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The notion is that to get started working online or online home-based business in Kenya, one needs experience. There are some businesses like medical/legal transcription which need serious training but others need no experience and you can start from the comfort of your home. 

Top Homebased Business Ideas to Start Today With No Experience/Expertise 

The top home-based business ideas to start today requiring no experience or expertise include the following: 

Referral business 

A home referral business creates a six-figure business for some stay at home mums. This business is a home improvement referral business where mums recommend to other mums DIY products, stencils for their walls, paints and paintbrushes or non-rust paint. You can do this with a blog or through Pinterest affiliate marketing. You don’t require any expertise just knowledge of some DIY products newbie DIY mums/dads miss. Amazon makes it easy with its best-seller ranking of products. 

Home staging 

Debra Gould made home-staging popular by creating a six-figure earning from her home-staging business. Nowadays she helps other mums set up business in home-staging and also publishing books about home-staging. How many real estate companies in Kenya have you see staging their homes to please the eyes of the renters and buyers? 


do you love enhancing the living spaces? Women and men want to have their houses look like hotel spaces. Show how to decorate by posting pictures of before and after. You don’t need a degree in interior decor, just know what pillows, plants, chandeliers to hand where. 

Baby Swimming Instructor 

Have you ever seen babies or infants floating and your heart gasped? A baby swimmer became famous for knowing how to swim when small. Can you teach babies/infants how to swim? There’s some study about swimming and confidence in young children. Start an infant swimming academy, you need to be a good swimmer, participated in swimming competitions and helped those scared to swim. You also need a pool or a place where you can access the pool like a popular hotel. 

Publish Best-sellers 

Gundi Gabrielle makes a si-figure income publishing and selling her books on Amazon. When you become a best-selling author you start online coaching lessons teaching others aspiring writers on writing best-sellers. Or you get to speak on conferences about your book or writing to help mentor writers. See famous author like Tim Ferriss or Raza get an insider view into kindle publishing in his book authorpreneurship. It’s what Jen Sincero did with her writing business, she became a best-seller with You’re a BadAss at Making Money and is nowadays a life coach/writer’s coach. Whatever profession you’re in use your expertise to publish bestsellers and see an increase in your income. Then use the fame to speak, launch products and services you love. 

Create mugs and tees

I got carried away in the world of Print on Demand in 2018 when I plunged into Instagram. I have never stopped creating quotes and collecting quotes. Do you have a keen eye for design or words, use it to create the next viral t-shirts. Now, print on mugs, rucksacks, floor pillows, greeting cards and the list goes on. Use websites like Printify, Gearbubble, Printful. Maximise on the profits by creating a Shopify store.  

Subscription boxes 

Subscription boxes became famous after the men’s shave club. Target a specific niche or segment of the population, for example, freelancers in Kenya, doctors, teachers, then create monthly gift boxes with a few items that appeal to the freelancers in Kenya for example. Create product tiers to earn more, like standard, premium, exclusive, or free. Example include subscription boxes for candy lovers during and after valentines, wine lovers, coffee lovers, body products, for women who want glossy skin. A great Instagram business. 

Marketing agency 

Do you love marketing and did you know a survey said most newbie and established businessmen fear one aspect of their businesses, marketing. Make the life of the newbies easier by creating a marketing agency made easy with online businesses. A digital marketing agency helps with creating content. Social media and also Google ranking through SEO/SEM marketing.  

Pinterest agency 

Businesses realise the importance of Pinterest because it’s a steadily growing social media and the free and ready traffic on Pinterest. Do you a lot about Pinterest and would love to help improve business’ use of Pinterest? A Pinterest agency will help in pinning, scheduling with apps and creating visually appealing content. You need to have knowledge of writing advertisements/copywriting so that clients or customers click on the ads. Nowadays, you can use short videos too and Pinterest ads.  

Instagram agency 

Like Pinterest business above, how much is your Instagram knowledge and would you love to use the knowledge for profit? Help individuals set up businesses on Instagram like these business ideas mentioned or creating Instagram profiles or brands to research for business-related hashtags. You have to know the dos and don ts of Instagram in 2020 and the trends. 

Rank in the google maps 

To rank in Google maps, you need to include a business or list them on Google My Business. You get to earn $500 per every business you help rank. Have you searched for real estate companies cand see the first three reviewed businesses? That’s what we’re talking about. Know how to rank for SEO/SEM marketing or search engine optimisation/marketing. Simply means what language does Google look for before ranking businesses? 

Rank local business videos 

To rank videos for your business or for other businesses, focus on non-competitive markets with no professional SEO like for example, Writers in Kenya, Work from Home in Kenya, Kenyan Freelancers. When you Google on these topics, what comes up? Do you see businesses ranking for such videos? If yes, that means there’s competition if not, there isn’t. There’s always an impact ranking on Google’s page 1. See my Airbnb and Over-saturated Businesses rank on page 1. 

Personal concierge 

A personal concierge is like a personal waiter/waitress and the tasks they can do include: setting appointments, organising, prepping a move, pet care for when you have travelled, organise events, picking kids from school, shopping and deliveries, making travel arrangements, conducting online research or SEO research. 

Virtual organiser 

Imagine a virtual organiser as a remote project manager helping clients declutter, downsize, prepare a move, time managements, overall productivity, spring clean, feng shui and special needs individuals like ADHD. You use time management apps or the Marie Kondo organising way. You need to be a great planner and strategist to help encourage your customers to prioritise on their activities. 

Welcome service 

Have you ever wanted to move to a foreign country or start a business and there was not enough information about either making you frustrated. Well, a welcoming service may help foreigners or locals who relocated and those still in the nation settle well or find services. You need to know a place very well. For example, Nairobi is famous with ex-pats help them find schools, hospitals, health insurance, work/business permits for spouses, doctor recommendation, child daycare, utilities like water, electricity or back-up lights, interior decorators, furniture buying, mail forwarding services, restaurants, repairmen/handymen among other services. Start a blog addressing all these services or how much you charge to help your customers find these services. 

Virtual book-keeper

Don’t confuse bookkeeping with accounting, a bookkeeper uses QuickBooks of FreshBooks and performs tasks like income reports and expenditures whereas an accountant does these plus more with the exception of apps and needs to go for CPA studies. 

Notary public 

Have you ever bought a house, car or property and you needed an overseer? That’s what you do. Sometimes, clients don’t have time to read in between the dotted lines leading to frustrations. To prevent fraud employ a notary public to help break down the complex information or read the ‘small print’. You also help clients sign under no duress/coercion, ensure all parties involved understand the documents and verify the authenticity of the documents presented plus check the IDs given are legit. You need to study law or keep educating yourself with some law or be a paralegal officer though not a requirement when you niche out for example dealing with land titles only. 

Collect trash 

Collecting trash is a famous way of making money. This Nigerian lady became a multi-millionaire for recycling trash. Now, do 

Rent your stuff 

Top 3 Tips for Starting a Home Based Business With No Experience in Kenya

  1. Niche Out

Starting a business without experience means knowing what you are great at. No one knows everything, now I understand when they say this. Establish your expertise in one area then expand to your multi-talented options. 

2. Start From Passion 

There’s no rush for shiny objects or where the most money’s at. What are you great at doing? What drives you when money isn’t in the picture? What makes you wake up in the morning to do? What and when are you the happiest most? When you start from passion, the money comes, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged this. 

3. Get Experienced 

Having no experience means using your talents or interests to pursue a business. And talent un-nurtured isn’t talent but a dead gift. To keep getting experience, read books, push your projects higher and aim bigger. Keep getting better and embracing the trends. 




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