9 years, I believe I’m well-equipped to help you choose a niche online business. And guide you on developing your business to levels you only dream. The following online businesses are easy to start from the comfort of your home. To start a successful online business, you have to start it the right way. 

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These online businesses are not only easy to start but you can do them with little to no capital as long as:

You have an internet connection, 

A website where you and your customers connect. 

A laptop or PC. 

And microphones among other products depending on the niche you choose. 

How do you choose a niche for your online business? 

  1. Digital Ecommerce 

Think of a graphic designer. And if you don’t have graphic designing skills, you can use Canva. I’m developing a course on the Basics of Canva, Sign Up for it to get insights. And you learn how to use Canva to start a T-shirt business or a greeting card business among other products you’d love to produce. 

Don’t forget to Sign Up for the course’s pre-order, it costs $25 for the first 50 and $47 for the rest. 

So, what products can you make as a Digital E-commerce business? 


Greeting Cards



Printable Quotes 


To grow your business, 

Build a website, host your website and purchase a domain for it. 

It’s so easy to build your website now with Wix or Squarespace or even WordPress. WordPress isn’t user-friendly but you can follow tutorials and build a very professional site without a web developer by following these tutorials. 

As for hosting, you can use 

Go Daddy


Site Ground among other providers.

Then, you need to create lead magnets or sales funnels which you can do with: 

Clickfunnels, which is also a website builder 




Mail Chimp

Mailerite, I’m loving Mailerite right now and using it to create landing pages for my freebies. 

If you decide to use an already made shop front the best I have found is


WooCommerce which is free.

And paying methods can be:

Getting a Mpesa Till No for those who prefer it. 




NOTE: Among other online payment methods. I’ll do a review of all the payment methods available, website builders, hosting, Leadpages and domains in a later blog post. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my email list to get notified which platforms provide the best service.

Note: Use the website builder ideas, hosting and domain for the niche you’ll choose. 

2. Customer Service 

Offer customer support or solutions to companies who are start-ups. A lot of businesses don’t utilise their customer service front. When starting an online business, customer service must be the forefront of how you’ll grow your business. You are answerable to your customers or email subscribers or viewers and they need engagement all the time. By answering their questions and providing valuable feedback, you’re positioning yourself as the go-to person. 

Why it’s easy to start: You can start from your home. You need to have worked in the field of customer service for a number of years. 

You can learn to be the best by taking certificate courses. 

Niches to explore: Working for tech start-ups 

Working for online shops

Work for call centres. You can also find a gap and gear to fill in the gap. 

3. Tutor 

Do you fancy being a teacher? Not just in school but also in other expertise you have? I know I do but I didn’t know how to monetise my talents and expertise. I was camera shy, not anymore. In fact, I ask myself nowadays, why did I waste a lot of time thinking and fearing? A teacher imparts the society and it’s powerful in the process, you become wiser and it becomes a source of livelihood. 

Why tutoring is easy: Because you are using your expertise. And expertise can be:


Teaching Maths, English 

Basics of Canva


How to Sew. 

Applying make-up


And you can teach about teaching like Danny Inny. 

4. Social Media Manager 

You love to talk and connect with others on social media. Do you love how social media works and playing with its algorithms? Well, use your knowledge to manage and engage with your client’s customers. 

For example, you can teach others how to use Instagram and leverage this platform to make money or sell products. Or how to use Pinterest to get blog traffic, then sales. 

Social Media Management is easy because: You love to use social media and play with social media algorithms and analysis. 

It’s easy because you are using a free platform with no upfront start-up costs to grow your business. 

5. Digital Marketer 

A digital marketer is the brains behind creating content, social media management using digital platforms like blogs. They help you get your product to as many people as possible. They also help you leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to get your products to as many people. They are responsible for creating and developing content which resonates with your readers, viewers. 

6. Writer 

Becoming a freelance writer is so easy. You can create content with your smartphone. But to be taken seriously you have to create content on the laptop or PC. You’ll write on topics that interest you. 

But also do research on what people search for when online. For example, there are unexplored writing niches which are lucrative like that of Technical Writing, Blog Writing, Medical Writing. 

Why writing is easy? Because you use your writing talent. I never used to know that writing is a niche I could explore or make money from it. 

7. Secretary/ Virtual Assistant 

A virtual secretary works like an office secretary. You take phone calls, answer emails and organise travel for your boss, all from your home. A virtual assistant may also dub as a social media manager or blog writer. You have to have at least two marketable combination of skills to be a competition to beat. 

Why is it easy? You need to use your acquired skills in your day job. Then market yourself to online jobs boards or online virtual assistant jobs boards to get jobs. Sometimes, the waiting list is long. Start by marketing yourself on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. Or start a Facebook group or page where you offer your services to companies.

8. Selling Stuff on Etsy

It’s easy to sell anything to the wider online platform through Etsy. You offer your crafts for sale or artefacts available in Kenya and not available in other countries. You need to advertise your Etsy and your goods need to be handcrafted. You can sell anything you have created on Etsy. Just make sure to offer unique items. Though Etsy offers a marketplace for Kenyans, creating your own store should be your long term goal for your business. 

Why is it easy? You are an avid crafter and you have been selling on other platforms like Facebook. You can sell T-shirts,


Greeting cards, 


Wall Arts

Paintings among other handmade wares. 

