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Did You Know Digital Marketing Is An Easy Tech Job to do in Kenya?

I have insisted these days that the best jobs to get into for Kenyans are those in the tech industry.

Some of you may ask why, it’s because the tech jobs are in demand, so it becomes easier for you to get hired online and offline.

Tech skills are extremely lucrative therefore individuals with tech knowledge become ‘hot cakes’. 

In this article, I’ll talk about the easiest tech jobs to get into for Kenyans.

I have included some jobs which can be done online. I consider online opportunities as tech jobs some of the opportunities include digital marketing or social media marketers.

You are using the internet/technology to market businesses. 

What Are The Best Entry Level IT Jobs for Kenyans in 2020 and Beyond? 

The following are the best entry-level IT jobs for Kenyans in 2020 and beyond and they include the following: 

Software developer 

Some software developers require you to have a degree. Mostly you’re required to have a portfolio of your work.

You can upload your portfolio on Github and show clients what you have been up to. Some of the most in-demand software skills/languages include SQL, Java, Python, Javascript.

These days you can learn these languages free on YouTube, Codecademy or Khan school. 

IT architect 

Architecture involves planning and designing. As an IT architect, you’re responsible for the business tech infrastructure, planning, designing of businesses networks to ensure efficiency and security.

You need to know some programming languages, which can be self-taught and web design which can also be self-taught. 

Data scientist 

Analytics needs data scientists known as MINERS. When you run an online business, you begin to realise the importance of data analysis because data plays an important role in the kind of content/product you sell or produce for your customers.

You don’t need to have a degree you can learn by yourself.

But you have to be great at critical thinking and analysis/maths of data, for example, you need to beware how customers interact on a page and why. You need to have good deduction skills too. 

Computer support specialist 

When every business is online or coming online and everyone wants a slice of the online work pie, it’s your time to work online as a computer support specialist.

You know so much about troubleshooting a Mac or a Hp laptop. Offer a service via your social media page or your website.

Have you ever had a malfunctioning laptop, I know I have with my Hps and had to seek quick counsel online and found some troubleshooting solutions online.

Your service as a computer specialist analyst can be via video or text. Ensure to optimise for Google search and beware of competitors.

Microsoft has such a service from their specialists, so, check what they offer then decide how to improve on it.

On Google search you see the number of people having questions about troubleshooting, removing virus or something broke and what they can do or even where to buy a piece of hardware to make their devices function faster.

You don’t need a degree but a constant and consistent practice. It’s wiser when you begin from a niche.

This means, offer services for Hp laptop or computer users then build up from there. 

Cybersecurity analyst 

Cyber Security Analyst in Kenya

Cybersecurity has become so important because businesses and individuals want services to help prevent hackers and malicious content getting sent their way.

You don’t need a degree but navigation – knowledge of how a hacker thinks, works and what software they use to hide their identity.

You also need to understand human behaviour to know the patterns of the hacker and why they hack.

Right now in 2020, cybersecurity is one of the most lucrative services to offer because of the work from home culture adapted due to coronavirus. 

Digital marketing manager 

A digital marketing manager is one of the umbrella bodies of social media marketing.

The focus of digital marketing is on increasing sales and brand awareness.

Digital marketers also gear towards establishing customer loyalty by managing content for businesses, having/establishing an online presence for customers via a website or social media.

Digital marketing is about advertising and longevity of a business.

You become a digital marketer by learning one of the branches of digital marketing e.g social media marketing, content marketing, SEO/SEM.

You can take online courses from established gurus on Udemy or from YouTube school.

This is one of the most lucrative and yet easy tech jobs to get into Kenya because the barriers to entry are next to nothing.

I mean you need to know what works online, you can build a team to help with the other areas of digital marketing.

Read this article on Hubspot to understand what digital marketing is about. 

Content manager 

As a content manager, a branch of digital marketing you are going to handle the content and content incudes: newsletters, social media posts, blog posts, white papers, case studies and videos/short films.

You will help a business promote themselves/products.

You must have knowledge of how WordPress or writing for WordPress, HTML, CSS works because you will deal with tweaks here and there – like website downtimes, or adding Google Analytics tabs. 

Web project manager 

A project manager needs to have great communication skills and presentation skills because of email writing to clients.

You must also have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS or graphic design so you know how to communicate with web developers and designers.

You must know-how project management platforms like Basecamp, Jira, Slack works. Project management role in the tech industry earns millions of shillings in annual salary. 

Social media manager 

If you use social media to scroll celebrity pages and post hate comments, you’re missing the point.

You know so much about social media, a tech job you can easily get into.

Help businesses manage their businesses/communication by helping them post content/products.

As a social media manager, your role is to connect with followers, likers or users of a page/group/forum.

You’re a coordinator, allowing the smooth sailing of information and questions asked by customers.

You will also need to be attentive to details of usage, what times customers engage more so that you come up with strategies for growth.

In other words, you must have knowledge of analytics and how to use them.

Most social media have their analytics. You must also have a passion for social media, be an expert on a particular platform, have basic copywriting skills and how social media scheduling tools like Tailwind, Later, work. 

Web editor 

Do you have a passion for writing and editing?

You will be responsible for uploading, formatting, optimising of posts for Google search/web search.

You must have strong knowledge of writing for WordPress, Squarespace and great copywriting skills.

Copywriting skills for writing catchy, detailed and truthful headlines. Copywriting skills for making customers buy/engage with the content/take action.

You need to love editing so that content flows, is easy to understand. A web editor needs to practice to become perfect. 

Mobile device support 

As with the role of a computer specialist above, mobile device support works to help customers identify problems with their phones.

These days, almost all digital services get directed to mobile phone users/smartphones leading.

Your phone fell in the water, you need someone to help reset it without visiting a mobile repair shop.

You can also teach elders and youths on the importance of apps and how apps work to ease their lives.

You need to start from a niche like Samsung or iPhone users and teach how users can maximise their devices. 

Quality assurance 

Quality Assurance Job in Kenya

Before apps, websites, games become releases to consumers, they must pass some quality testing.

Can you imagine a world where Google accounts would be so easy to hack and tamper with information?

You must have knowledge of software and software methodologies. You need to know what makes for a good app or game.

A deep understanding of how websites work and what makes for a great website is needed.

While it is easy to become a quality assurance agent, you need a deep knowledge of the software. 

Tech writer 

I am thinking of branching and increasing my net worth by becoming a tech writer.

All writers and tech writers especially need a very strong portfolio.

You need to be confident before getting hired, I have read success stories of tech writers who started without having any tech writing experience.

Remember, you’re not needed to use colourful language, but get to the point straight language that’s easy for users to understand.

Have you ever bought a manual and almost fainted because the instructions weren’t clear?

You will produce for companies white papers, user manuals or answer FAQs on the product.

Ensure to cover all the areas and in this day of video, make a video. Videos make it clearer for visual learners, like me. Like everything on this list, practice makes perfect. 

Web developer 

You’re going to learn a new language after becoming a developer, one of them is HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python among other languages.

All social media websites are created on language some very complicated.

Web developers create the code that powers websites. When taking a coding class in 2014, I learnt that practice makes perfect. 

Front-end developer 

On WordPress, there’s the front end and the back-end. The front-end is what you see when you visit a website, the back-end, is what I see as a page admin here. If I have mixed them up, tell me below.

You need to learn coding/programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript because websites like WordPress are built on code.

Tips for Landing an Entry-Level Tech Job as a Kenyan in 2020 and Beyond 

The following are the tips for landing an entry-level tech job as a Kenyan in 2020 and beyond and they include: 

Practice, practice makes perfect 

All easy tech jobs like any jobs require you to keep practising. You cannot stop because you cannot win.

You won’t develop but remain an employee for the rest of your life. 

Have a portfolio

It pays to have a portfolio which you can build on Github or by having your website.

Having a website with the kind of work you do helps establish you as a guru.

Also, it pays these days to produce content in your niche for Google/blogging.

Why? Before people go out buying products, they begin by Google search/Googling. 


I insist all the time networking helps you progress in your business. Network with people in your industry who are propelling you/challenging you to be the best. 

Find a recruiter 

Recruiters have you on file that you’re a job seeker and available.

You need to have a great portfolio matching, have samples ready so when your recruiter finds a suitable employer, they can connect you.

You can upload your resumes/CVs for free on Indeed/Monster and other sites seeking new talents. 

Have an online presence 

These days it pays to have an online presence because the majority of your customers are online.

It helps to validate your business to the majority, right?

Be present on one or two social media and then let them speak your language – create social media profiles to match with what you’re doing.

Use social media as a tool to get more work, exposure and network. 

What’s in Tech and Why Tech Jobs Are the Best for Kenyans 

Why do I keep saying tech jobs are the best for Kenyans?

Tech jobs pay well, they are among the most flexible jobs to do as a freelancer. They are easy to learn from the comfort of your home.

More reasons why tech jobs are good for Kenyans include the following: 

Problem-solving and reducing complex ideas and processes into efficient pieces 

Tech jobs are flexible 

Flexible jobs that pay well? Who doesn’t want good pay, and don’t lie to me? You love money, you want to have lots of it?

Begin a tech job from the comfort of your home. Simply, create a portfolio and begin applying for freelance jobs on Upwork.

And if you market yourself well, it’s easy to make $70,000/7M per year as a newbie or more.

Learn about Upwork and winning job on Upwork as a Kenyan here. 

Tech jobs are for the creative/innovative 

I love the creative industry but I have never envisioned a tech job as a creative job until 2018.

I realised I could anything as an online content creator. I could innovate, and explore the world, I could put my wild mind into creative imagination.

I mean, there’s self-publishing, writing blogs, film making and production, there’s software, which needs creative/creativity.

I could create an app, all these need a creative mind! 

You can learn online on Codeacademy or Hackerrank or on YouTube or grab a cheap course on Udemy 

You can sign up for a course on Udemy, Coursera or even YouTube to learn any tech course you want.

And you get to learn at your pace, how cool is that?!. 

These easy tech jobs to get into for Kenyans will surely help propel Kenya into a second world nation status.

I had fear of getting into a tech job until I started working online, it took me a long time to realise I’m working in the tech industry.

I had to learn CSS and basic HTML for WordPress.

Tech jobs pay a lot of money even the entry-level positions going where opportunity is the best way of earning money online.

Plus tech jobs are flexible, so you are location-independent. 

Which of these easiest tech jobs to get into in Kenya in 2020 and beyond will you get into as a Kenyan?




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