9. Second-hand Store 

There aren’t reliable second-hand stores in Kenya. The many stores available (Rehani) sell stolen uncertified goods. They lose customers because they don’t verify the quality of the electronics received. And sometimes, they sell goods which are overpriced compared to buying a new electronic or couch.

Why is it easy? You do not need to have a store. You need a smartphone, snap beautiful sleek pics and post on as many Facebook Marketplaces as possible. Some of the most popular marketplaces in Kenya include Soko ya 1000 or less, Kilimani Mums and Dads Marketplace, Glam my Home. 

To fetch more money with a second-hand store, you need to assure quality and timely delivery if transporting to further places than your place. 

10. Coaching 

Coaching doesn’t have to be for therapists or life coaches only. You can coach on business and maintaining a sane budget. Or you can coach on customer service. 

Coaching is easy because you use your already experienced as a Yoga Instructor or Customer Service Provider to enhance another’s business. While enjoying the comfort of your home or travel. 

11. Consulting 

A consultancy is a business you develop out of your own expertise. For example, having worked in the field of customer service for years, I believe in developing strategies for companies to improve their front office. And customer service, not the one way they handle customers but the way a company displays their products as well.

Why consulting is easy? Just like coaching, you use your expertise to create or develop strategies of improvement for your customers/clients. 

12. Social Media Influencer 

Do you have many followers who engage you on a daily basis? Meaning, about 10K on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook. Some people don’t know how to convert their followers or subscribers. 

They don’t like selling or they believe selling will chase their subscribers. I confess, 

I was one of these people with my blog. I stopped turning on ads because I didn’t want my site cluttered. But when I visit a website, I see lots of clutter. Know how to sell or advertise what you use or buy. 

Don’t be a hungry influencer who jumps from one opportunity to another without much thought. By lying to your subscribers about a service/product. Don’t exaggerate a service or product. State the pros and cons while being a salesperson. A hard-soft sell. 

Why is it easy? You already have followers and subscribers. What are you doing with them and how do you use them to make money? 

13. Pinterest Virtual Assistant 

Like a Virtual Assistant, though a Pinterest VA manages the Pinterest pages of his/her clients. You must learn Pinterest Algorithms, Scheduling Apps, Analytics and the right way to pin. Or risk having your client’s account sanctioned for copyright content. 

I didn’t know how to pin, I pinned everything without thought, that was in 2018. I joined Pinterest in 2013 but never knew it’s importance until last year. I used Pinterest for ‘admiring and enjoying the creations of others’. Nowadays, I have learnt better. So I have created many boards which you can like and follow. 

Follow me here. 

The key to Pinterest success is right pinning, many pins and scheduling. 

I use this scheduling app and you can sign up to use my code below to buy yours. You won’t pay more but you’ll pay me. 

Why is Pinterest VA an easy job for a Kenyan? Because you understand the basics of Pinterest and how to grow blog traffic via Pinterest. You know Pinterest algorithms and can use the analytics to tell what traffic means. And how to convert the traffic. 

14. Graphic Designer 

A Graphic Designer creates visuals which appeal, for example, a company’s logo, business cards or gift certificates. A graphic designer also creates t-shirt graphics for a brand to market themselves. 

Why graphic designing is easy? Because you use your offline experience like drawing to create unique designs on products like mugs, t-shirts, pillows. You can work from anywhere in the world, you aren’t location-based. 

15. Online Researcher 

You thrive on finding info online. The research is on topics like Keyword Research or Search Engine Evaluator. You can conduct online research on research papers or content for bloggers. 

Why Online Researching is easy? You need to know how to source for information. You also need to find the credibility of the info. 

16. Writer eBooks and PDFs 

You love to write and you know writing is a lucrative niche. Writing ebooks as guides to create a source of income monthly. The source of income can be through affiliates. Carve a niche by writing in the most popular genre: romance, crime and sci-fi.

You make lots of money with ebooks too when you’re an established brand and you use your ebooks as instructional guides. 

Why ebook writing is easy? Because you use your expertise or influence as a blogger to create info-products. 

17. Blogging 

Blogging is a business and when taken seriously by investing your time and resources on it, it pays back big time. Before I knew blogging pays lots of money, I did write to educate and encourage women that they can be the best versions of themselves, if they want. And are ready to confront their inner limitations. 

Blogging is unexplored in Kenya and a very rich niche. But these niches are the best in Kenya: 

  1. Importing Cars, or importation business. 
  2. Technology Reviews like smartphones, which ones are the best for blogging. 
  3. Financial Blogs offering Personal Finance. 

Why blogging is easy in Kenya? Because it’s not as expensive to own as a website as it was in the early 2000s. You can also start in a niche that pleases you. You have the opportunity to become as credible as you please by niching out. And this is when you sell products like ebooks, online courses, coaching sessions and consulting. 

18. Affiliate Marketing 

With a large following on social media like Facebook or Instagram, you leverage the following by advertising products sold by others. You start promoting products and services to your followers.

 To run a successful affiliate marketing empire, you need to promote the services and products you’d use. Don’t be greedy for products that you lose credibility by promoting a brand you found was subpar. Always choose and stick to a niche then expand from there. 

Why affiliate marketing is easy? You promote to your followers or subscribers. You need no inventory to sell or promote, you promote what you’d buy or are a fan of buying. You can promote other products by finding their reviews. 

Which online business do you feel is easy for you to start? Are you still confused about how to get started with an online business in Kenya? Or are you fighting to find an online business niche you’d love to explore? 

Grab a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Business/Work Online in Kenya. 




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